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_Kat_ Sep 10 2007, 10:16am says:

Uhm, don't you think these ARE normal mapped models? If they're not... Maybe you should consider using an engine that could actually display those models at a satisfying amount on screen?

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_Kat_ Aug 11 2007, 1:27pm says:

I think those models could die from a lack of polygon's...

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_Kat_ Jul 2 2007, 12:00am says:

Niiiiice! I'm sick of all those ******* default HL2 models. I mean, it's almost been 3 years guys! Get yourselves a modeller and start modelling your own player models for **** sake. Keep up the good work! ;-)

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_Kat_ Jul 2 2007, 2:21am says:

Well after 3 years you just get tired of the same faces and models over and over and over AGAIN. At least I do.

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_Kat_ Jul 1 2007, 12:59pm says:

This looks pretty cool, keep it up!

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_Kat_ Jun 20 2007, 7:34am says:

Goddamn it, can't any of you write proper English? And your "reviews" of the game are poor at best. A Max Payne 3 would be inappropriate? Not really. MP1 was better then MP2? Don't make me laugh.

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_Kat_ Jun 17 2007, 6:07pm says:

Kinda lame calling your own work amazing...

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_Kat_ Jun 17 2007, 1:40pm says:

If the mod teams don't like you reviewing their mod then tell them to get the **** off of ModDB. It's THAT easy.

+1 vote   feature: An Honest Objection
_Kat_ Apr 29 2007, 7:29am says:

Uhoh... Looks like you guys are going to be in trouble if you keep the name of your mod.


+1 vote   news: In game content, and a name change. It's time for Update #2
_Kat_ Apr 21 2007, 2:43pm says:

On top of that it's a Half-Life rip-off...

+1 vote   news: Media release!
_Kat_ Apr 1 2007, 8:18am says:

Holy ******' ****! Awesome models! Keep up the AMAZING work!

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_Kat_ Mar 27 2007, 7:09am says:

It's dead.

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_Kat_ Mar 27 2007, 7:07am says:

Hey. I've been waiting for this mod ever since HL2 was released (I know, not the very beginning) and even though I was banned from the forums and everything I'd like you to know I'm still waiting patiently. If yuo need a prop modeller I'm ready to do a model or two every now and then. Anything that's not on your priorty list, and doesn't require a lot of skill, I could do. I can do 2D and 3D art (pretty damn good a 2D) and since you guys have little over a month before you're either releasing the game or dissapointing all of your fans I think my help, as little as it is, might be of use to you. Think about it.

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_Kat_ Jan 28 2007, 3:31pm says:

I've been watching this mod for some time now but only NOW I'm starting to think that this mod will be huge. The only thing that concerns me is the name, which is copyrighted and I think that as soon as the Resident Evil IP holder finds out about this mod they will shut you down. Please just change the name before this amazing mod is forced to stop all production on it.

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_Kat_ Jan 18 2007, 4:58am says:

Oh... My... Gawd...

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_Kat_ Nov 20 2006, 3:13pm says:

Doesn't adding the SIN model, violate copyrights? Just think you should consider putting your *** on the line and risking huge fines by spreading copyrighted content without the authors permission.

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_Kat_ Nov 14 2006, 4:33pm says:

Nice work!

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_Kat_ Oct 28 2006, 4:03pm says:


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_Kat_ Oct 2 2006, 10:28am says:

You shouldn't make the eyes. You can put Source's eyes in your character models. Then they automaticly focus on enemies and objects and they blink and they have all the default shaders already. Plus you have a few skin errors here and there but I guess that's forgivable since there aren't any other zombie mods with actual progress right now...

+1 vote   news: Resident Evil Reloaded!
_Kat_ Sep 18 2006, 10:03am says:


+1 vote   news: Operation Black Mesa Media Release 1
_Kat_ Sep 17 2006, 2:25pm says:

Mapping is OK, which is better then most other HL2 mods. The rest is just standart HL2 stuff, nothing special at all...

+1 vote   news: Weekly Update
_Kat_ Sep 17 2006, 10:01am says:

Models need smoothing. (Not MeshSmooth!!) Other then that I think a normal map would come at handy since Armed Assault's player models look damn nice with normal maps, but you can easily see that they are actually low-poly models in the trailers. Other then that, I can't wait for mods to turn Armed Assault into a WWII/Vietnam/Futuristic/Fantasy game with all the game's default features.

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_Kat_ Sep 12 2006, 5:38pm says:


+1 vote   news: IDF gets forward...
_Kat_ Sep 7 2006, 4:56pm says:

Skins could use a reskin. Models too but the skins really show how dated the mod is so please get a skinner to upgrade those skins and make 'em look a lot better. Other then that, nice work!

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_Kat_ Sep 5 2006, 3:37pm says:

Register at your forums?! Meh, I'll just get someone to host it elsewhere...

+1 vote   news: Tamriel Rebuilt: Stirk - Public Beta Released!
_Kat_ Sep 4 2006, 10:16am says:

Unless the monthly fee is going to be like 1 or 2 dollars, then I would pay monthly fee.

+1 vote   news: Infinity update!
_Kat_ Sep 3 2006, 9:28pm says:

I'd pay 60 bucks for this! DON'T RELEASE IT FOR FREE THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE RETAIL QUALITY BY THE TIME IT'S DONE!!! All your hard work should be rewarded!

+1 vote   news: Infinity update!
_Kat_ Sep 3 2006, 9:26pm says:


+1 vote   media: Infinity61
_Kat_ Sep 3 2006, 9:26pm says:

Eventhough I know it's not, it DOES look pixelated. Nice though.

+1 vote   media: Infinity62
_Kat_ Sep 4 2006, 2:18pm says:

Well the game is starting to look better and better. If you'd look at the comments of the latest update you'll see most people would definitly pay for this game. My advice; if you really want to make something free, make a FREE and PREMIUM game. You could easily upgrade from free to premium by paying! But I'd rather get this game out of my local game store so maybe you could try to get this game into Steam (Valve usually wants 40% of the money for unproven games like these), that way it would be A LOT easier for you to get the money and a lot easier for the consumers to pay for it and/or upgrade!

But since the release of this game is still years away I guess you'd better wait with that untill your closer to completion. As always, keep up the good work! I'll be in touch. :P

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