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Mental_Tormentor Sep 14 2014, 5:50pm says:

Very cool! I agree that most of the weapons were held too high in OWR2, seemed like they were always shouldered, where I'd think they should be held by the hip or anchored in the armpit.

+1 vote     media: SPAS-12 Carabineer
Mental_Tormentor Sep 12 2014, 6:20pm says:

Very, very cool! Will the revealed source code make it possible to simulate having a bullet in the chamber when changing mags? I think Gunslinger has this already, but it would be neat to see it in other mods that aren't years behind release.

+2 votes     media: Pistol Changes
Mental_Tormentor Sep 5 2014, 7:35pm says:

Super cool! Finally a proper civilian semi-automatic.

+2 votes     media: Mini-14 animations
Mental_Tormentor Sep 4 2014, 7:55pm says:

Damn! Your first update in over a year, looks like you guys have come a long way! Can't wait for the relaunch, I've always loved Redux.

+3 votes     media: 'Barricade'
Mental_Tormentor Sep 2 2014, 1:33pm replied:

I disagree, Redux's artifacts were great IMO, had a lot of interesting qualities and effectively restarted the artifact gathering process for the player, who had to find out again which artifacts work for what purpose. Vanilla COP's artifacts were just carbon copies of CS's, and sort of bore me.

+2 votes     media: Electra
Mental_Tormentor Sep 2 2014, 1:31pm says:

Yes, very good indeed. The only thing I'd change is removing that little scope mount unless you plan having scopes for it. Ideally scoped weapons would require tools and/or spare time to be mounted/removed (no one takes off a scope in the middle of combat unless it's destroyed or something), but I've not seen a game that does that sort of thing.

+1 vote     media: FN FAL replacement
Mental_Tormentor Sep 2 2014, 1:29pm says:

Hnnnngg yes, hopefully more stable than the last version. Can't wait for all the gunporn and RP elements.

+1 vote     article: Rd to Limansk v1.03b
Mental_Tormentor Sep 1 2014, 1:43am replied:

Any ETA on that upload? I'm anxious to play.

+2 votes     mod: The Road to Limansk
Mental_Tormentor Aug 31 2014, 1:41am says:

Looking through the configs/ai_tweaks/loadouts files, it looks like the PR version used has just been copy/pasted, and the new weapons are unaccounted for in spawns. Shall I add them in? I can try to make it influenced by factions (Duty > Slav weapons, Freedom/Mercs > mostly Western, etc.). Let me know how you want it done.

+1 vote     mod: Arsenal Overhaul
Mental_Tormentor Aug 30 2014, 11:01pm says:

I think that some drugs requiring injection (epinephrine, stimpack, etc.) ought to have a very short time delay where you supposedly stop and quickly stab yourself. Others, like those that need to be on a vein, ought to have a longer time delay.

I also somewhat disagree with your adjustment of the medkits. I would think that they contain extensive equipment needed for treating a wound and recovering properly. For example the IFAK uses nitrile gloves, all kinds of field dressings, hemostatic agents, and drugs for pain, aches, etc..

I'm not trying to criticize or belittle your work, but maybe you can tell some of us how to adjust these features ourselves? I really like the rest of your ideas with being able to take food, liquids, and non-injected drugs on the move.

+1 vote     download: Benuy v1.0a Misery 2.1.1 Addon
Mental_Tormentor Aug 30 2014, 8:26pm says:

Sounds cool, is this a sort of editing stream, or are you promoting a new version of your mod?

+1 vote     media: LIVE IN YANOV 2-9-2014
Mental_Tormentor Aug 26 2014, 11:49pm says:

>Hunger -357%

Does this artifact make you vomit uncontrollably?

+1 vote     media: Burner family
Mental_Tormentor Aug 26 2014, 11:47pm says:

I can't wait until this meme is all used up.

+1 vote     media: The Creation of Cheeki
Mental_Tormentor Aug 22 2014, 7:06pm replied:

This sounds awesome, I just hope you don't use Shoker's way of mounting a picatinny rail to the carrying handle and then the ACOG/EOTech/etc. to the picatinny. Horrible eye relief.

Also, if it's possible, I might suggest song versions of the M16A1/A3 with grenade launchers mounted with the proper heat shield, to avoid retarded-looking clipped models. Plus, making the choice between a standard rifle and one that has a GL but might be heavier/bulkier is a nice feature.

Thanks in advance, your mod is wonderful and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

+1 vote     media: M4 and M16 with carry handle scope
Mental_Tormentor Aug 22 2014, 2:12pm says:

Is this from Lost Alpha? **** my ****** computer, I need to play this.

+1 vote     media: Some old forest screenshots...
Mental_Tormentor Aug 22 2014, 2:09pm says:

Oh wow, awesome! I love plum AK-74s, thanks for doing this! I now have a desire to add full-stock AK-74's also and, if you'll let me, work on some textures based on yours for those. May create some over flooding of AKs, but I think that could be countered by lowering their appearances in the loadout files.

+2 votes     media: AKS-74 pack updated
Mental_Tormentor Aug 22 2014, 2:04pm says:

Good stuff, but I think this might be better suited to the rusty version. IN my opinion, you ought to emphasize the wear of the metal finish and maybe some personalized scratching on furniture, like the Yugoslav furniture sets.

Examples: (leftmost Type 56)

0 votes     media: AKS-74 pack updated
Mental_Tormentor Aug 22 2014, 1:37pm says:

Excellent job! If I may make a suggestion, I would add some blue electrical tape on the mag and maybe handguard/pistol grip. I think it would fit the metro theme of MISERY's (can't recall if that is what you're after), and the tape is very commonly used in the Russian army on their weapons.

+2 votes     media: AKS-74 pack updated
Mental_Tormentor Aug 22 2014, 1:25pm replied:

This is heartwarming to hear. I always love freeplay mods, and roaming the zone by yourself trying to make a living without tens of special quests with high rewards is a very immersive feeling. I hope that plenty of modders use this mod as a base for more excellent content.

+3 votes     media: Still a beautiful Zone. v2
Mental_Tormentor Aug 15 2014, 1:46am says:

Nice model, is that the same one used in Shoker 2.1? IIRC Shoker 2.1 had a cleaner texture for the Bizon, you might use that (I'm not sure what kind of look you're going after for the weapons, however).

Great news about the source code leaks, I foresee some excellent results!

+3 votes     media: PP-19 Bizon
Mental_Tormentor Aug 11 2014, 4:49pm says:

This is ******* awesome. I hope these are seen quite commonly in the Zone, home-made automatic weapons seem like a great idea for the Zone, if someone with resources and a bit of skill wants to get some quick firepower.

+2 votes     media: Borz
Mental_Tormentor Aug 10 2014, 12:07am replied:

Sorry, in context I meant that MISERY textures look bad with the Guise models, because those models just slap some miscellaneous part of the texture on the other side to "cover" the mirrored part.

Overall I wouldn't put too much effort into it, you might need new animations for many weapons, and the amount of texturing/model hacking probably wouldn't justify the work, especially given that MISERY is planning on utilizing KingFriday's animations.

+1 vote     media: Mirrored AKS
Mental_Tormentor Aug 9 2014, 9:09pm replied:

After looking at the mod's models through OGFViewer, you should probably not use them. The MISERY textures look all ****** up. If you can, try editing textures yourself, otherwise just stick with original models.

+1 vote     media: Mirrored AKS
Mental_Tormentor Aug 9 2014, 7:41pm replied:

I don't want to sound like an ***, but please don't use the one second from the right. That camo does not fit in anywhere in the Zone, or anywhere in the world, save for some emo's wallpaper maybe.

On another note, I am pleased to hear you are looking through your old textures, some of them might well be usable for MISERY and would be a welcome addition.

+1 vote     media: Dirty Abakan (wip)
Mental_Tormentor Aug 9 2014, 7:38pm says:

Cool stuff! I love the KKO pattern on the far right one, although I don't understand why the whole gun isn't painted if you're doing that much metal. Red/urban camo is fugly though.

+1 vote     media: Abakans
Mental_Tormentor Aug 9 2014, 7:34pm replied:

Technically you could, but I think it'd involve some work with the actual model/texture. I know some Russian mod (Under the Guise of Death IIRC) had properly mirrored hacks of GSC models, you might try those (although when I tried to port the models to Clear Sky I would get a crash pertaining to missing shaders).

+1 vote     media: Mirrored AKS
Mental_Tormentor Aug 3 2014, 9:45pm says:

Mmm nice M4gery there. Mercs are, IMO, interesting if not admirable. Groups of former military personnel/PMCs/etc. that could be fighting in far less dangerous areas, but chose the Zone.

Hate the blue camo though. I personally retextured their uniforms to a dark tan/brown, might consider trying an OD look, or else figure out a way to implement some Western camouflage.

+2 votes     media: Merc character
Mental_Tormentor Aug 3 2014, 7:06pm says:

Man, this is some abstract mathematical ****. Outdoor panoramas in STALKER are a lot easier to fathom. This room looks like it's been shifted into some other dimension.

+2 votes     media: Indoor 2
Mental_Tormentor Aug 1 2014, 4:16pm says:

Hnnnng yes M16A1 ftw.

+3 votes     media: That guitar !
Mental_Tormentor Jul 30 2014, 7:05pm says:

Sick, very cool to see more civilian rifles being put into weapon mods. One suggestion I might have (this actually goes for a lot of weapons with peep sights in them) is to widen the hole in the sight for easier use, move the ironsight position closer to the rear sight, or both. It might make using the weapons easier (for me at least; I find many weapons with peep sights throughout stalker mods very hard to use), although ironsights in stalker in general are hardly ideal due to the lack of a point of focus.

+2 votes     media: Mini-14 WIP
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