This mod will evolve your Max Payne 2 experience to a whole new level, one step closer to its successor Max Payne 3. With new models, weapons, animations, graphic effects, sounds, particles, and so on this mod will improve your good old Max Payne 2 to make it shine again in the next generation gaming.

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I'm surprised at the things you were able to do with the Original Engine, and how you were able to get a functioning bullet time system and gun handling system like that of Max Payne 3. I like the little things in the mod, like how you can drink bottles of Kong Scotch and have that 'drunk' effect. Also how Max has periodical flashbacks in certain situations. The "Dead man Walking" feels just like Arcade mode in MP3, and that you took bits from other mods you made like Payne Effects 3 and Max Payne Chronicles. Hopefully one day, when Rockstar releases a Max Payne 3 Modding Kit, you will put it to good use. The only problems that I see with the mod is that the Menu and the Comics aren't full screen, but the game-play is, however that may just be a problem w/ my computer. But this Mod was definitely worth the year long wait.

I praise it's high quality, the ammount of time and professional features the author worked into the mod. It is is really a wondeful thing thing to see the enthusiasm of The Silver, because he made and developed the Payne effects mod, now he joys us with another unique mod, the Paye evolution. Not to mention other "smaller" works he did on this franchise. Also I would like to point out the master timing of the release of the mentioned mod. The Silver took care for me to start the new year playing an old game, the Max payne 2 all over again.
Also I would like to say The Silver is a good modder, whom we can always turn with questions to. He keeps good relations with his community. Grazie mille!

original and loaded with new features, but is not at the level of previous mod (Payne Efects)for my part it is missing improve the pools of blood that appear away from the snowman and would be perfect if it had bullet holes dolls.

Amazing, purely amazing this mod simulates the next gen feel, I Highly recommend this mod to HARDCORE MAX PAYNE fans.

Wow! Max Payne 2 is still kicking !

Quality: 10
Texture Quality: 10
Updates: 10
Game Play: 10
Models Qaulity: 10
Effects Quality: 10
Developer's Didication/Motivation: 10
Whew this mod looks more Max Payne 3 and the Title is exactly what its saying i am SpeechLess man Best MP2 MOD eva! please add more Variety of Weapons! Just like Barrett Weaponry and Some Modern Weapons!

The glory will not end


NachoPiggy says

May contain spoilers 2 agree 1 disagree

One of the finest examples of a modification that turns a game into a whole new direction, while at the same time preserving what made the original so great. As a huge fan of the series, I can say this is perhaps one of the most well crafted mods for Max Payne 2 and that it's a must play for any Max Payne fan.

While Max Payne 3 had its fair share of mixed opinions about the direction it went with, it's undeniable that its gameplay enhancements and step ups to a fair bit of realism was a nice upgrade for the classic Max Payne formula.

While this mod doesn't replicate Max Payne 3's amazing use of Euphoria physics, bullet decals on character models (with the exception of special conditions such as in cutscenes and takedowns), and advanced collision models etc. it still manages to bridge the gap between 2 & 3.

The limited arsenal may been seen as a negative to some, but I personally found it to be a nice addition on changing the pace and turn up the intensity and difficulty of firefights in the game. Players will have to rely more on their accuracy and instincts rather than a full arsenal of ammunition and weapons, making the game more challenging and fun as well as giving players a badass feeling after taking out a large group.

Max Payne 2 has aged well in the graphics department, and Payne Evolution presents that even better with its enhancements in certain elements such as the new Max Payne model from Max Payne 3, as well as new particle effects, bringing it at least a bit closer to its successor.

Perhaps on of the best things about Payne Evolution are the little details it adds along with the main story, slight spoiler ahead in relation to the mod's surprises, is the Kong Whiskey in Max's Apartment, resulting in a flashback with his wife and baby. Picking up painkillers as well results in Max reasoning with himself about his addiction in the same way he did in Max Payne 3.

Overall a brilliant mod that shows even a decade old game can stand the test of time

this mod is cool it make the game look like max payne 3 with butter gameplay elments

Definitely feels like Max Payne 3, very well done. Another cool thing that COULD HAVE been implemented in this mod is the OTS aim mod. However I'm not sure it's possible or not. I'm no modder. Aside from Payne Effects 3, this has to be another one of the best mods I've come across, by The_Silver especially. 10/10

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