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magnumninja May 5 2015, 11:16am says:

if theirs space battles then this game wins over EAs battlefront. also do you plan to make the game just like free radical did maps where space and ground battles are in the same map just like bf elite squadron or battlefront 3 before it was cancled.

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magnumninja Jan 29 2015, 12:15pm says:

this mod was the best and could of been the closest thing to a hd release of duke nukem 3D. I don't know what happened to make you mad since I was absent from this site for a few months but hopefully you decide to continue making the mod. I don't know how your fanbase would react due to this incident if you did start the project up again I dont think they would trust you thinking that this would happen again. I admit making a mod or game for free is annoying I hated working unless I was payed then I got my job and now I make games as a way to release my creativity but on my own time only when Im in the mood for it. I have enjoyed your mod plenty of times and it has given me lots of inspiration for many of my projects and I hope one day you can inspire more people like me. I dont know if any of this had to do with criticism but if it did I went though the same thing on youtube causing me to delete most of my videos without backup copies due to harsh comments that depressed me and made me not want to make youtube videos but I got over it after more ideas came to mind and it made me succeed a bit more on the tube gaining more fans of my work.

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magnumninja Sep 28 2014, 1:14pm says:

I seriously cant wait till this comes out I love the idea of this game.
- Will it have multiplayer when the alpha/demo releases?
- Will jobs be interactive like flipping burgers or typing words on a computer?

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magnumninja Jul 24 2014, 8:51am says:

The game is looking nice cant wait for it to come out this looks awesome. Also will there be mod support cause that would be awesome to be able to make your own adventures in a update after we have played through the game. Mod support would make this game stay alive which most competition doesn't relies until everybody asks for it when there bored of the game so with mods you can add new adventures and stories and it adds incentive for people to want to pay more for it.

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magnumninja May 21 2014, 9:27pm says:

I dont understand how this is being made at all if there is no website you gave us a link to flgames which is a flash games ad. Also I remember when there was a site with custom maps for this game what happened you guys get hacked and loose all your work or something im a little pist i cant find the latest version. and I would love to see that wii version as a playable alpha or demo.

+1 vote   game: Solitude
magnumninja May 17 2014, 5:23pm says:

Well I can Clearly see they made this character in less than 2 days. Cause Gearbox said they were not allowed to make duke in a game so a lawsuit happened so to avert the lawsuit they changed the character to this crappy character that should of appeared in Duke Nukem Forever but gearbox scrapped 90% of 3D realms original ideas and just said they made the same game but they scrapped Bombshell AKA Female Duke Nukem. Therese a huge difference from the duke trailer in 2001 which looked awesome then the crap we got instead.

Honestly if Interceptor and 3dRealms should make a duke game it should be the Duke Nukem Reloaded cause I thought 3dRealms owns the original Duke Nukem 3D so doesn't that mean that 3DRealms can make a HD version of there own game.

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magnumninja Mar 13 2014, 1:18pm says:

why do the cars look like they were taken out of the Inspector Gadget Cartoon?

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magnumninja Mar 8 2014, 8:13pm says:

I cant wait till this game comes out. I'm also making a game but in the Enigma Development Enviroment AKA GameMaker Open Source. The game I'm making tho you play as god and have control over the world and what happens on it. You answer prayers and you get godly points which you can use to upgrade powers that make you a good/bad god or both depending on the Prayers you answered bad gives devil points and good gives god points.

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magnumninja Mar 8 2014, 7:44pm says:

make a map editor I want to make the maps that are suited for my vehicle that I decide to create.

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magnumninja Feb 5 2014, 12:03pm says:

I hate how hackers only hack servers to steal something useful such as trying to find the files to the game. The person who hacked it is a dumba$$ for ever thinking there would be anything of use on there. I know passwords and stuff like that could be compromised but its not like it matters for a forum unless your stupid enough to not sign up on a forum using a email only for forums.

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magnumninja Feb 5 2014, 11:58am replied:

does it **** you off that Duke Nukem Mass Destruction is topdown game and not Duke Dukem Reloaded, or does it **** you off that this picture isn't from Duke Nukem Reloaded

+2 votes   media: Duke Nukem - Mass Destruction
magnumninja Feb 5 2014, 11:50am says:

it ****** me off that its going to be a topdown game and not duke nukem reloaded. I hate them for doing that but I guess 3Drealms needs a proof of concept before they allow interceptor to make duke reloaded, or they need the money from this duke top down game to finish Duke Nukem Reloaded.

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magnumninja Jan 15 2014, 2:32pm says:

Those tentacles better move because I don't want to think I'm being chased by a winged stick man

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magnumninja Jan 15 2014, 2:29pm says:

the old dude sounds like a character out of ES: Oblivion or the guard who lets you off the boat in the beginning of Morrowind

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magnumninja Dec 11 2013, 12:38pm says:

ok I got the game to work using tfix method but when I decide to save the game it says save failed every time and wont let me save the game.

+1 vote   mod: Thief Gold HD Texture Mod
magnumninja Dec 11 2013, 11:40am says:

I disabled the water after the mod kept freezing and it still froze. Then after that I alt+TAB and there was a crash dialog saying

ERROR: Invalid PhysModel type -1

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong I did everything in the instructions to the last detail PLEASE HELP
Also Im using the Version of Thief Gold

+1 vote   mod: Thief Gold HD Texture Mod
magnumninja Dec 7 2013, 1:29pm says:

how are u able to make a buyable Steam half life game remake if Half Life is owned by valve I don't understand.

unless Valve is buying it off of you guys to make it a steam game that people can buy I have no idea how there will be a payed version of a mod of Half Life 1 if it was made by valve.

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magnumninja Dec 7 2013, 12:54pm replied:

actually Ive already started building a Duke Nukem 3d Source Mod about a year ago the only problem is if you plan on making it you better get the permission and papers from 3d Realms and GearBox or your going to get the whole thing taken down. Also you cant do a exact Remake of the game meaning the worlds cannot look the same and the game cannot be voiced by John St. John without the permission from the Current developers of Duke Nukem. I have already got permission to begin making my mod only because the Blueprint Maps I sent them were Complete Demakes of the original Maps to make them look and feel more realistic than just dropping you off and not knowing how you got there in the process.

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magnumninja Nov 27 2013, 9:16pm says:

I enjoyed Postal 2 Complete on steam but I am very disappointed with Postal 3 not improving anything from Postal 2. One of the most important aspects of postal 2 was that A:it was a FPS and B:it was a open world with a few loading screens. I believe every postal game should follow in the same footsteps as Postal 2 no ifs ands or buts.

+1 vote   company: Running With Scissors
magnumninja Jul 15 2013, 7:05pm replied:

ok actually i feel stupid and this is kind of laughable but when i downloaded it last it actually only downloaded 19.6mb when the actual size should of been 19.7mb which is retarded but i reinstalled it and now it works just fine

+1 vote   download: (outdated) Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3.3
magnumninja Jul 14 2013, 4:33pm says:

this isnt working everytime it tries to patch in the installer it stops responding wtf do i do i love MTA and wish i could play it but it keeps not responding and it wont respond what so ever

+1 vote   download: (outdated) Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3.3
magnumninja Apr 20 2013, 1:46pm replied:

did you know that twilight princess took allot of inspiration from a link to the past. Like how the bad guy in both games looks similar. how theirs a dark and light world. how you turn into a bunny in link to the past but you turn into a wolf in twilight princess.

+2 votes   news: Do you remember this place?
magnumninja Apr 13 2013, 7:28pm says:

omg just watching this video made me jump when u were running away from that chainsaw guy u looked back and hes nearly touching you

+2 votes   media: Cry of Fear - Improved AI
magnumninja Apr 9 2013, 12:18am replied:

I dont even think this was even started U dont just post a bunch of phoshop pics and say im building a game and never get around to it

+1 vote   game: Dark Messiah Travels
magnumninja Apr 8 2013, 11:56pm says:

why does the NPC have a red ***** between his legs

+1 vote   media: mp_standoff preview and final stg44 and sawnoff
magnumninja Apr 8 2013, 11:46pm says:

I just hope im able to turn off these type of graphics cause this looks like on GL shader graphics and my PC has a hard time running graphics like that even when I can run some games on high

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magnumninja Apr 8 2013, 11:06pm says:

I like how your game keeps looking more and more like bioshock especially in this picture it looks like the beginning of Bioshock infinite. keep up the good work cant wait to play it.

+3 votes   media: Praying Falls
magnumninja Mar 27 2013, 9:52pm says:

i like how your website is a cheap porn website really shows how this project on here is fake when this game already came out on the real homepage

+1 vote   game: Solitude
magnumninja Mar 23 2013, 11:43pm says:

This is running on Duke Nukem 3D Engine isn't it I can tell because of that item pickup thing on the top of the screen and that your running it in dosbox or it could be Doom 1 or 2

+3 votes   game: Orbital Contract Defense
magnumninja Mar 23 2013, 11:24pm says:

you should make the black wall liner go away when you go outside the walls so that when u are in a enclosed area it seems like your inside and cant see through walls but when outside the inside of the enclosed area would turn black instead of it looking like huge black bars are reaching into the heavens all over the screen

+1 vote   news: Hurricane Dev Diary #1 - So Many Things!
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