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9 Review

Game Review on Jul 27th, 2015

LoG 1 was a nice game, walking on the very old path opened by Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Black Crypt, etc: claustrophobic grid-based dungeon crawlers. Riddles, spells, creatures to fight, items to collect, XP to earn, using an easy yet fun gameplay.
But LoG 1 was lacking on several aspects: diversity (not enough environments, always the same fighting style), duration (too short), difficulty (too easy riddles). But it was not a problem: it included a dungeon editor. Lots of people created new tilesets, items, creatures, and of course dungeons. Some of them were very nice, actually better than LoG 1, but in the end they all were there thanks to LoG 1. That's what made LoG 1 such a great game to me: the opportunity for people to create new dungeons à la Dungeon Master.

LoG 2 is not a revolution, it's quite similar to LoG 1 in gameplay (still has lots of nice new features, especially for the party characters development), but it's a much better game. About 20 hours of gameplay, always something to do, tons of various riddles - some nicely hard, high diversity in environments (not so much in fights, even if there are some nice ones), complex open world... And of course, it also has a dungeon editor.

All in all, LoG 2 is for sure the best dungeon crawler you can get today. And one of the best RPGs around.

Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend
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Game Review on Jul 7th, 2015
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Just finished this. I liked Postal² a lot (the original 5 days), but this one... The begining, mostly Saturday, is not too bad, I had fun with most of the story (the first zombies, Bullfish Interactives, the cows...). But Sunday is just plain boring. Where is the fun I had in Postal²? Where is the open city? Why did they turn that great game into a stupid linear shooter with tons of enemies to kill, that keep on spawning behind you? Why did they want the player to always have to linearly explore the same maps 2 or 3 times with nothing fun/new in them? Even the final boss is plain boring - I had to spend like 30 minutes shooting on him (also, his shield stuff has been done in too many games, where is the originality?). They didn't even try to give a sense to the missions, like go down deep inside the terrorists hiding place and once you're blocked, no item to pick, just go back all the way. Stupid. And "these soldiers here won't attack you if you don't display your weapon". And 3 meters from there: "some new soldiers, take you weapon out, they're hostile!!! Too late, you're dead."

Very disappointing...

Driver: San Francisco
9 Review

Game Review on May 8th, 2015

A very good arcade driving game, with a good amount of contents. Lots of various vehicles to drive (from McLaren F1 to fire trucks or buggies,...), quite a big map, lots of missions/races of various types, and the very cool and original ability to "shift" between vehicles.
Basically, the story is made so you can take the place of any driver in the city, at pretty much any time. Many missions - along with classic normal races and be a cop/escape the cops missions - are based on this. It opens lots of opportunities compared to classic racing games, and it's both well designed and often usefull.
The story is not the best story ever, but it's not too bad either, good enough to keep the player watching the cutscenes. Also, when shifting in other cars, Tanner (you) will sometimes meet some passengers and discuss with them while driving. The talks are numerous and often funny, with a good amount of sarcasm.
The game looks good (enough for me) and it appears to be optimized, as it runs smoothly on my 2yo+ middle quality laptop.
I never tried the multiplayer.
Why not 10/10 then? I guess I would very hardly give that rating to a driving game... Also, some races are annoying, like some in which you need to learn the track through several tries before being able to win them. The driving can be annoying as well, with cars drifting as soon as you're under 100km/h or so, but nothing too different from other arcade driving games there.
Probably the best driving game I've played.

Project: Snowblind
8 Review

Game Review on Apr 21st, 2015

This game was once named Deus Ex: Clan Wars. As a huge DX fan, I wanted to test it out to see how DXish it is.

- the action is quite intense
- some of DX special features are there, enhancing gameplay possibilities: augs, hacking, some alternative paths here and there
- lots of weapons, many different sorts
- ability to control some vehicles and mechs. Not a lot of them, sadly

- the DX features that are included are much simplified
- linear
- one of the poorest scenario I've ever seen, you're a soldier, save the world
- quite short
- except one or two places, too easy
- some bugs (crashes to desktop)
- saving system: checkpoints. Not that much of a problem since it's so easy, but boring when bugs occur and you have to redo everything
- obvious console port - poor use of keyboard possibilities
- as in so many FPSs (eg: DX3), stupid radar showing where the enemies are

All in all, an acceptably good action FPS, but nothing more. Still some DX features that can please the fans. Probably better on consoles.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
3 Review

Game Review on Apr 8th, 2015

How do you turn what would be a great game to complete boring sh*t? Don't search, CoC: DCotE gives you the answer.

Great gameplay ideas in this game, many being quite original, yeaaahh. A mix of FPS, adventure, infiltration, survival, and all of this in a lovecraftian universe, yeaaaahh yeaaahhhh. Your vision and your motion will be affected by fear and madness, by acrophobia, by located wounds (broken leg? you'll move slowly, won't jump and will need a splint to fix it) and more. Yeaah yeaaah yeah.

Ok, these were the nice points. Now everything else is all you don't want to see:
- Bugs. Plenty. From small ones to bugs that break the game, you have to unofficially patch it to be able to finish it (the "no reef bug" is genius, same for the last fight unswitchable switches bug).
- Easy tricks to increase the game duration. The saving checkpoints system will get you spend most of your time redoing each 10mn game part 3, 4 or 5 times. Lots of trial and (insta-death, sometimes random) error enigmas. Also, lots of cutscenes that you can't pass, so you have to watch them 3, 4 or 5 times... The game counter at the end says 8h. This is the only duration that counts, and it's way too low.
- Repetitive atmosphere tricks. Ok, the atmosphere is overall better than in most of survival games, but these tricks get extremely boring with time.
- Stupid AI. FPS and infiltration games are good when the enemies are not stupid, and when they hit more easily from 2m than from 50m. It's not the case here.
- The way they're used, the original gameplay ideas are nothing but gadgets.
- Very slow gameplay.
- Very linear, extremely scripted.
- Infinitely respawning enemies in several places.
- Ugly for a 2006 game. Meh voices, too.
- It started on XBox and you can feel it.

In the end, quite good atmosphere, and everything else is good for trash.

Hotel Carone
8 Review

Mod Review on Feb 24th, 2015

Probably the best Deus Ex mod for infiltration oriented gameplay, at least in the main map (the hotel). This map is well designed and most of the new ideas inside it (e.g. rescuing the hostages) are well implemented.
For the rest, it's obviously way shorter, but also not as good as the best DX mods (lacks on story, accordance to DX spirit, the other maps and there are several various flaws with NPCs, enemies and missions).
Still a nice mod.

Redsun 2020
5 Review

Mod Review on Feb 22nd, 2015

I don't know what happened with this mod. One half acceptably good levels, that make sense, with things to find inside, people to talk to and other things you can basically expect in a DX mod. And for the other half, huge levels full of nothing except random books, random enemies, random empty computers, etc. Nothing to say about these ones, except they are plenty boring. They should just not be included in the mod, they were obviously not finished.
For the other levels, some are not bad, in the begining. Most of the non-empty levels are full of out of place jokes, apparently more important than the "storyline" itself (should I just say the missions?) since you have to click 3 times on characters, reading their stupid jokes before they finally give you the key you were searching for... About that sense of humor, it's summarized by what you find in half of the books and newspapers: "there is nothing interesting to read". Stupid teenager jokes about women (hookers that is) and boring computer programmers jokes.
Also, many bugs, empty aug canisters, level resets, infinite XP, etc. Several big parts of the game can simply be bypassed by hacking in a computer or having enough cash. I actually wonder if the mod has been fully tested before its release.
And for the loot... Awful. The first type of ammo that you find yourself full of is the most powerful one, the 20mm HE.
9/10 for what comes from Deus Ex, 7/10 for the first maps, 3/10 for everything else - story, spirit, big maps full of nothing.

Malkavian Mod
9 Review

Mod Review on Feb 14th, 2015

Lolololololololololololololololololololololololz, lolololololololololololololololololololololololz, lolololololololololololololololololololololololz, which makes 150 characters. No need to say more.

10 Review

Game Review on Dec 29th, 2014

A review must be entered to justify such a high rating? Really? Well, that's Half-Life. 1998 and still up in the top games for a reason.
(14 characters missing. Now it's ok.)

Half-Life: Opposing Force
9 Review

Game Review on Dec 29th, 2014

Better than the original HL in many aspects, particularly thanks to the numerous new enemies, weapons and mechanics. But they could have been much more exploited:
- The same enemies come over and over again, while using HL's enemies as well would have added some diversity.
- Many weapons are useless due to the huge amount of ammunitions and to the lack of dedicated fights for these weapons.
- The ropes, the "grapple", the engineers are used like 2 times in the game... Instead, several "riddles" are the same as in HL.
Starting from the sewers, several places are quite boring. The climax is reached with the final boss, one of the worst and easiest I ever played.
Still, very nice game, great addition to HL, containing enough nice new stuff to disappoint because of the lack of exploitation.

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