No One Lives Forever is to be a fast-paced, story-driven first-person shooter that delivers over-the-top action, outrageous villains, and wry humor in the tradition of the great 1960’s Bond films. You play Cate Archer an undercover operative for MI-Zero. Your mission is to arrange for the defection of a prominent East German biophysicist that goes by the name of Otto Dentz. However things go wrong when a terrorist group known as the HARM abducts Dentz during a flight to England.

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8 JustACoolGuy

Jul 17th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

not much to say but it was a great game, its a game that you should play,

and you should play one before you play two,

im_a_lazy_sod says
10 im_a_lazy_sod

Feb 1st, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

A timeless classic without a doubt. Embarking on a mission against time stop the organization known as H.A.R.M. from taking over the world unravels a twisting, turning and engrossing story from the perspective of the heroine - Cate Archer. The general spy nature of the game and the ability to play almost every level as a traditional spy or an absolute nut-case shooting and blowing everything up gives this game plenty of replay value.

andrea89 says
7 andrea89

Aug 18th, 2013

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ElitedFish says
10 ElitedFish

Jun 26th, 2013

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Gambini says
9 Gambini

Jun 4th, 2012

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10 olegtheloner

Dec 3rd, 2011

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9 TheUnbeholden

Oct 23rd, 2011

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10 M_Macho

Jun 24th, 2011

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10 george92_stefan

Apr 30th, 2011

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7 Killatomate

Apr 1st, 2011

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