My name is Maarten Frooninckx, on the internet under the alias "marnamai". I am currently 22 years old and live in Belgium. I 've been mapping for 5 years with Valve's SDK, looking forward to start learning other editors such as the UTed and Radiant.

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marnamai Aug 17 2014, 6:32pm says:


+2 votes   media: Mystery Level
marnamai Jul 6 2014, 11:10am says:

I would really like it if you'd change the name of your mod.
I 've been using "Downfall" since 2009. Now, I know I don't have any rights to the name, if it had been for another game than the HL2 series I wouldn't even be bothered. But just so to avoid people from being confused by 2 identically named mods, please change yours ...

I have included a link to the thesaurus, listing some synonyms for downfall, maybe one of those is interesting?

Just make sure to check moddb and the internet if there aren't any mods using the name prior to changing it!

+4 votes   mod: Half-Life 2: BreakDown
marnamai Jul 2 2014, 7:39pm says:

I am not sure how the voting is done, I think its done by a jury, not by a public vote.

+1 vote   article: Overflow HL2 map release
marnamai Jun 16 2014, 5:30pm replied:

hibernating for now, but not dead

+2 votes   mod: Half-Life 2: BreakDown
marnamai Jun 16 2014, 7:28am says:

You should flip the texture on those doors, the text is mirrored.

If it's a brush, you can do this by adding a "-" before the texture scale (-0,25)

+3 votes   media: WIP Screenshots
marnamai Jun 16 2014, 7:25am says:

just saying,

+8 votes   mod: Half-Life 2: BreakDown
marnamai Jan 9 2014, 5:46am says:

pro tip: offset the texture on the treecard with a few units so the seam isn't visible

+2 votes   media: Forest, New screenshot
marnamai Dec 26 2013, 4:15pm says:

very nice mapping, you 've been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. haven't you?

+2 votes   media: suburd
marnamai Dec 13 2013, 8:13am says:

whoa, gave me goosbumps, good stuff!

+2 votes   media: The Core [OFFICIAL TRAILER]
marnamai Oct 22 2013, 5:28pm says:

What are those outlets with the red sprites? Manhack dispensers?

+2 votes   media: Canals updated
marnamai Sep 8 2013, 7:16am says:

I 've found someone doing particles for me, help request is closed now.

+2 votes   article: Looking for a particle artist and new screenshot
marnamai Sep 6 2013, 3:57pm says:


I 'm looking for a particle artist to create some particles for my ep2 mod; DownFall.

Add me on steam to get in contact

+1 vote   group: Source Developers
marnamai Jul 28 2013, 3:25pm says:

ah, so that's why this looked familiar.
I am glad to see you're expanding upon your map.

+2 votes   media: Part One Screenshots
marnamai Mar 2 2013, 5:34pm says:

a metro traffic control center

+1 vote   media: Something
marnamai Feb 22 2013, 6:05pm says:

kinda looks like a patato xD

+6 votes   media: 3D Bullet Model
marnamai Feb 19 2013, 5:29pm replied:

I replaced your client.dll with the one from HL1 itself and it works now, altho any coding changes you made won't have any effect.

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
marnamai Feb 19 2013, 5:17pm replied:

updating to didn't fix it, still the ctd because of the missing library

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
marnamai Feb 19 2013, 5:11pm replied:

won v45/

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
marnamai Feb 19 2013, 5:06pm replied:

won v45/

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
marnamai Feb 19 2013, 4:50pm replied:

I found out how to start the mod in HL1won via custom game, but if I start a new game it does a ctd: could not load library C:\Sierra\Half-Life\FOCALPOINT\cl_dlls\client.dll

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
marnamai Feb 19 2013, 4:34pm says:

I am using the steam version, but I have the won version on cd.

How do I run mods via the won version?

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
marnamai Feb 19 2013, 12:22pm says:

Does it require the won version or will it work with the steam version aswell?

When I start it up it crashes because wondll.dll is missing. Or is this because of the recent valve fuckup with HL1?

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
marnamai Feb 5 2013, 4:13pm says:

You should call it an ar3 :p (ep2 silo)

+1 vote   media: OICW (AR2)
marnamai Dec 18 2012, 3:03pm says:

I guess these are breen's legs from a point of view? Probably during the time he was assigned as overseer?

+12 votes   media: 20 years ago
marnamai Dec 3 2012, 4:57pm says:

Very nice, it reminds me of some of the concepts in raising the bar. Inspired by those?

+1 vote   media: December Update
marnamai Sep 2 2012, 10:48am says:

Those train tunnels look way too small in relation to the traintracks ...

+1 vote   media: An escape? On the Run?
marnamai Jul 19 2012, 2:18am says:

The displacements on the cliffs are somewhat blocky and have stretched textures :/

+7 votes   media: Mission Improbable 2 - Car view
marnamai Apr 26 2012, 10:02am says:

That clifftexture has a horrible repeating patern, I know this is typical for the source engine, but try finding or making a better texture and scale it up. You can use rock/cliff models to mask some of the repeating spots and it adds additional detail.

+12 votes   media: Combine Depot (WIP)
marnamai Apr 20 2012, 4:14pm says:

Have you ever asked yourself what makes this mod different from NMRiH or Zombie Panic?

+4 votes   mod: Infection: Source
marnamai Mar 19 2012, 4:16pm says:

While it has more detail now, but it's missing athmosphere, it lacks contrast and shadows.

+2 votes   media: Mission Improbable comparison
marnamai Jan 31 2011, 2:09pm says:

2 for sure

+2 votes   media: OF2 - Synth Soldier Cannon - Community Help
marnamai Jan 19 2011, 2:32pm says:

I <3 it

+2 votes   media: Central Admin Building Media Release 1
marnamai Apr 24 2010, 10:15am says:

scooter from borderlands?

+1 vote   media: Dr. Louie's Maglebikes and Maglescooters
marnamai Sep 6 2009, 10:08am says:

Very nice, it was cool to see it comming from concept to finnished model.

+2 votes   media: Crossbow finished
marnamai Aug 22 2009, 4:12pm says:

You're gonna hit the brushlimit pretty soon if you're gonna continue mapping like that. All the detailed beam structures should be turned into models. You can group them and export them in a modeling program, easy to get the scale right.

But I am pretty sure you allready knew that.

Excellent brushwork tho ;)

+1 vote   media: Industrial #3
marnamai Mar 29 2009, 7:34pm says:

Don't tell me this is brush based (func_physbox)>__<

+2 votes   media: Destruction
marnamai Mar 15 2009, 11:11am says:

In my opinion the skybox and light_enviroment color don't match up very well. Your sky is bright blue. But you 're using a very yellow/orange-ish color wich would only be seen during dawn or dusk, or from heavy industrial polution. I would change the lighting to a more blue-ish color, this has the benefit of increased realism and nicer contrast with indoor area's (orange from candles and torches).

+2 votes   media: City part
marnamai May 17 2007, 3:58pm says:

Nice, I 've been looking forward to this mod ;)
*DL and plays*

+2 votes   article: Half-Life 2 Awakening release
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