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Instant_Mix Mar 9 2010, 2:30pm replied:

no you are a nurb mesh

+1 vote   media: M207 Mastiff Submachine Gun
Instant_Mix Mar 1 2010, 3:59pm replied:

I'd be pretty ****** if it was. Well , still , Doom 3 pretty much relied on normal ,height and parallax mapping and it looked great.

@ Jaanus , mods: Can I write up a bunch of **** about Ziagra and the TriHex Corp on the wiki so it can be used for a plot or something.

+1 vote   mod: Tales from the Galactopticon
Instant_Mix Feb 28 2010, 6:59am says:

Needs parallax mapping. Honestly, that would be amazing if you could implement that. People have already put it into source , so why can't you amazing mods.

Apart from Perfumly. He's a douche.

+2 votes   mod: Tales from the Galactopticon
Instant_Mix Feb 28 2010, 6:37am says:

Sounds more like a theme than a fight music. And it's too "rap-y"

+1 vote   media: TH89's fight music.
Instant_Mix Jan 10 2010, 2:03pm replied:

dud ur so right i tink they stole them from the halo 5 contraception artists!

+3 votes   media: The British
Instant_Mix Nov 21 2009, 8:22am replied:

Basically , in Valve hammer , you create a space within a void. But , In Unreal , You create a void within a space.

+1 vote   tutorial: Killing Floor Mapping Guide
Instant_Mix Oct 22 2009, 3:50pm replied:

It was originally a metroid mod but nintendo gave them a cease and desist order , so instead of getting rid of it they decided to make it as metroid-esque as possible but have nothing to do with metroid

+8 votes   media: RC2 v1.2 Update Shots
Instant_Mix Sep 13 2009, 5:52am says:

Awesome mod needs an update , SERIOUSLY.

+1 vote   game: Tiberian Sun Reborn
Instant_Mix Sep 13 2009, 5:30am says:

Even though it's the same siren , I honestly think a different siren sound is needed

+1 vote   media: OF2's Nuclear Update - Crossfire Nuke
Instant_Mix Feb 3 2009, 5:39pm replied:

amd it's pracitcally metroid

+1 vote   mod: Project Valkyrie
Instant_Mix Dec 26 2008, 4:26pm replied:

Need help? I'd love to join the team mate. Mapping , Sounds... But I think I'll stay away from modelling and texturing :S

+1 vote   mod: Project Valkyrie
Instant_Mix Oct 19 2008, 5:01am says:

Oh my god. This is honestly what C&C Generals Zero Hour Should've been/

Question though , What program do you use to animate and Make the models?
XSI? 3DSmax?

+1 vote   mod: C&C: ShockWave
Instant_Mix Sep 27 2008, 5:58pm says:

Here's a metroidish backstory to it

" 150 Years after the conquering of the milk way.
Humans had taken over every planet , through terraforming.
Mars had been special ; It's volcanoes and liveliness was useful.
The Planetary Federation needed suits to withstand the power of these volcanoes , and the insurmountable obstacles in their way. Some of these things were physically impossible to do , so they implemented a High Heat and energy beam , formerly known as plasma , in to a cannon on the arm.
The scientists were amazed at the suit. The ability to compact the suit and morph the body into the ball was amazing. Some rouges got ahold of this technology , and started attackign each other. This quickly caught on and became a backstreet sport. Project Valykire was the basis of suits to come for the formerly know Galactic Federation.

+1 vote   mod: Project Valkyrie
Instant_Mix Sep 27 2008, 11:49am says:

IS this based upon metroid?

Honestly , It is screaming " METROID"

Morphing into balls , Arm cannon , Visor layout ... If you say this wasn't based upon metroid I will rape you up the ***.

+2 votes   mod: Project Valkyrie
Instant_Mix Feb 17 2008, 2:56pm replied:

Ever heard of paypal , my son?
People who don't know about paypal don't belong on the internet.
Nor people who can't speak properly.

+3 votes   mod: GMod Tower
Instant_Mix Feb 17 2008, 2:50pm says:

This is awesome , has anyone else tried this?
At least compliment instead of annoying him with complaints.

+1 vote   news: Lifesigns!
Instant_Mix Feb 17 2008, 2:47pm says:

Sweet , loving the shader water Chicken.
Also , I really need to enter that damn competition. Is it still on TWHL?

It's me , Mr. good map.
Hallo. Nice to see you are up on MODDB

+1 vote   media: Shader Water
Instant_Mix Feb 20 2007, 11:31am says:

I am quite a good source Mapper (QUITE) And LOVED Super metroid. I Totally want to help you with this mod. (Gotta defeat that motha of a brain) IF you would like me to join , just PM , I will be glad to help :D
K thanks.

+1 vote   mod: Super Metroid: Source
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