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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ FEAR AMNESIA

I revoted now and gave it a 5 at least.
To be honest that was a long time ago when I had this crazy thought to give mods a "1" even when I didnt thought it was real 1 rating...
... and just to pull the overall vote more down.

Cause a "1" makes the overall rating go deeper as a better rating. It was a childish attempt to push against many votes.
In the end not just was it very childish to try and do it but it was in vain also.

Memorial is not my taste but I know it was not a 1. ;)
It was not badly made but it was just not my taste and I should have just accepted it.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Krypta / The Crypt...pl / eng version( RELEASED! )

I guess I come back when there is at least an english description. ;)
This is too suspicious for me. Not helping to read many people dont know how to progress any further...


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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ FEAR AMNESIA

Maybe im too spoiled from stuff like "The Great Work"
but I will give this "only" a 8/10. :D

Because I know the FEAR Series, I kinda expected more but I think it was still one of the best Customstorys around.
It was joyful. Nicely done.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ The Mansion 1408 [Cinematic Mod]

So... when you discover the "Son-Room" is just for trolling and the monster is chasing you, how do you defeat the house?

I didnt found out.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Lonely Christmas Teil I


Nice leveldesign, beautiful lighting, I like the Bonusrooms just for the challenge and fun.
Nicely done.

Flat development, repetitive progress, I ended up stuck after finding the Lantern.

I suggest the Lantern earlier available in the game, along with a few tinderboxes.
Just for the feeling that you can do more as just walk through the whole mansion like a visitor, instead of the guy living there.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Cycles

The only real minus for me is the stretched leveldesign when replaying.

I just know its longer and less detailed as it could be but overall, a very good story, super music, nice new "monster" model and it sure took some time to make im sure.

Smaller disappointments: No option to let the Hat-guy kill you, no change in story if the Entitys get you and I managed to hop out of the interrogation-room and bypass the Hat-guy without him even carring.

This are all things that stood out as a little awkward and flat.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ In Dark

Ok this is it. Nice story, very beautiful. The reason why I dont give it a bad rating.
But I really hate it to be turned off by a bug or unclear way to progress like nothing else.

I was in the Basement, put the copper pipe in the acid and nothing else happened. I doubt I was supposed to melt the pipe anyway.
The glas wouldnt fill and if all this was intended, gratulations, then I was too stupid to progress.

But what a turnoff.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Oblivion: The Gates of Hell

Tooooooooooooooooo stretchy in the secret mansion.
I give it 6/10 because of the annoying music too.

The Keysearch was exhausting and no im not really from the spoiled kind that just wants easy progress.
I lost my patience after the Grunt that destroyed one door that opened the room with the note indicating who the Gasmask-guy is.

I think its too stretched, sorry.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Insomnia (The Wake Trilogy)

Uuuuuh after this what happenes to be an airstrike,
is this supposed to be the end?

If yes:
Short but very well made custom story.
Very interesting. I liked the Dreamworld-puzzle! :)

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Isle

Bug spotted.

After you watch into "the Sarlac" and run in the only room left, when the Grunt appears all controlls freeze. Forever. If he hits me or not.
Cant end the story like that.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Amnesia: A Coward's Debt

Yet another "great work"? :D
Im sure this will be full of epicness too.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ The Great Work

Hey yo! Funny to read your comment, really!

Because the release for "A Machine for Pigs" was drawing near and me and my bro enjoyed Amnesia like no other horrorgame ever before, we came back to play a few customstorys.
Just so that we get "back" in the Amnesia-feel and to surpress any hype-feelings that could arise.

And what was it afterwards? This customstory was simply OVERWHELMING and epic, I was speecheless as f*** and full of awe!
Later I saw a Review on Gamestar ( a german videogamer-website ) for Machine for Pigs and just thought wtf happened!?!
This custom story is far superior to a Machine for Pigs I guess.
I cannot say for sure cause I have not bought it and still wait for a Walkthrough on YouTube with german client that is not annoying as hell.

But even so..., I think thats it. There is no inventory in Machine for Pigs? This factor alone repelled me from buying it like the Sun repells a Vampire.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ A Slave's Masquerade

- Nice leveldesign
- Deep story
- Easy progressing

- Annoying monsters who dont disappear
- Predictable development
- Simple and fast ending without any climax


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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Tenebris Lake

This is the "best and well made custom story"-TRASH that I have ever played.
Its beautiful and the atmosphere is in the right places.

But its annoying how there is no clue where to actually go and I have now stopped playing in "Chapter 6: Capture" after I have taken my latern back and didnt knew where to go next.
One monster was buggy and appeared again, chased me down and killed me and I had to start from the last safe-book again.
... still with no clue and anything.

That robbed me from all the motivation.
It is well made, I give you that. But its too stretched with where to go and you shouldnt make people get beamed back through half a level when there is already no clue at hand.

Or make hints if someone dies. I dont care how "easy" the game becomes!
God was that annoying.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Mental Memorial a Full Conversion mod "Updated"

Well I did played it to the end. ^_^
Just a bit down that it makes no difference if you rescue the wife or not.

I think the environment was not good for the AI. I never made a map or anything but I can imagine its a pain in the a** if a Monster would follow you through the terrain of the hospital.
They would be stuck in many places.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Followed By Death

Just recently the customstory "The Great Work" became my number 1 candidate.
Beating "Followed by Death" with indeed the great work (new monsters, chase themes, brilliant use of all kinds of mechanics ingame).

My favourite scene was with the Grunt visible through 2 windows and the detailled environment around the castle.

10/10 regardless that its kinda overshadowed by "The Great Work".
Followed by Death is still equal with the original story I think.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Obscurity


The safe-riddle was a little bit unclear.
It wasnt made clear if the Inn was counting as another house or not.
Also I cannot stand it when monster-aggro is never ending. If you are badly cornered just once you got no chance to run away again.
Im kinda arrogant because "im so good that I never get catched" and such events are greatly annoying me.

The unusual monster was kinda cool. Also the "human enemy" was cool as well. Just too strong for a mere insane to kill you with one strike I think.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Mental Memorial a Full Conversion mod "Updated"

Because of the extremly cheap jumpscares.
Just because I can feel how much work and passion it took to make it, its still 7.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ The Great Work

*Part 3*

I forgot to mentions this before.
But there is a major bug in the level with the Shardmonster when the maincharacter is losing the Shard in his body again.

I didnt had to power up the machine. It didnt worked when I pressed the lewer to the left and said "its not powered" but it worked the instant I turned it to the right. Even without the rods.

Also the Shard-Golem was buggy too. He stopped patrouling when he saw me and camped locations, making it very annoying and impossible to proceed.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Key to Freedom


because of the rage I suffered from not finding the purple orb.
The Eagle pointed away from it. Yeah I know I was not the brightest either.
Still... I wasted 30 minutes searching EVERYWHERE for it.

I found it only thx to another walkthrough'er on YouTube.

Nice idea with the only Rightarmed-Knights. That was very cool.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ The Great Work

*Part 2*

Also how hard but rewarding to evade the monsters at the end to discover and reach the different endings and the ending you desire personally.
IT IS SO DAMN EPIC. Im impressed beyond words.

Everyone not trying out this costum story is totally missing out on something that is equal in epicness to the original story.
It was using the Amnesia game of course but the cs got its own aura and feeling. Its own story.

My critic points are as follows:
- Sometimes it was very unclear how to progress. When I had to find "the-Sun" and stuff, making it pass "through the circle" and return in the center, I nearly went insane of rage.
Maybe you should split the customstory up in two downloadversions? One in which every vital object glows and one (the current one) in which they not necessarily glow.

Im extremly impressed regardless of the mindrape I sometimes suffered.
The other one was not as wild. In the cellar when I encountered the Shard-golem I couldnt finde the shard until I tried to kill the monster. ^^
I grew so annoyed actually that I thought, oh maybe its the Shard in its chest and attacked it. :D
It really was well hidden. So good that I thought this must be a bug and I forgot in some level-area I couldnt access anymore.

If something is really hard hidden somewhere, please make a memento-notice or something "that this is not a bug". I had some truly annoying moments in the story.
And still its the best cs I have ever played.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ The Great Work

*Part 1*

I cannot express in words HOW UTTERLY EPIC this custom story is.

This is 11 out of 10, 12 out of 10. Sadly I can only rate it 10/10.
Whoever gave this less as 10 is just silly and does not understand the epic.
I have seen many epic custom story.
- La Caza
- Through the Portal
- White Night

Ok there are those less comparable with "The Great Work" as others but I think none of them was this advanced, this long, this detailled and had such cool alternate endings.
The endings that I have discovered
° Becomming a Shard-Monster/Golem.
° Dying and becomming the new Host for the Colleges Leader.
° Escaping through the Orbs Portal and drinking the Amnesiapotion in order to escape the horrible memorys of the customstory and living a peaceful life.
° Or becomming the Orbs secret guardian and keeping it away from the evil and rutheless hands of the College.
Of course I have chosen the heroic ending to become the Colleges "eternal" opponent. "For the sake of the fallen, we carry on."

Oh my god I just cannot mention enough why this is the Best-Custom-Story-ever!!!
The new monsters, the new chasing-themes, the cool models! The Clockmodel, the brilliant use of the climbing-mechanic and everything.
The "Keymaker"-ability to pass with different keys into different areas using the same door.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ The Four Horsemen

Best Mapdesign ever in terms of creativity and thinking out of the box.
Not the best atmospheric design but very brilliant and very detailled. :)

The ending is a little fast and sudden.
It would have been cooler if Alister would have left back in flashing sequences like Daniel and escaping the realm.
I like his heroic ending tough. Epic.

Pitiful what had to happen to Artur. :(

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ The Four Horsemen


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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ The Four Horsemen

Uuhm im currently stuck in the "Deaths Quarter" in the area with the alcoven in which Arthur rested. The place surrounded by candles.
There is a door nearby that is locked and I can turn a ironwheel just to lift two metaldoors.
The doors are closing after a few seconds again but even so... I dont know where to continue.

I have no key and anything. Bug?

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Dark case V.3

Just someone more who cant wait for Fear Online. ^.^

Alltought there arent many moments but sometimes Amnesia makes my PC cough. I guess thats will be the reason then.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Dark case V.3

Oh well im to lazy too actually find out why it didnt work.
My game not legal? *looks at installation-cd* *headscratch*

Naw' I think its because my Windows is a little bitchy.
Just my opinion but I think Windows8 sucks donkeyballs.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Dark case V.3

Nice mod. A bit boring to progress but I think its very deep.
For some kind of bug I cannot advance any further as to the point when you had to blow up the Dynamite.
Game crashes for some reason. :(

I think its still 7/10 at least.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Amnesia : Death By Fear


There was a bug. You forgot the glass cabinets in the Hallroom. They should not spawn back to the unbroken state. I collected the same note twice too!

I totally appreciated the silent monsters and the nice music.
There are not many customstorys with such atmosphere.

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OhSchreckOhGraus! @ Amnesia: Projekt 564

After 1 hour of playing, 20 minutes of actually progress and 40 minutes of probably useless searching - stopped by the 2nd keyhalf - I felt delighted as hell to quit the game.


Amnesia is not Monkeyisland.
And its not about searching things forever.

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