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mikak Jan 21 2015 says:

can't wait for the weekend so i can give it a whirl. looks great!

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mikak Jan 9 2015 says:

very nice

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mikak Nov 21 2014 says:

uploaded a wip current build of the map at

or direct from dropbox @

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mikak Nov 20 2014 replied:

mega lolz

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mikak Nov 20 2014 says:

i love the little central gatehouse wall tower with it's OMG D: face.

the spawns are all at ground level, because bots and stairs mean more railings, more pathnodes and more fiddling.

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mikak Nov 13 2014 says:

it's a bit bright at the moment, i'll tone that down later, got a weird "not sure if daytime or nighttime" vibe to it

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mikak Nov 13 2014 says:

that pale tan coloured building has no windows or indoor lights yet, it is wholly lit by 2 or 3 'world lights' which are just regular lights high up in the sky with large radius' and a low brightness

i've tried to balance out solid buildings and ones that can be entered.

changed the sky from earlier shots, looks terrible if i do say so myself

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mikak Nov 6 2014 replied:

thanks FastGamerr :D

unrealed can be a difficult mistress, but i think in our hearts we all love it

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mikak Oct 24 2014 says:

need moar law

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mikak Oct 24 2014 replied:

the basilica has some terrible cuts coming off of the window subtractions (10 sided) and the window frame adds (10 sided hollow). tried to keep the lights off those. no weird collision thankfully

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mikak Oct 17 2014 says:

haha, looks like great fun, maybe organise some weekend matches thru fgs?

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mikak Oct 17 2014 says:

such a great gameplay vid poor. nicely done

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mikak Oct 13 2014 says:

really nice architecture

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mikak Oct 5 2014 says:

magical floating building of worship in a weirdly lit greenish bubbly world

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mikak Sep 24 2014 says:

interesting. couple of observations from my neighbourhood; i never understood how they came up with their ideas about Australia. maybe this could help tho? ( Papua New Guinea seems unlikely to remain separate from Indonesia. tbh i think china would smash both korea's before taking on the nuclear power of india, also i think india and pakistan are destroyed (source: book in paul's apartment)

edit: stupid wikia links: 2nd pic on this page

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mikak Sep 16 2014 replied:

more cyberpunk is needed perhaps? the map still looks closer to the 2000's than 2050..

+1 vote   media: bus stop indoor/outdoor lvl merge
mikak Sep 16 2014 replied:

thanks TECMEC, how is your project in the cube engine coming along?

+2 votes   media: minimum detail building facade
mikak Sep 16 2014 says:

incredible effort

+4 votes   media: Area 51 Overview comparison
mikak Sep 16 2014 says:

'scanning area'

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mikak Sep 15 2014 replied:

thanks dude, still not too sure about this particular design for merging the transit hub map with the street hub map. on the whole the maps are still very open, not alot of depth to them, so i may in future separate this rain structure to be freestanding and redesign the city to have the transit hub map more segregated from the street

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mikak Sep 4 2014 says:

hi cyberp. enjoying a playthru of gmdx at the moment (finally, intended to do so at v5, but stuff came up). something is up with the crates in gmdx, they are really really bright, unlit bright. i'm running fresh dx install, new vision, grotz new hdtp installer, gmdx. (standard dx, no shifter or human renovation etc). running with d3d9, i don't like 10. here's a pic of crates in gmdx: , for comparison here is hdtp crates in my map;

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mikak Sep 3 2014 replied:

(^me) signs me out when i close the browser :\

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mikak Sep 2 2014 says:

"-Sharks now have a 10-15% accuracy bonus with laser type weapons. No, not really"

awwww, Fish at drawscale 10, with lasers, would've made the ocean lab map so epic

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mikak Sep 1 2014 says:

wow, i really need to do something about the box hedge, that looks really boring :O. street light in background will probably get changed a little, i made it last year, and i think i can do better. street lamp in foreground is quite good as far as i am concerned, will probably re-texture them, or possible make them into a model. forget how many polys 160 to 190 or something, hard to make it look lit properly in both cases, had a shocking bsp cut here, didn't find where it came from, hoping it is gone since i culled alot of unnecessary geometry from inside the transit hub

bed time now. gg

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mikak Sep 1 2014 says:

rarrr at the lighting on that building in background, that is the original that 'hvy tech' was manipulated from, it uses a 2 section per lvl/floor design, which i really like, but it destroys the lighting, because the vertices are tucked further in toward the building whilst the concrete beams jut out, and despite behind plastered with lights it doesn't look lit properly.

have still got zone light at 4, which is why nothing is totally dark- hey i have to fly around all the time, i wanna see where i'm going :P

+2 votes   media: loading bays
mikak Sep 1 2014 says:

i am flying almost 1000uu off ground here obviously. just to show it in full, rather dwarfs the player from ground lvl, i could make this vista a thing tho, purple kitten shell to the left, ie red brick thing. balcony perhaps

+1 vote   media: hvy tech
mikak Sep 1 2014 says:

to those cool dudes that visit my profile page, thanks for visiting :D

i implore you to critique, i ain't gonna be hurt if you have constructive criticism :) i am aware my 'little fan mission' is getting more ambitions in its scope and overall size, still just getting the basic layout set in stone so i can start concentrating on smaller details like npc's, missions, augmentation & skill interaction with map, consequences etc etc etc

to expand upon the 'enterable buildings'; at this point this includes; purple kitten (bar/nightclub/possibly brothel) it is largely finished, just needs to be fixed to fit into the shell that sets it's size from this map, which will basically be me 'save as' this map, delete everything that isn't visible from the purple kitten location, then copy/paste everything from the old purple kitten map and move stuff around so it fits cleanly, and redesign to make it interesting/workable.

another map 'Ersatz Medical' *was* pretty much finished, just needed the morgue basement. but now ersatz is completely differently shaped in the city map (ie above) so it'll bascially get the same treatment as the purple kitten. but more layout changes, which is a blessing in disguise, as it was rather easy to loose bearings and get lost, i've made alot of prefabs and models specifically for ersatz. it is probably to be the most mission oriented location, reason being Augmentation and health stuff, which is a large part of the dx story/stories

not yet included on this map is an apartment complex, which i made around christmas time, it will go in the empty corner at lower middle of sshot above, might need a bit of alteration so it isn't so visible from the street, otherwise it will end up being a huge copy/paste, which isn't what i want from that. it is quest based, kind of like the 'find the right alice garden pod' when looking for windwill in dx-hr, you will 'find the right apartment' where something interesting might happen.

+1 vote   media: WIP street hub
mikak Aug 27 2014 says:

looks good Jonathan. i look forward to playing this. a nice aesthetic, tho i personally feel the rooms should end on a clean seam of full and half hexagons; there a few areas where the wall sits at an uneven 1/4, 3/4 alignment. i guess perhaps that is just my personal bias.

i agree with what you said in the vid about the 1st/2nd challenge, that room needs expanding. perhaps give the player a simple idea of how far they can jump, and how high, from watching i am honestly unsure

i also thought the walls felt really square at some areas in your vid, and wondered if maybe it would look nicer with pillars and alcoves with shelves or something (ie subtract 5, add 2). tho i guess that could risk a hexagon overload :P

looks innovative and well thought thru. good luck

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mikak Aug 27 2014 says:

just to re-stipulate my excuse for the jarringly bad graphics; textures are unaligned and unscaled. lighting is still in its infancy, also there is a zone light just so i can see in the areas not yet lit (a large percentage of the map), and i have it set at .6 brightness, which looks much nicer than this which is at 1.

that building doesn't have glass on the windows yet, due to my tex at 512x512 not scaling easily, which was an oversight on my part when i made the texture, still undecided if it should be hollowed out or not, will be enterable as a self contained map for explorers, i can hide my truck models, forklift, palletized cargo and whatnot. it would be great if it could be part of the street map itself, but too many polys for the pallet rack shelving, workbenches and interior detailing. and a ton of models of course, i imagine 3 to 5 meg total, load time will be negligible, reward will be minimal, ie. it won't be littered with a ****-ton of lockpicks and multitools, more or less it'll just be there for the sake of being there. with some loot as a thankyou for visiting

its still really high on earthy tones. got some neon (not for this part really tho) and a massive pain in the butt set of alloy scaffolding etc which would look just good on the corner building. will leave such things until later tho

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mikak Aug 26 2014 says:

aha, i finally fixed my sshots from being so dark. now it is too bright :P it looks better at 0.6 brightness

something is up tho, that sshot is stretched horizontally quite a bit, its not so squat.

anyway, i've got a big empty space on the inside corner of the road (ie centre screen) so that viewing vista will change dramatically when there is a building just behind the stair garden

just as a note: i use transform permanently alot, so texture surfaces are typically unaligned and unscaled (ie that 2 course brick wall at bottom left of screen :P ~ due to 512pixel tex i made, and i'm not yet sure if it's possible to stipulate: use this tex at scale 0.125 for example) because it all gets reset at each transformation, so i'm not bothering until the level is finalized, that is the time that they will get their deserved aesthetic attention

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