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Kajik May 7 2015, 3:45am replied:

you say that, yet here I am, desperately combing the dessert of download comments trying to figure it out. I've done everything I can think of and no results. They seriously need to add a guide, or someone needs to post it.

+1 vote   download: Star Wars The Clone Wars Version 4.0
Kajik Feb 21 2015, 10:35pm says:

A reference to the american civil war? and the Boshin war?
Calradia is in a full industrial swing and is ready for another continental war?
Fetch'my Gun! the time to war profiteer my way back to the top is soon.

+3 votes   feature: Story & Timeline
Kajik Jun 3 2014, 11:17am says:

Bug Report: Everytime I enter the weapons shop for the first time, I always get a Crash to Desktop error. saying the texture file could not be loaded/found and it will now terminate, but I found an exploit that I think may have been dumb luck for me (I did it only once)

I went into task manager and Ended the process on the error message, and it stopped the crash and I could continue playing. that was funny and a life saver, but that is not the point. You guys may want to go over the all the Weapon texture files and make sure their alright, because I got a error on two different things. the Sandbags and I think one of the pistols, "Secular" I think it was.

+3 votes   mod: The Red Wars, Calradia 1923
Kajik Aug 6 2013, 4:25pm says:

The tanks and other vehicles may be a bit overpowered, whhen you are land assaulting an ememy you need a lot of tanks or your ground forces are easily brushed off by the infinite replenishing forces of the defender might wanna nerf their damage ratios by a point or so. as they make even anti tank troops worthless.

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War
Kajik Jun 20 2013, 3:15pm says:

This game is amazing, except for the townsmen and women and the vanilla locales dated buildings and vanilla dialogue telling me I am about to to be stabbed or get into a sword fight like in the vanilla. this game is an immersive masterpiece. the Politics is better and even more polished then before, but even polish can do with polish.

+3 votes   mod: Calradia: Imperial Age
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