Im sure you'll be interested to know I joined Dec 8, 2009

So I have finally started to post some of the backlog of posts. I have been mainly doing this as a form of procrastination from other projects that I am currently involved in. I will do more recent updates once stability happens though I wont have an excuse to procrastinate then. The blogs are mainly supplementary to the posted images. Images maybe worth a thousand words but without overall context they lose meaning. I also welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

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Neomonkeus Aug 27 2013, 1:54pm says:

We won't!

+1 vote   media: Legend of the Galactic Heroes meets Triple Triad..
Neomonkeus Aug 12 2013, 1:09pm replied:

Its a visualisation of all the changes that have ocurred to the code base.

+2 votes   media: A visual history of OpenMW
Neomonkeus Mar 26 2013, 5:59pm replied:

Not lately. None as regards modding or games related stuff, the rabbit hole goes deep on what I have been doing for the past year on plug-in coding.

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Neomonkeus Mar 22 2013, 10:22am says:

Surprised you did not put in the lamps for good measure :P

Are you just doing renders?

+1 vote   media: Mystery Location
Neomonkeus Mar 11 2013, 7:02pm says:

Is this in-game or render?

Also how is the coiled wire achieved and what is the polycount?

+1 vote   media: Junon Lamp
Neomonkeus Mar 11 2013, 7:01pm says:

You forget that my army of minions spreads far and wide. I am kept informed of things, only appearing when the need arises. This reminds me of the olde times.

Now the most important question, where is the switch so I can turn it off and then on repeatily. Will it explode if this happens repeatily....It should! Good work. Moar explosions.

+1 vote   media: Junon Lamp
Neomonkeus Sep 20 2012, 8:12am says:

Looks amazeballs

+1 vote   media: Fuel Car (Mako Dawn)
Neomonkeus Jul 23 2012, 10:15pm replied:

Yeah I am a bit confused too. I haven't received any contact form you so not really sure what you think is happening or what you are saying when you refer to the MDMD mod website?

As it says in the posting, I am currently the co-admin of the project, website hosting, forum, storage etc. I have already stated that I am willing to work with anyone who wants to continue this project, but like Tempus said, he will only this will only pass over his admin status when he is satisfied that the person is capable of continuing the project.

Assuming that people are just going to appear with the necessary skills is a fathal assumption, one that caused one of the projects iterations to fail. Taking over the project without the necessary skills would be an extraordinary undertaking.

If you mean that you want to continue it on as a separate project, then that is fine, but if you want this project to continue on you know how to find us. ;)

+1 vote   mod: Mako Dawn
Neomonkeus Jul 13 2012, 11:41am says:

I will be nice and get the ball rolling and see if it peaks anyone else's interest. Have my people talk to your people. Drop me a line when you spy me online. I'll drop up some time once I sort things out.

+1 vote   article: Interested in premises and fundin for a team? And gaming future of Ireland!
Neomonkeus Jul 8 2012, 8:47am says:

You might want to set smooth on your models and check out stuff on texturing rather than using direct materials for coloring.

+1 vote   article: Update!
Neomonkeus Jul 7 2012, 6:13pm replied:

We already have a resource share going on between the mod and the guys over on Qhimm so they are eagerly awaiting the package is coming. :D Its then up to them to do so with the stuff as they please, if they decide to use anything at all

+1 vote   mod: Mako Dawn
Neomonkeus Jun 22 2012, 10:11am says:

Glad you decided to group the wip as one image. Although it is clear that they are wip, the fact that there was a lot of them being releases in a short period time left me a bit comfuzzled. Previous updates often took along time to come out but were of extreme polish. Keep up the good work.

+1 vote   media: WIP Props and Structures
Neomonkeus Jun 14 2012, 8:50am says:

Nothing to do with the engine, you just need to be able to create 3d models, using standard techniques, good topology, normal maps etc; the rest is easy after that.

+1 vote   media: The good ol' days
Neomonkeus May 8 2012, 8:52am replied:

From the strong man :D

+1 vote   article: Development Indefinitely Ceased
Neomonkeus May 7 2012, 10:14am replied:

You were always looking for approval ;)

+1 vote   article: Development Indefinitely Ceased
Neomonkeus Apr 22 2012, 7:18pm says:

I know this is probably still wip but is the model a little blocky?

+2 votes   media: Ballistic Shield
Neomonkeus Apr 20 2012, 1:34pm says:

Snapp'in good picture. :D

+1 vote   media: UDK snappable kit piece test
Neomonkeus Apr 12 2012, 3:14pm replied:

Oh no he didn't

+1 vote   media: Development Paused
Neomonkeus Apr 9 2012, 9:57pm replied:

I think you need keycard level 64 clearance and above so no comment, the company insists that I direct you to the media spokesperson's official update. I could lose my job and my biscuits otherwise.

+1 vote   media: Development Paused
Neomonkeus Apr 8 2012, 9:06pm replied:

Told you that we shouldn't have bought that years supply of biscuits!

+1 vote   media: Development Paused
Neomonkeus Apr 8 2012, 5:08pm says:

I knew I should have paid the electricity bills....

+1 vote   media: Development Paused
Neomonkeus Mar 30 2012, 10:34pm replied:

No, a full voice script is not simply a compiled version of the scripted dialogue. This is a script specially produced by the dialogue writer. It contains additional annotated material needed by a voice actor during the audio recording session. These include; character direction, emotional state, biographical/background information, voice style, etc.

I am not criticising all the voice acting in Underhell, the fact I can't remember the other means that they kept me immersed into the whole scenario. However, a british sounding voice actor used a couple of colloquial terms/word mis-pronunciations which were off-putting. This resulted in loss of game flow when you find yourelf going, "Hmmm that voice actor is saying that weirdly again".

This is not the same as some quirk of character or nuance that the game character may have had, it was the voice actor. Again it might not have been Underhell, it could have been Disolution, either way it was just an example I remember.

Your last point about no voices due to the text being unreadable is probably down to a technical issue, where the blank audio file is not sufficiently long enough.

For the mod voice acting is not a necessity and your point about using it because it is there is not very valid. There are many things available to us through modding Fallout, which will not be used in the mod, like giant robots :D

Either way the dialogue provided as-is is just placeholder material, like much of the content. It is very much a work in progress and dialogue will be made once things of higher priority have been completely. Voice acting is not a priority for a featured release.

Anyways this is taking up alot of road frontage. If you wish to continue, you my contact details are there. People are always welcome on the forums/IRC.

+2 votes   mod: Mako Dawn
Neomonkeus Mar 30 2012, 4:04pm replied:

I have to strongly disagree.

I was playing a mod yesterday, ER-mod as it happens. It was clear that the eastern European voice-actors native language was not English. It was grating to have to listen to it.

Another example is Underhell which has a British voive actor who puts unnecessary inflection on a number of word.

In both cases these mods were enjoyable to play but bad voice acting serious detracted from the experience. I would rather not have any, than poor quality.

As for my previous point, which I didn't elaborate on; FF7 primarily used a text based system, so we will be forgiven for not having them. The text based conversation systems suits the needs of the mod.

Although the design document is being worked on and a game scenario being drafted, we would need a full voice script prepared and voice actors which we is not our main goal at the moment.

0 votes   mod: Mako Dawn
Neomonkeus Mar 29 2012, 5:59pm replied:

Priority at the moment is getting the tower modelled out. A storyline is being scripted, so that side of things will be worked at a later stage, but that has not really stopped us putting in things like characters, etc, to test out some ideas and see what peoples reaction are.

To answer your question, possibly is the best that I can give. Fo3 has a text based system which suits our need. If we can get voice actors of a high enough calibre then we will use them. There is nothing worse than poorly voiced mod. I have played a few of them recently and they totally ruined immersion.

We keep a list of all idea. After we do the main release we will then go back and sift through the ideas and iterate on the next major release, i.e v1.0

+1 vote   mod: Mako Dawn
Neomonkeus Mar 9 2012, 11:33pm says:

Just a heads if this group is still alive - - Mako Dawn. FF7 based mod for Fo3.

+1 vote   group: Final Fantasy Fans
Neomonkeus Mar 4 2012, 10:46pm replied:

Still alot said for putting in the effort to actually look at the mod and warrant a response which means it had some affect. Half the time people don't even bother checking out mods, more so if you have predisposed bias. So either way something is catching peoples attention. :D

+1 vote   mod: Mako Dawn
Neomonkeus Mar 3 2012, 12:36pm replied:

Although the mod now is viewed as completely separate entity to what has gone before, the devs which are still with the project have already been there and thought theses thing through many times.

That said the devs have been around long enough to have seen the mod move from Morrowind to Oblivion, then Fallout. The reason it has stayed using Fallout 3 as its base is the time and effort involved in a move to a new game.

A move is a big thing. You need to understand what is new, how things have changed, what are the limits of the system, new systems introduced. Content needs to be updated, time needs to be invested in the tools to see whats new, changed, broken.

To specifically answer your question, as to why we aren't going to move to those specific games, Fallout NV has no specific benefits over FO3 for what we want to achieve.

As for Skyrim the tools we need, specifically modelling plugins are light years off from where we would be comfortable using them. Believe me I know ;)

That is not to say that it will never happen, just that things aren't likely to change soon. The releases are rolling out so not much point in taking steps backwards.

+1 vote   mod: Mako Dawn
Neomonkeus Mar 3 2012, 1:29am replied:

Was that render made using Cycles?

+1 vote   media: Midgar WIP
Neomonkeus Mar 2 2012, 12:28am says:

Seriously good trailer, know the development process can be a long road but by some of the stuff shown it will be quality.

+12 votes   media: Underhell Chapter One Waiting Trailer
Neomonkeus Feb 17 2012, 7:24pm says:

This is not the latest version of Nifskope. Also the preview image is from Max?

+1 vote   download: Nifskope
Neomonkeus Jan 31 2012, 3:04pm says:

Again those are work in progress videos, the issue with the door clipping has been rectified in the initial release.

It is highly unlikely that the default animations will be replaced as they are not really a priority, unless he feels so inclined.

+1 vote   media: Mako Dawn WIP 1
Neomonkeus Jan 30 2012, 8:48pm replied:

That only occurred during development. They used the portal system when prototyping the rooms during development so that they wouldn't have to move the rooms around as much. By putting a room in empty space, editing it in place but connecting with portals they avoiding annoying physical overlap.

Portal 2 actually only had one impossible space. I presume you have listened to the developers commentary.

+1 vote   media: Upper Stairwell
Neomonkeus Dec 17 2011, 2:39pm says:

But my name isn't Garland, though it appeases me none the less.

+1 vote   media: Surrender to Darkness
Neomonkeus Dec 2 2011, 1:13am replied:

Progress is good atm. If you want to find out the latest news check out the Niftools forum.

+3 votes   article: Creation Kit Coming in January 2012
Neomonkeus Nov 18 2011, 9:51pm says:

It should be a double chair, for he is more than twice a man.

+1 vote   media: The Executive Board Room
Neomonkeus Nov 18 2011, 9:50pm says:

Elevator goes up, elevator goes down :P

+1 vote   media: Riding the elevator...
Neomonkeus Nov 4 2011, 1:24pm says:

I have been listening to a lot of FF re-mixes lately; this is going on said list. \o/

+1 vote   media: FFVII arr. Jenova Absolute + Those Who Fight
Neomonkeus Oct 5 2011, 11:27am says:

Not when you can just clip right through walls :P

+1 vote   media: Shinra Tower test
Neomonkeus Jul 8 2011, 8:45pm replied:

I concur it should be exactly like this

+1 vote   media: Jake's Monitor!
Neomonkeus Jul 5 2011, 6:01pm replied:

He is magician, a terrible magician

+1 vote   media: Doing some work on floor 70...
Neomonkeus Mar 16 2011, 7:34am says:

Is this your own. It is amasing. Do you do concept work for mods excluding the one you are working on at the moment?

+1 vote   media: Cloud Strife
Neomonkeus Mar 11 2011, 11:39am says:

You really like your prime colors :P The menu animation is very fluid. Nice.

+1 vote   media: Functionality of the Close to Final Menu
Neomonkeus Mar 11 2011, 11:35am says:

This is looking pretty good though I do have a few criticisms and thoughts from a UX designers point of view. I think that you need to consider how the various elements relate to each other a bit more. Individually element look good. I love the SGC Stargate room, it looks fantastic, the detail is impressive. The interactive menu animation is solid and flows well.

How they relate to each other is what is causing the problem. The various angles make the U.I look disjointed. The camera is at the stargate from a downward angle, then menu items are at a slant on the right whereas the title is perfectly horizontal. Three different planes/viewpoints.

The choice of color scheme is one that you may rethink as contrasting blue and red is very strenuous on your eyes. Its not so bad on the menu system as you contrast the extremes with white shadow but the red text and the blue make it hard to read. Maybe swapping around the text on the left hand side with color or a logo would make it all work.

Its just some food for thought and I hope I don't come across as too critical; it is really close to being very polished. There is no right or wrong way its something that you have to feel your way around with.

+2 votes   media: Main Menu Close to Final
Neomonkeus Jan 29 2011, 5:30pm replied:

We'll definitely get ours up once decide on a dev name and we get things organised. One more for the Irish. :P

+2 votes   article: It's been a while!
Neomonkeus Apr 12 2010, 2:11pm replied:

Buy GMOD10 through steam, or get one of the earlier ones for free with less features

+2 votes   media: a house
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