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Kiory May 29 2011, 9:25am replied:

As far as using no references go, I would say this is a very decent go at a torso, certainly not the worst I've seen. I agree with the others about the shoulder blades, they come out as a bit odd.

Either way, it's still a good attempt without reference, and I'm sure you would do a much better job with reference, keep at it!

+1 vote   media: 3d Chest Bust
Kiory May 24 2011, 5:50am says:

I can't believe I know what this is from, but it's from Naruto, I had a phase where I watched all the episodes back to back, waste of time.

Gaara looks great though, keep up the good work.

+1 vote   media: Gaara
Kiory May 23 2011, 5:23pm replied:

Bout bloody time, congrats to fdlsk for his copy of portal, thank you for taking it off my hands! It was just going to waste.

+1 vote   group: 3D Artists Group
Kiory Apr 17 2011, 8:28am replied:

Oh k, I'm guessing EVERYONE has portal by now, oh well, looks like I'm stuck with it. :/

+1 vote   group: 3D Artists Group
Kiory Apr 13 2011, 1:33pm says:

Hey guys, since this is where I spend most of my ModDb time, I thought I'd post it here.

I just pre ordered Portal 2 on steam and I have a free copy of portal to give away. Since everyone on my steam account already has it, I'm having a hard time finding anyone who doesn't own it.

If anyone is interested in a free copy of Portal then PM me and I'll send it to your steam account once we have sorted out the details, I think all I need is an email address or something, for gods sake don't post your email address here, just PM me.

I'm not sure of the rules about this, but hopefully I'm not breaking any.

P.S, I'm not joking around here, I literally have a copy of Portal on Steam just sitting there and I just want to get rid of it, first come first served.

+1 vote   group: 3D Artists Group
Kiory Apr 7 2011, 1:23pm replied:


0 votes   mod: RE:T - Raccoon City Incident
Kiory Apr 4 2011, 9:45am says:

Back to the freak shows I see fdslk?

+1 vote   media: Kali Zatesh WIP
Kiory Mar 1 2011, 7:20pm replied:

I got it totally, so he was successful.

0 votes   game: The Age Of Cogman
Kiory Feb 25 2011, 11:26am replied:

The first thing I felt when seeing this model was "Where's Cloud?"

This is a clear rip off from the buster sword, which features predominantly in the Final Fantasy 7 universe. Now, normally this would be fine, everyone uses reference to make stuff from, but he's actually called it something else and added a little "skull n bones" texture, this isn't even using imagination, copyright was correct with his observation.

+1 vote   media: Terror Sword Model
Kiory Feb 16 2011, 2:19pm says:

Yes! This is a much needed improvement, it's nice to see people take criticism here, damn fine job sir!

+5 votes   media: A-104 Rifle -reworked
Kiory Feb 16 2011, 12:47am says:

I actually couldn't give a **** what anyone thinks about their decision, I'm going to buy it, I'm going to play it, I'm gonna love it, and none of you damn whiners can stop me, whatever side your on!

0 votes   article: Just a quickie
Kiory Feb 12 2011, 6:46am says:

I can't imagine them charging much, it's not a full blown game after all, it's more of an interactive story book that you walk through as someone once put it.

+3 votes   article: Dear Esther remake to get commercial release
Kiory Feb 8 2011, 6:23pm says:

Someone is gonna need a big hand for that grip! XD

+2 votes   media: A-104 Mark 3 Assault Rifle
Kiory Feb 6 2011, 8:59pm replied:

Lol, the skeleton pose is pretty much standard, they are either in a T-pose or like this, I know Epic Games favor this pose too.

For me it's the hood, although I like the hair too.

+2 votes   media: archer for Fenix
Kiory Feb 6 2011, 9:35am replied:

Ahh the author speaks!

Fair enought mate, like I said man I wasn't dissing your models at all, I think their great!

+1 vote   media: metal gear rex goes to the desert
Kiory Feb 5 2011, 11:56pm replied:

Godda pay that gravity tax, it's important!

+3 votes   media: Civvie head
Kiory Feb 5 2011, 11:31pm replied:

I'm not having a go, but how do you know thats what he's going for?

Also, even though it's the damaged version from MGS4, it's still a clear reference for the head and how it works.

The head should actually be spererate as it can move independently from the body, as you can clearly see here, the body and head are one piece.

+1 vote   media: metal gear rex goes to the desert
Kiory Feb 4 2011, 4:35pm replied:

Metal gear rex was incredibly boxy, even in MGS 4 where he makes his return.

I think you have his general shape down, but the front just looks totally wrong, in fact, this is not a good rendition of REX at all, I'm sorry, But I love rex' design out of all the MGS games and you have butchered it.

Now I'm not saying these are bad models, they are infact really decent and the texture work is quite nice, but you would of been better off calling it something else.

Rant, rant, rant etc.... rant over.

Here's a good reference pic for ya. ;)

+2 votes   media: metal gear rex goes to the desert
Kiory Jan 19 2011, 10:30am replied:

Ahh, the age old "I want to make it unique and different" thing.

Unfortunetely, nothing is original anymore, everything has been done, it's all about the details these days, I'm not having a go, just some friendly advice. :)

+2 votes   media: Elven Great Sword
Kiory Jan 11 2011, 3:07pm replied:

Yea sure, there's money to be made doing that. I've been considering it myself, but you got to be careful of plagiarism or copyright, it's all got to be original content.

+1 vote   media: Tron Lightcycle Black
Kiory Jan 11 2011, 3:03pm replied:

Personally I don't think it looks anything like Chakan, Chakan looks like Eddie, Iron Maidens mascot, this guy looks nothing like either. :)

+2 votes   media: head_sculpt
Kiory Jan 11 2011, 10:41am says:


Hell yes, I love his work, most notably all his stuff from Alien, amazing and eerily sexual, this is that dude from Alien I believe, I used to know what he was, some sort of race that brought the aliens to that planet, I could be wrong though.

I've always wanted to do a piece from Giger, just never had the balls to do it, theres a ton of detail in his work, with that said, you are the man fdlsk!

+1 vote   media: Space Jockey - Alien
Kiory Jan 10 2011, 7:57am replied:

Was a money tree growing in your backyard? :P

+2 votes   group: 3D Artists Group
Kiory Jan 10 2011, 7:53am replied:

Pizazz, sheen, slick, pretty, whatever. :P

+1 vote   media: Tron Lightcycle Black
Kiory Jan 9 2011, 7:34am replied:

Your making us modelers look bad, stop geting so good! :P

Nah man, your improving fast, and for the package you use, it's very impressive, shame about the renders though, could use some more pizazz, either way, job well done. :)

+1 vote   media: Tron Lightcycle Black
Kiory Jan 9 2011, 7:31am says:

Hmm, kinda reminds me of metal gear from MGS, was that the source of your inspiration, or not? :P

+1 vote   media: FUNNY
Kiory Jan 7 2011, 1:28pm replied:

Yarp, that's where the seam is for the unwrapped UV's, personally I would of done it on the back of the head, not many people tend to stare at the back of peoples heads, unless their up to no good. :P

+1 vote   media: Solomon Smokes
Kiory Jan 7 2011, 1:18pm says:

Some fantastic weighting failure here. :)

It does leave me wondering though, what on earth possessed you to post this up? I mean it doesn't look very good on your part, especially after showing some top notch work in the past. :/

If you wanted to show this off, shouldn't it go in like a bloopers featurette AFTER you finished making the mod? :P

0 votes   media: WAaagh
Kiory Jan 2 2011, 4:54pm replied:

Or it's just an anatomy study?

+1 vote   media: Quick sculpt: 45 mins | For a 2011 With no Scars
Kiory Dec 30 2010, 9:00pm says:

Man your modeling is getting really good, nice effort!

I don't know why you don't just switch to a more robust 3d package, you clearly have the skills for it. :)

+1 vote   media: Royal Enfield Motorcycle WIP
Kiory Dec 12 2010, 7:39pm says:

Ninja: "Yo Snake! Hurt me moar dawwwg! Rabble rabble rabble!"

Snake: "Grey fox!"

(Egoraptors version :P)

One of the many best memories of MGS, this is actually looking quite promising.

+1 vote   media: The Hallway to Otacon's Lab
Kiory Dec 9 2010, 6:39pm says:

Some really nice lighting going on here, but I think that the floor is maybe too shiny, or has too much reflectivity.

Another thing that may make it more realistic is that you could maybe have some bends or creases on the carpet, for example, when two objects get close to each other when influenced by other forces, the carpet is then curved upward, you get me? Oh, and it seems to be reflecting some light, that seems a bit odd to me.

I'm actually being really picky about that though, but it would look more natural in my opinion, it's nice to see some blender pro's here!

+1 vote   media: "Lareira" Scene
Kiory Dec 2 2010, 8:41am replied:

Well, I spent 4 hours on the eyes going between them and the body, it wasn't entirely 4 hours.

+1 vote   media: Lioness
Kiory Dec 2 2010, 8:18am replied:

I think altogether it came to about 7 hours, I spent 4 hours on the eyes, I'm not proud of that, I'm not entirely sure why they caused so much trouble, and they still don't look right to me, but they are much better than they were. :P

+1 vote   media: Lioness
Kiory Nov 13 2010, 11:44am replied:

"Come one"? XD

I told you that design wouldn't work man.

+1 vote   media: TM-10 Assault Rifle
Kiory Nov 12 2010, 2:33pm says:

Yea I would agree, the lighting seems to wash out the colours somewhat, still this is a damn nice model.

+1 vote   media: A character by Dinky
Kiory Nov 3 2010, 1:37pm replied:

Yea man I was gonna say that, but with real world weapons, looks great though man, keep up the good work!

+1 vote   media: Assault Rifles
Kiory Sep 21 2010, 10:21am says:

Black Mesa FTW!

+1 vote   media: HL1 Flatbed
Kiory Sep 9 2010, 8:02pm replied:

Well it does always come down to presonal preference at the end of the day, I'm a big Max and Zbrush fan personally.

From what I hear, sketchup is getting a lot more compatability with other things as well these days, thats pretty neat, but if your looking into modeling anything decent, like characters and such, I'd suggest something more mainstream, LIKE MAX! XD

+1 vote   media: Port
Kiory Sep 9 2010, 7:58pm replied:

If you mean anotomy, then yea. If you mean... manbearpig style stuff.... then no. XD

+1 vote   media: Bust #1
Kiory Sep 7 2010, 2:51pm says:

Sit and spin ladies and gentlemen!

It's nice to have people bring their humour to the table, good show!

+1 vote   media: Hand
Kiory Jul 31 2010, 11:25am says:

That machine needs some sexing up, and I mean the sexy kind! MMMmmmm...

+2 votes   media: Louie
Kiory May 23 2010, 10:17am replied:

Yea ok, if you insist. :D

+1 vote   media: 3 Legs
Kiory Apr 23 2010, 8:04pm says:

It's not only a swivel joint, it also pivots.

+1 vote   media: Hornet
Kiory Apr 10 2010, 2:55am replied:

Yea man, 3ds max for a base model, then shooped it up in zbrush.

+1 vote   media: Bobs face
Kiory Mar 23 2010, 12:37am says:

I think if you looked into smoothing groups more, it would look much better.

+1 vote   media: The Baneblade
Kiory Jan 7 2010, 1:42pm replied:

Lol, the turbosmoothing was directed at someone else who have commented in the past.

I am working on cleaning the model up currently and already looks a ton better, thanks for the crits. ;)

+1 vote   media: Quick update
Kiory Jan 3 2010, 5:57am replied:

I wouldn't worry about that, we are making sure of it! ;)

+2 votes   article: RenX40k New Year Update: 107.A2.92a
Kiory Jan 3 2010, 5:54am replied:

This is very informative indeed, we will take this into careful consideration and see what we can do in terms of effects, such as the projectile leaving the casing and such.

Thanks for the information!

+1 vote   media: Bolter
Kiory Dec 3 2009, 10:21am says:

Oh hey, I have a low poly Dreadnought I was going to use to my gears of warhammer mod, you can have it if you like? I also have a normal Space Marine model and Grey knight too. Just PM if your interested.

+1 vote   media: Dreadnought WIP
Kiory Oct 21 2009, 10:16pm replied:

I'm glad someone see's it as that! :D

+1 vote   media: Ingame Shots
Kiory Oct 21 2009, 10:05pm says:

Thanks for watching! :D

+2 votes   member: maceman
Kiory Sep 28 2009, 11:26pm says:

Kudos on the jiggle bone! :D

+1 vote   mod: HλLF-LIFE: Seven Hour War
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