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The Zone. Six factions. One goal.

Be part of the faction wars to take control of the most important areas around the Zone. Join one of the six avaible factions and make it the true ruler in this God forsaken place.

Each faction includes their unique playstyle with signature weapons and equipment

Duty - Freedom - Defiance- Bandits - Mercenaries - Clear Sky

Inlcudes a huge amount of new features and AI improvments to make you feel like a real part of your faction rather than an errand boy.

Do you and your faction have what it takes?

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The Faction Wars 3.8

News 3 comments

Like I said in the summary, I'm not the owner of the mod. It's currently quite hard to find it, so I decided to upload it here before its forgotten.

The Faction Wars 3.8

The Faction War, as the name suggests, focuses on the faction war aspect of the game, expending each
faction campaign to previously ignored areas such as swamps, eventually putting one faction in control of the whole Zone. For the purpose of the mod the main story has been completly removed, and a new character and backstory were created.

  • Whats the goal of this mod?

The goal is complete dominion of the Zone. The game is "finished" once your faction has taken control of every important part of the Zone (not including Pripyat and Limansk)

  • What are the avaible factions? Are they the same than vanilla's?

There are many new features and changes to every faction in the game to make the gameplay more diverse depending on your choice. There are six factions to choose from: Duty, Freedom, Defiance (the Loner "sindicate" ), Clear Sky, Bandits and the Mercenaries. You can also choose to play as a Loner.

Check out every faction here: Factions explained

  • Are there any incompatibilities?

Acording to the developing team, yes. I quote:

The mod is incompatible with any mod that requiers file overwriting and installing other mods on top of TWF, might cause crashes and freezes. It is possible to merge the files, but I strongly suggest caution in doing so, and to compare TFW files with vanilla first. - Smog2

  • Are there any new feature?

Yes, there are a lot of new features implemented. From new items, to AI improvements or even new visuals, this mod adds some really neat things. You can even turn on/off some in the settings menu.

You can read the features here (highly recommended): Features

  • What about previous versions? What changed?

You can read the whole change log from the first release until this version here: Change log. Since the features article was made by me reading the change log I really encourage everyone to read it by themselves.

  • I want to know more about this amazing mod

Well, I don't really know anything about it or the dev team. You can read it all by yourself in the original post (here), the download post (here) or you can watch some gameplay of it (here)


TFW developing team


Smoq2's thanks and credits

rgggclp - For many great enhancemets to stalker scripts. I basically learned to write scripts from his solutions,
thank you for all the help and knowledge I gained thanks to your work.
I took the liberty of implementing some of the enhancing faction war simulation solutions used in rgggclp's
Faction Commander 2.5 Mod into TFW. His signature can be found under all work of his authorship. Thank you once again.

Cromm Cruac - For AtmosFear, Absolute Nature, Tac. Helmet indicators and help with various issues.

JakFrost - For new faction equipment tiers.

LuX - for his pda maps with smart terrain names.

Ceano - for Monster Hunter mod.

fluffy22 - for the Chimera monster and new upgrade schemes.

QuaNTuMbenxh - for icon textures.

Minh - for icon textures.

AMK team - for Dynamic Hud and Looting Corpses scripts and Cutout creatures.

Spartan and ThunderFreak - for Dynamic Hud mask textures.

Atempad - for Sleeping Bag mod.

Jamie1992 - for his help with various issues and support.

Wheeljack - for help with SDK and models.

BJ Blazkowicz - for help with SDK and models.

Matrix Strefa14 - for help with SDK and models.

Everyone else who I forgot to mention but contributed to TFW in some sort.

Hope you enjoy it.

Now quit reading, go conquer the Zone!

(Freedom rules)




The full changelog of the mod, until the 3.7v version



Feature 5 comments

General features added to the mod to enhance the faction war theme.

Factions explained

Factions explained

Feature 22 comments

Article about each faction and their special features.

RSS Files
The Faction War 3.8 reupload

The Faction War 3.8 reupload

Full Version 65 comments


The Faction War: Spanish translation

The Faction War: Spanish translation

Other 10 comments

Translate all the text present in the mod to spanish.

The Faction War Patch 3

The Faction War Patch 3

Patch 17 comments

More stable version that includes a new weapon, several localization changes and more.

The Faction Wars 3.8

The Faction Wars 3.8

Full Version 23 comments

Out of date because of corrupted files. Use the new one instead.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 375)

Is this mod compatible with the Arsenal Overhaul?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

We need 3.9 patch :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
:Jack Creator

Not happening any time soon.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hello i dont know how to install just tell me i cant follow the note

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
:Jack Creator

1) If it exists, delete gamedata folder in Clear Sky root.
2) Download TFW 3.8 reupload and patch 3.
3) Unzip everything
4) Run the .exe file and follow on-screen instructions
5) Drop the gamedata folders from the patches in order (1 -> 2 -> 3)
6) Go to CS root, find the file fsgame.ltx, open in notepad and change $game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata to $game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata
7) Run the game. It should say TFW somewhere on the screen.
8) Play the game, get it to crash a couple of times, and come back here to complain

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello ! If you are master on the faction war and you want to use the ability to get one more companion... I will explain to you how and where

How:Once you reach master(last level on clear sky),you can choose the ability(use your sleeping bag to acess the menu)to get one more companion ! choose that...

Where:Go to your faction trader,there will be a option to ´´have one more person´´ choose that option and you should get your new companion !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
:Jack Creator

Thanks again friend!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Well it was fun while it lasted. Went with freedom, took garbage and dark valley; cordon... after my squads taken resource points in rookie village in cordon many of my saves crashed; went corrupt. I tried reducing render settings to low (was playing on ultra so tried to conserve resources for engine after crashing). I could only load autosaves, none of the modsaves, quicksaves or hardsaves even work anymore, before i ran game with no problems for quite some time. After loading autosave that is not corrupt and doing hardsaves after that my saves are still going corrupt. Game either gets stuck at : "SERVER: loading alife" or sometimes just screen goes black and unresponsive.

crash log indicates lack of resources

*** RESET [3070 ms]
"d:\program files (x86)\blackwolf\s.t.a.l.k.e.r - clear sky\bin\xrengine.exe"
* phase time: 0 ms
* phase cmem: 136233 K
Prefetching objects...
Loading objects...
Loading models...
* [prefetch] time: 334 ms
* [prefetch] memory: 0Kb
! Player name in registry is empty! (InstallUserName)
* phase time: 349 ms
* phase cmem: 127150 K
SERVER: Starting...
* phase time: 129 ms
* phase cmem: 114291 K
SERVER: Loading alife simulator...
* phase time: 1 ms
* phase cmem: 114291 K
Loading saved game "lil_jointy19.sav"...
* Loading spawn registry...
* 11002 spawn points are successfully loaded
* Loading objects...
* 27344 objects are successfully loaded
stack trace:

0023:04FD1290 xrGame.dll
0023:04FD165B xrGame.dll

[error][ 8] : Not enough memory resources are available to process this command. """"


specs : DDR4 8gb ram

i3 6100 3.7GHZ

1050TI 4gb

hope it helps, as for me im quitting clear sky as this was the only mod i wanted to try 😅

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
:Jack Creator

Autosaves and quicksaves are prone to making your saves corrupt in every stalker game. Maybe thats the case. It's highly recommended to do hard saves every time you want to save your progress.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

NVM, Helios spawn menu interferes with TFW settings, easy fix.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
:Jack Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote
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Best mod so far. It actually resurrects the whole Faction Wars mechanics of Clear Sky. Despite the fact that there are still minor bugs, and also the sad thing that you can't go to the Chernobyl NPP anymore, since it focuses on Factions, it is still a mod that everyone needs if they want to see multiple stalkers fighting for territory after a local wild goose chase (Clear Sky chasing Strelok) affected the whole area (Zone) instead. Keep up the good work!

Jun 2 2016 by supertonto2

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