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Kajik Oct 18 2015 replied:

I am using warband 1.168 and I am running fine. your computer jsut might not be able to handle the workload that Nova Aetas adds.

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Kajik Oct 17 2015 replied:

Cool, I was under the impression that since he lost his title that essentially meant he lost his stature as well, which in turn meant the family lost it's stature. good to know this isn't the case.
thanks for the answer Quintillius!

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Kajik Oct 17 2015 says:

Oh, and one thing I forgot to add to my previous comment, Since we can find things like the Temple of Minerva, I think it would be a nice touch to add the Roman Gods religion into the list of choices, you could follow Christianity, Islam, Tengriism, Norse Peganism, or you could follow the Roman gods. and besides, the Calrad empire essentially is the Roman Empire, so it makes sense in that way as well.

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Kajik Oct 17 2015 says:

I know this question is odd, but does being the child of a disgraced Baron make my characters prestige class Gentry? or will I for some reason still be lower class peasant filth?

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Kajik Oct 14 2015 replied:

I see what you mean, I will try it, but I just feel that having those ridiculous bastards possibly showing up in those missions, and night time muggings (because seriously, I got stuff to do, I can't always wait for sun up is a bit ridiculous, the normal looters sometimes push my crap in enough as it is.)

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Kajik Oct 14 2015 says:

So far, my only problems with this mod are the insufferable Cathar Knights. who I am fondly calling them Black Knight Bridge Security LLC.
to my experience, they show up in every Teach the village militia missions, and completely wreck anything they can stab that isn't wearing BLACK with a cross on it. INCLUDING you.

Yeah, that is no longer a Newbie beginner get your feet wet mission, that mission will now wreck you, if you do that mission, you better have good gear, and you better have decent troops that join in on the mission, because those are the towns and your only saving graces.

on the world map they behave like any other bandit party. they roam around, and if the AI thinks they are superior to you, they'll gun after you. don't bother with dialogue, It's a FIGHT.
My character is Catholic Christian, NOPE Infidel. I die now in the cause of heaven. my small warband of swadian recruits wiped out because I had the displeasure of running into them without the mobility of not having an army with me.

my other problem is, for common laborer tools, Woodcutter's axes, pickaxes and Sickles are WAAAAAAAY too rare. in my travels looking for a Sickle I've gone through Praven, Aldeborugh(or whatever) Veluca, Aldurias, Dhirim, Sunos, Thires, Jelkele, Zendar and Nord's capitol, and through all of that, I think I found only ONE pickaxe, but no woodcutter's axe or sickle.

oh, and deer and boar herds seem to be invisible/inside the floor. but I can swing my sword and kill them, that is amusing. I am killing the air, and it is bleeding all over me.

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Kajik May 7 2015 replied:

you say that, yet here I am, desperately combing the dessert of download comments trying to figure it out. I've done everything I can think of and no results. They seriously need to add a guide, or someone needs to post it.

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Kajik Feb 21 2015 says:

A reference to the american civil war? and the Boshin war?
Calradia is in a full industrial swing and is ready for another continental war?
Fetch'my Gun! the time to war profiteer my way back to the top is soon.

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Kajik Jun 3 2014 says:

Bug Report: Everytime I enter the weapons shop for the first time, I always get a Crash to Desktop error. saying the texture file could not be loaded/found and it will now terminate, but I found an exploit that I think may have been dumb luck for me (I did it only once)

I went into task manager and Ended the process on the error message, and it stopped the crash and I could continue playing. that was funny and a life saver, but that is not the point. You guys may want to go over the all the Weapon texture files and make sure their alright, because I got a error on two different things. the Sandbags and I think one of the pistols, "Secular" I think it was.

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Kajik Aug 6 2013 says:

The tanks and other vehicles may be a bit overpowered, whhen you are land assaulting an ememy you need a lot of tanks or your ground forces are easily brushed off by the infinite replenishing forces of the defender might wanna nerf their damage ratios by a point or so. as they make even anti tank troops worthless.

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Kajik Jun 20 2013 says:

This game is amazing, except for the townsmen and women and the vanilla locales dated buildings and vanilla dialogue telling me I am about to to be stabbed or get into a sword fight like in the vanilla. this game is an immersive masterpiece. the Politics is better and even more polished then before, but even polish can do with polish.

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