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Payne Evolution

Mod review - 1 disagree

This mod is fantastic. Get it now. There are many, many issues, but the good FAR outweighs the bad. Despite this, I will now present my complaints and praises to let you know what to expect.

First, the bad.
This is a nitpick, but Max's jacket clips into his torso and head quite a bit. This can be very distracting, but it isn't gamebreaking no matter how much you suffer from OCD.

Your first one-handed weapon slot is locked to a weak revolver, but this is explained in-lore as it is the issued weapon by the police.

The crosshair often stays during cutscenes, which is, again, a bit of a distraction.

More than once I switched weapons, only to pick up my gun a second time but with no ammunition, and the gun I was trying to retrieve had disappeared.

Laser sights are never aiming where you are, and you can see them off to the side aiming to a completely different area when you are in a scope. Yet another minor distraction.

This one isn't a distraction, but rather a disappointment. The melee animations are horribly rigid. You can see an example of this in the trailer.

Max grunts when jumping, and I didn't recognize either of them from Max Payne 3. One of them sounds autotuned, and is painful to listen to.

Now, the good. There are less listed here than the bad, but they weigh far more on the scale.

The new weapon and character models are orgasmic, being ripped straight from Max Payne 3 in most circumstances.

The new voice clips for when you grab painkillers are a good addition, and really help the Max Payne 3 feeling hit home.

I only experienced this once in the main campaign, but Max has flashbacks that superimpose themselves over the screen. They're very well done, and while they are a new addition and not inspired by MP3, they're an interesting addition.

The new firing sounds are also ripped from Max Payne 3, which means they are meaty and high quality.


Max Payne 2: PS3 HD Edition

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

It's amusing. If you've seen "What if DOOM was made today" (also known as Call of DOOty), you know what to expect. A satire of modern game tropes and mistakes developers make to streamline games. You'll be chuckling for a few minutes, but a full playthrough with this is pointless.


The Punisher 1.2

Mod review

This mod has almost no faults. Max's skin is great, the weapon skins are great, everything about this mod is fantastic. It isn't as deep a change as Payne Effects, but the new weapons and the gibbing system are fantastic.


Hall of Mirrors

Mod review

This mod is pretty good. The models are well done, the level in the HoM story is quite good. However, the two bosses as the end take forever to kill, and so do the enemies outside. They take far too many bullets, and so does the player. By simply going into gunkata mode, if you're patient, you can never take a bullet. However, this suffers from the same problem other gunkata mods do. It is ******* impossible to hit anything.


Max Payne 2

Game review

This is a fantastic game. The story is deep and has heavy noire roots, though that does tend to clash with the John Woo-y gameplay. The ability to slow down time and leap through the air guns blazing is an experience to behold, and it has not been done better by a single game outside of the series yet. Not even Stranglehold could beat this.


M:I - New Dawn

Mod review

I don't suggest this mod. The guns do inconsistent amount of damage. The pistols take nearly nine shots, but the SMG you get immediately after that only takes a few. The voice actors sound like accented text to speech programs, with the exceptions of a few. The Gunkata attacks make you lose all of your bullet time, and sometimes this happens before you can actually choose your gunkata move, leading to wasted BT.

Now...onto the good. The soundtrack is great, and I assume it is all taken from the movie. The level design is really good and you can interact with most objects in the world, however this does not even begin to make up for the gameplay issues.


EQ gunkatas

Mod review

The mod has well made character models and animations, however using the Gun Katas is difficult. It's pretty much impossible to hit anything at first. It takes a long time to get the hang of it, but after a while it gets better once you memorize the hit patterns of your newly found signature move.



Mod review

This mod is...bad. The beard looks nothing like hair, and is very transparent, making it look more like slightly washed off paint rather than a beard. That in combination with the blindingly bright blue pants, is why I give this mod a 3.


Kung Fu Evolution.

Mod review

This mod is....conflicted. The models are fantastic. The detail put into them is just phenomenal. The level design is average, but the music choices are nice.

...Now on the bad side.
The hit detection is atrocious. It takes forever to make contact, even when you are at point blank and they CLEARLY make contact. However, when they hit, they REALLY hit. The ragdolls fly back like mad as if hit by a truck, which is actually quite entertaining.

It's great to look at, but bad to play.


Deep Blue v3.0

Mod review

This is a very good mod. Max's new coat and facial hair are both great, and I also like Mona's reskin. Dual wielding assault rifles is very fun, and fits well with the bullet time music and other such things, increasing the level of badassery by a ton. This is really fun, and feels great to play.

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