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Mutant1988 Aug 14 2012, 11:52am replied:

So you're saying I should complain about Chrome? Okay then. ;P

But seriously guys, awesome work all around. I look forward to seeing more from you Stahl.

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Mutant1988 Aug 14 2012, 12:46am replied:

Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this update Stahl.

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Mutant1988 Jul 3 2012, 5:23pm says:

One of my most favorite guns. Can't wait to use iron sights on it.

+1 vote   media: FAS 2.0 July Update
Mutant1988 Jun 13 2012, 10:40pm replied:

Might be worth keeping track of this mod as well then:

+3 votes   mod: Exterminatus
Mutant1988 Jun 12 2012, 5:55pm says:


+1 vote   media: Lost Dreams
Mutant1988 Jun 12 2012, 5:53pm says:

This is some gorgeous artwork.

+2 votes   media: Transition Level
Mutant1988 Jun 11 2012, 8:05pm says:

The game crash on level end seems to be gone now, which is very good.

Does Stahlhagel do animation? If so, could you ask him if he can redo the reload animations? That is, when he has the time spare. Or at least smooth them out a bit, if the current animation is slowed down.

Because I'd really like to see the Bolter reload being slowed down and it it then being given a slightly increased rate of fire. Yes, I'm still on about that, I'm sorry for being so annoying ;P

Could you also run the idea of Genestealer specific paths by the mappers? Because I do think having passages (Air vents and such) only reachable by (Lunging to) them would give their class more purpose.

As it is they're next to useless compared to the Warriors. And given that the current objective structure won't allow for a speed increase (Which would be the ideal fix), I think this is all that can be done to promote their use.

I would prefer a shift to a more asymmetric objective design (One team on defence, one on offence and each team is balanced in favor of one of those roles), but as that would require a complete revamp of the mod, I can understand if it's not possible.

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Mutant1988 Apr 29 2012, 12:54pm replied:

Any update is appreciated.

So feel appreciated. ;P

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Mutant1988 Apr 29 2012, 12:52pm replied:

Hey, don't be like that. I tried to be gentle. :P

Seriously, I'm liking the mod, just feel that some things hold it back.

For me at least, if no one else.

But playing a voice clip for running just seems odd. As do the choice of voices. This is just me again, but I don't find it dark enough to be a Space Marine.

But hey, bottom line, it's your game. Do what you want.

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Mutant1988 Apr 8 2012, 10:50am says:

In spite of all the great additions, one thing still ruins this mod for me, and that's the animations. They are in a dire need of an overhaul.

I also still don't like the way the Bolter handles. It's an automatic weapon in the canon, but that's hardly apparent in this game. It just feels like it's semi auto but automated to save us from clicking for each shot.

The burst fire function also seems completely redundant, as it throws of the aim completely and doesn't seem to fire any faster anyway (Thus missing the whole point of burst fire).

I've said it before but I'll say it again - I'd rather have a weaker Bolter with a faster fire rate.

Also, what's up with the automated voice clips for sprinting? I get the Tyranids hissing, but the Marines? That's just weird.

I'm really sorry, I don't want to come across as this negative. It's just that I find this mod so promising, but is massively let down by what I perceive as it's issues.

I'll say this though: I really like the Genestealer. Reminds me of the original Alien vs Predator, with less wall crawling.

Though I still haven't been able to find a populated server (Max I've gotten was 3 people for 5 minutes in an older version), so I can't even say anything about balance or hell, even anything about how fun it is to play when teams are factored in.

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Mutant1988 Apr 4 2012, 6:26pm replied:

ALL CAPS is hardly a sign of maturity.

Also, argumentative is not the same as constructive. You're neither, all you do is whine.

+2 votes   article: New release
Mutant1988 Apr 1 2012, 8:59am replied:

I am, because you're being a jerk. This is one guy doing this in his spare time. What I'm asking is a whole ******* LOT.

If I actually get any of it, I'll be grateful, but I'm sensible enough to not throw a hissy fit if I don't.

Grow the **** up.

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Mutant1988 Mar 29 2012, 9:14am says:

I can't say I wasn't hoping for more than this...

This game desperately need ad-hoc support (To co-op build and share your creations) and a survival mode (Or some kind of gameplay beyond removing and placing blocks anyway).

A survival mode with a greater emphasis on combat than MC would be nice (Such as a variety of weapons with different properties and monsters with different strengths and weaknesses - RPG style).

Would make it more fun to play singleplayer or in co-op with a handful of players.

Wouldn't mind a random dungeon generator mode as well, connected using a hub portal in your home level. A loot aspect (With randomized gear and special blocks to harvest) there could easily replace the crafting portion.

Asking too much though. I'm just hoping for this game to go beyond the limits of the game that inspired it. Diablo+Minecraft sounds like a nice concept to me.

+2 votes   article: New release
Mutant1988 Mar 22 2012, 9:23am says:

You're really shutting this down and starting over on Cryengine? That makes me sad. But I guess it's somewhat understandable.

Well, wish you the best of luck with the future development then.

But before you go on to that, I'd be really grateful if you released what you've done so far on Source. At least as far as assets you're not porting over to the Cryengine version goes.

You got a moddb page set up for that yet (If so, link please)? Or will you just change this one?

+6 votes   game: Ivan's Secrets
Mutant1988 Mar 22 2012, 8:52am says:

I really need the iron sight patch to be able to get back into this.

With firearms this lovely crafted, it just feels wrong not to have iron sights.

+1 vote   mod: Firearms: Source
Mutant1988 Jan 4 2012, 10:36am says:

That does indeed look amazing.

+1 vote   media: WW1: Source British soldier render
Mutant1988 Jan 4 2012, 10:29am says:

A question to the developers:

The original maps, the one taking place in russia, do these still exist and will they at all be part of the game once it launches?

Even if it doesn't tie into the storyline, having those maps included as extras would be much appreciated. Because it would be fun to just explore those gorgeous looking maps.

As the mod is planned to include co-op, perhaps adding them in as a co-op exclusive side story would be possible (As in, the story refer to a squad instead of a character and the opposition is balanced specifically for co-op)? That is, if they do still exist. I just want to play on those maps really.

Anyhow, glad to see you guys still hard at work on this amazing looking mod. I know it's a common question, but is there any chance of a demo or release in the near future?

To be quite honest though, this looks extremely professional. I wouldn't at all mind if you went commercial and actually got paid for making this. I would buy it in an instant.

+2 votes   game: Ivan's Secrets
Mutant1988 Jan 4 2012, 9:46am says:

Moddb download link appears to be dead.

+1 vote   download: Gang Garrison Version 2.2.3
Mutant1988 Jul 17 2011, 3:59am says:

Can we expect another public SVN update anytime soon?

Main issue I'm having with the current one is that the latest revision seems to have broken ironsights since the last SVN snippet, where they worked perfectly.

Updates I'd like to see is a fix to allow spawned AI to use the Mastiff SMG, it appears broken right now. The Hornet also doesn't work at all for NPC's.

A skin for the Hornet would also be lovely. The Hornet would also benefit from having a brighter aiming screen (Or actually having it be light amplifying), as it's very hard to see anything through it in dark environments.

Anyway, love what you're doing with this mod, keep up the good work.

+2 votes   mod: Tales from the Galactopticon
Mutant1988 Jul 15 2011, 8:10am replied:

Try downloading and running the Punkbuster manual updater:

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
Mutant1988 Jul 2 2011, 6:00pm says:

Posting some feedback:

The mod could use a warmup mode, such as a straight up Juggernaught free Deathmaps between the mid 2 spawns, until 4+ players join (Server set amount for auto-start, player vote to start anytime past 4 players).

The Juggernaught X-ray vision seems a bit inconsistent too. You can't see through a lot of objects (Russia Spider Tank legs most of all) or through most walls.

Also, the Juggernaught can't see players at all through forcefields, even those in uncapped spawns.

I like the new green skeleton heal effect though. But it would be nice to have an area of effect circle around the Juggernaughts position on the minimap.

It would also be good to elaborate in-game on the abilities of the Juggernaught, most of all that it can locate the enemy Juggernaught when it's in their teams territory (The side of the map in which they control spawns).

Also for balancing purposes, the cars need to be made less solid (Roof, windowframes) so that players in them can be hit by firearms. It would also be advisable to disable or slow down Jugg regen (For himself and teammates) inside vehicles.

+1 vote   mod: Off Limits
Mutant1988 Jul 2 2011, 2:19pm says:

I can't find any 1.0 servers. Any official servers on the way?

-2 votes   mod: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
Mutant1988 Jul 1 2011, 4:22pm says:

The style of this mod greatly reminds me of Timesplitters. And that's awesome.

+4 votes   mod: Tales from the Galactopticon
Mutant1988 Jun 29 2011, 10:58am replied:

How about the squishy soft looking skin then? I definitely wouldn't say that it makes it more terrifying. It just needs to look more solid, less flobby, if you may. Tyranids are bio-engineered killing machines after all, there's no place for excess fat.

Making the skin a bit brighter (Or desaturated anyway) with harder looking creases and more pronounched bone texture would probably do the trick.

It would look scarier, in my opinion, if the skin appeared strecthed across the bones of it's deformed human skull shape.

The tongue on the other hand could definitely look a bit more slimey.

+1 vote   media: Zbrush Evolution of the alien model
Mutant1988 Jun 27 2011, 1:18pm says:

That looks pretty damn good. Just a few things:

Face and head needs to be more skull shaped (Like a deformed human skull). The main problem is with the skin, the texture just looks too soft, soggy even.

The bones underneath the skin needs to be more pronounced. The skin just about stretched across the bone.

The skull could needs ridges going down the middle of the forehead.

The upper arm claws also need to look a lot nastier and probably be a bit bigger too.

The bone/chitin texture is perfect though.

These are some good pictures to show what I mean:

+1 vote   media: Zbrush Evolution of the alien model
Mutant1988 Jun 21 2011, 5:43pm says:

This looks pretty damn awesome, very unique.

+1 vote   media: Bloc - WIP
Mutant1988 Jun 20 2011, 3:18am replied:

Thing is, it's not the same on a screen. In real life, you don't notice the out of focus objects because your vision is fixed on the thing in front of you.

You don't notice the out of focus environment when you're focusing on a specific point. Or rather, you do, but it doesn't bother you.

This doesn't happen on a screen, because everything is at the same plane of depth. You can't ignore the blur, because it's just as visible as the non-blurred objects.

+4 votes   media: Camera movement/blur during reload
Mutant1988 Jun 19 2011, 8:59am says:

As a person with a slight vision impairment, I really hate blur effects. This one is subtle, but it still makes my eyes hurt.

So please, make this a toggleable option. Honestly, I have a hard time imagining how it could possibly add anything to the game whatsoever.

It's not immersive in the slightest. In real life, your vision doesn't blur, you just happen to look at the gun instead of your surroundings.

Having the view shift to the gun isn't a viable option (Incredibly jarring and makes the player feel out of control - The PS2 game Killzone tried this and it was annoying as hell). But this isn't a good compromise, it's just annoying.

+2 votes   media: Camera movement/blur during reload
Mutant1988 Jun 14 2011, 2:05pm says:

This is the mod that I'm the most hyped for on all of Moddb. The level of quality of your content is out of this world. You guys really should be employed by Valve (Receiving fat paychecks) and have this released as a retail game.

+3 votes   game: Ivan's Secrets
Mutant1988 Jun 5 2011, 8:38am says:

Hey, it seems like your forum is broken. It doesn't show any topics.

+1 vote   member: IHazard
Mutant1988 Feb 6 2010, 3:29pm says:

The warning label is awesome. ;D

+1 vote   media: WIP screens
Mutant1988 Dec 18 2009, 3:33am says:

That metal-rod thing up top should stick out a bit more in the front, besides that it looks perfect, although the skull could use a better texture.

+1 vote   media: Lasgun
Mutant1988 Dec 8 2009, 9:55pm says:

Okay, this looks much better.

+1 vote   media: Model Render
Mutant1988 Dec 3 2009, 5:42pm replied:

Hmm, won't you still be contaminated once you leave those areas though, since the spores cling to clothes?

I hope you'll provide a decontamination shower once you've passed those areas (Unless of course you wear that all the time). And yeah, I hope for the protagonists sake that he's wearing more protective clothing and not just the mask.

As for possible anthrax infection due to them getting in wounds (Like those suffered from gunshots), I think that can and should be ignored for the sake of gameplay.

Btw, I bought one of those masks not long ago. Or well, the Civilian variant anyway, the GP-5 gasmask.

Very cool looking mask. ;D

+1 vote   media: Gas Mask
Mutant1988 Dec 1 2009, 7:21am replied:

Maybe it's the lighting in that particular shot that makes it look weird. But in my opinion, the chin looks a bit too low (Too far down) and should perhaps stick out a bit more (That, or make the lips less pronounced, thinner).

But I dunno, could you perhaps upload another shot with the lighting from another angle?

As for the hair, it looks like straw. I just doesn't look like hair at all. At least the sideburn doesn't, I think that'd look better not modelled, just a texture.

+1 vote   media: Resistance soldier Redo (wip)2
Mutant1988 Aug 2 2009, 11:20pm replied:

Why did I post right side? I meant left side. Easier to access with your left hand while holding the crossbow with your right.

+2 votes   media: crossbow HP update
Mutant1988 Aug 1 2009, 12:04pm says:

I actually think it looked better with just one magazine drum (Assuming that is what those are).

Having just one on the right side makes the most sense to me. It just looks overly complicated and overburdened with 2 of them.

+2 votes   media: crossbow HP update
Mutant1988 Aug 1 2009, 9:38am says:


Auto crossbow FTW!

+2 votes   media: crossbow HP
Mutant1988 Jun 25 2009, 5:15am says:

Just a few things:

I'm pretty sure you don't need the back iron sight if you have a red dot sight mounted (As it is now, it looks like it'd be in the way, and it also looks quite strange in itself, but that might just be because of the angle of the pic).

Be be honest, I don't even think you need the front ones either. But yeah, you're probably fully aware of all that.

But I have to ask, what happened to the trigger guard (Looks like it's missing, and I can just barely see the trigger itself... At least I think I can, unless that's just the background texture)?

But besides that, it's looking good. I really dig the ambidextrous safety switch. ;P

"It's a bit small IMO"

But you really can't tell that now, can you? At least not without placing it next to something else for comparison.

+2 votes   media: SMG Update
Mutant1988 Apr 20 2009, 6:09am says:


+1 vote   media: Stalingrad WIP
Mutant1988 Apr 19 2009, 5:21am says:

That's some high quality concepts you've got there. I hope you the best of luck making this into a quality mod. ;D

+1 vote   mod: METROPOLIS
Mutant1988 Mar 28 2009, 12:34pm replied:

Not one with horns though. They didn't actually have those. Basic leather/metal caps with some face protection. Similar to the left concept there (Without the googles, since those wouldn't fit over/under the helmet).

Example (All credits to the owner of the picture):

+1 vote   media: Bear WIP Concept
Mutant1988 Nov 23 2008, 3:37am says:

I honestly think she would look better with a helmet on.

+3 votes   media: Character renders
Mutant1988 Oct 25 2008, 2:35am says:

A more common variant of the AK5 is the FN FNC (Which the AK5 is a licensed copy of, with only a few aesthetic differences. Much like the AK4 was a copy of this gun). I don't find it all that unlikely that a FNC might be implemented in this mod at some point.

+1 vote   media: G3A3 Render
Mutant1988 Oct 19 2008, 1:32am says:

Like this (Excuse my horrible paint bastardation of the original image):

+1 vote   media: freedom fighter action concept
Mutant1988 Sep 25 2008, 10:06am says:

Could use a panel along the wall, like on the ledge, though not as wide.

But besides that, it's looking good. :D

+2 votes   media: HUD
Mutant1988 Aug 30 2008, 1:00pm says:


Holy cats, that's a nice statue.

+1 vote   media: Bastet Prop
Mutant1988 Aug 13 2008, 6:41am says:

Well... Just a thought, changing the whole way ranks and in-game economy are handled:

If you make it so that players consist of/participate in squads (Similar to Empires), and the squad leader (Which should always be possible to replace, by vote), instead of using money, has a rechargable ability (Who's effectivity/recharge rate is based on squad performance, and player amount. The selection of items would be based on map options, and the whole teams overall game performace. Capture the tank factory, or just enough zones, to get access to tanks, and so on) to supply weapons, vehicles and similar items, by a in-game method similar to Mercenaries (Supply drop. Maybe not a heli, might be too "expensive" on performance, but a drop pod, or parachute drop?).

This method, replace money completely, and in effect, also makes ranks obsolete (As in effect, there would only be two relevant ranks. Squad leader, and not-squad leader) Ranks could perhaps be replaced with experience (Or be made into the real upgrade points, in case they allow you to tweak your loadout, health/armor/abilities, and so on). Of course, the supply drop would have to be configured to supply one specific loadout for each player, based on their class (Maybe have the supply screen show the members of the squad, their class, and have you select the item dropped, to the specific player by selecting one of that classes loadouts. Maybe give the option to change the class too, with the default loadout of any other class).

+2 votes   media: Experimental Weapon Selection
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