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lukenxn Jun 21 2015 says:

reminds me of the map where the scrin mothership destroyed a city in the C&C3; campaign

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lukenxn Mar 11 2015 replied:

I Personally felt they needed maybe 1 more outlandish unit, all the tech they have feels like tried and true, nothing experimental apart from M-MKII. heres a few ive always wanted to see:
- some sort of ambush unit of similar function to a mirage tank (reverse engineering nod stealth tech? could be a mission made around it)
- delving into antimatter weapon tech (base defence or suicide drone?)
- A microwave AntiInf unit/tank. (does massive damage to infantry, weak against other but the longer a building/unit is in the beam the faster it melts/loses HP)
- a scout Ariel drone, constructable from barracks, not armed but has a wide view range
- Something similar to the RIG in C&C3; (but not useless/weak)
- A Drone Orca, or drone orca swarm power/building, incendiary chaingun drone(mini)orcas that attack in a wide pattern devastating a large area, especially effective against infantry and buildings

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lukenxn Jan 24 2015 says:

not sure if this is just me or not but my MLRS' are basically killing themselves, when i target something manually with them their rockets go everywhere but when they target everything themselves they're fine, i thought it was a range thing (ie close range they fire nearby crazily)but it happens for long range targeting as well

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lukenxn Oct 23 2014 says:

good to see a modder coming back to halflife 2, so many ditching their mods lately. Hope everything starts clearing up for you so you can put your ideas on your own canvas

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lukenxn Sep 30 2014 says:

reminds me of an old model i did in Sketchup. nice work, im loving what you are doing in this mod

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lukenxn Jan 20 2013 says:

any news guys? new years video? sneak peek picture? some sort of guess it game again? silence isnt golden when were sitting here like ravenous blind hounds haha.

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lukenxn Dec 11 2012 says:

Still cant wait to play this awesome mod, keep up the good work guys, you cant always please everybody with how you handle everything, but most of us are content to wait and actually get a finished product rather than a half baked beta, LA (early?) 2013

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lukenxn Nov 22 2012 replied:

i personally would have liked to see a revamped arena, but not one where it was stalker on stalker, more captured bandits or mutants vs stalkers, for bigger prizes, would you go toe to toe with a chimera in the original arena with only 1 grenade and 10buckshot in a tos34? really hard challenges would have been more fun. i still think the content as it is will be enough though.

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lukenxn Oct 14 2012 says:

GAH i reinstalled SoC expecting the September release and now i don't want to play it until they release Lost Alpha, so now the icon is just burning me to play but i must resist, keep going dezo & co. My sanity will hold a few months longer. :)

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lukenxn Sep 4 2012 says:

I think the best thing about this is unlike most delays at least Dez lets us know whats going on. Most delays are just met by silence and a ****** off bunch of people (just look at wait in between Walking dead Pt1).

Happy to wait till this thing is pristine, cant wait to stroll in some new maps and kill off some more badass mutants. :)

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lukenxn Jul 29 2012 says:

quick question that has always bugged me, did you guys do anything different to the blowouts, like a wall of energy or something similar to what you see in the CS starting vid, but obviously not as big since that was supposed to be the MOABlowouts. Just curious, cause i always wanted to just sit out and watch this wall of energy or something coming at you (also as a timer so you know, now you have to run!). I know it may be engine restrictions on that sort of thing though,

+3 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
lukenxn Jun 29 2012 says:

Is the main Dezowave page going to be updated, it still hasnt been updated with the june calender yet, id like to see some updates on there, its lagging a bit behind moddB

+3 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
lukenxn Jun 5 2012 says:

looking fantastic, got the proper zone feel to it

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lukenxn Jun 5 2012 says:

Guy by car:"чудовище!"
Cameraman: "wha? dude i don't speak Russian"
Guy by car:"чудовище, чудовище!!! бег!"
Cameraman: "haha, crazy Russians"

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lukenxn Feb 23 2012 says:

I always thought a cool easter egg for the tiberium universe could be a random conscript wandering around or random heavy tank or something from the RA universe because of their whole messing with timelines etc, im not saying the dreaded CROSSOVER word, im just saying random easter egg.

I noted the shells of NOD power plants in C&C 3, i just thought something like this could have been a bit of fun or even a bonus mission objective attached.

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lukenxn Feb 23 2012 says:

C&C 3 made sense to me and did fit the storyline of the game; NOD crushed, politics takes back over, military funding cuts resulting in lower cost units and less new weapon tech (although this makes it boring it does make it feasible), and increased research into combating tiberium spread. C&C4 i never have and never will play after seeing enough of its disfigured self on youtube ( i will also hence forth refer to it as blargh as it is not befitting a C&C title). What i think needs to be done is a rework that sees GDI learn from its mistakes to underestimate NOD and rework funding back into the military projects, also reopening some of the abandoned MkII facilities(possible defend and reclaim mission). theres alot to work with if you ignore "blargh" and work with the C&C3/C&C2 loop holes and cliff hangers.

Just food for thought
Ps. Blargh should be remade and the original blargh be made out to be a side expansion for; if war became more boxy and childish.

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lukenxn Feb 23 2012 says:

any new news on development?

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lukenxn Feb 23 2012 says:

I think they needed to add a song like this for fire fights in particular, not THIS song but something with equal intensity at least through the beginning
good old classic C&C hits

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lukenxn Feb 8 2012 says:

please tell me that is the g36c assault rifle my eyes do look upon, if so thank you sir for adding my favorite weapon into this already amazing game

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lukenxn Oct 10 2011 says:

Hi Pavel

first off AWESOME mods...

now to my query...
im currently modding some weaponry in CS an noticed in SOC that a couple of guns had different colorations, and also that you can edit color in their gun files, i was wondering what each one controls though, as im trying to get a graphite finish to my "OSS Kirnkov" to make it stand out from the standard "aks74u"

any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated

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lukenxn Oct 10 2011 replied:

because he dropped his vintorez by the train cars at the top of the swamp, if you go there you'll find it, fully damaged though and ammo is scarce in the swamp so its useless really

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lukenxn Oct 10 2011 says:

If i can run SC 2009 at full graphics (minus motion blur) should i have no problem with this one? also i had problems with texture overloads in the army warehouses, is that still a problem here?

my stats:
AMD athlon X2 dual core QL-64 2.10GHz
4GB ram
32 bit system
(is odd cause the QL-64 is meant for 64 bit system, but it works :s)

+1 vote   mod: Clear Sky Complete
lukenxn Oct 8 2011 says:

haha I found the stash with the TOZ shotgun and since no npc's carry em i decided to amp it up, now it fires up to 1km dead accurate and full damage, still uses buck shot, but i modified the buckshot so it doesn't split up in flight, in other words its like shooting a beehive at 700ft per second

I love these tutorials, im gonna have some fun with trying to get a pmm to fire shotgun rounds and have a crack at making it full auto, will post results :)

+1 vote   tutorial: Stalker Basic Tutorial
lukenxn Oct 6 2011 replied:

new problem: cannot save through quicksave, smart save or menu save in the military warehouses, the only save it does is the auto-save when i leave the map, any fixes? ive seen some options to try out a fix but just want to know if its a bug or not

+1 vote   news: STALKER Complete 2009 1.4 Release
lukenxn Oct 6 2011 says:

how can i get a hold of the newly added weapons or get enemies to appear with them? i can do some basic editing of the LTX files, is there some function i need to modify to get them in the game?

also i was wanting to mod one of the unique weapons (the fast shooter AK) but i don't want to have to edit all the AK's (as in the damage etc which you have to do, to my knowledge) in the game, can i put the gun in a separate file or something?

+1 vote   news: STALKER Complete 2009 1.4 Release
lukenxn Sep 30 2011 replied:

decided to install anyway, its running perfect at full graphics minus advanced motion blur...

im also having a problem i saw mentioned about crates/boxes etc dropping loot after 1-10 seconds, any fixes for that?

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lukenxn Sep 29 2011 says:

Im running an:
AMD Athlon X@ Dual-Core QL-64 2.10GHz
4 GB ram
ATI radeon HD 4570 512 MB graphics card.

I can play standard stalker (full graphics) and some other games that require more computer power but will my machine struggle to play this mod with the increased graphics?

+1 vote   download: STALKER Complete 2009 1.4.4 .exe [recommended]
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