{HEROIC}Elite, leader of {HEROIC}. I have a intermediate skill level with XML's and beta testing for various games. Also advanced skill with Age Of Mythology and StarCraft 2 Map editing. I currently work as a part of the development team for the NHC Mod for Company Of Heroes and am coding for the Star Wars - Clone Wars mod for Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption as well as Republic At War. My Favorite Mods In No Particular Order Are: NHC Mod - Company Of Heroes, VGO Mod - Command And Conquer: Generals Zero Hour, Clone Wars Mod - Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption. I also have a significant amount of experience with video editing and community management.

Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Mod DB - Recommend Mods 03/01/14

0 comments by {HEROIC}Elite on Mar 1st, 2014

Hello everyone,

I just thought I would recommend some game mods for some of my favorite games! Many of these are still in development so please go and support them! The versions are current or the best of that Mod as of now.

Games - Mods:

Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat 0.7 Mod
Battlefield 2: Global Warfront 0.4 Mod
Company Of Heroes: NHC v2.700b Mod
Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour: VGO v2.1 Mod
Star Wars Empire At War F.O.C.: Star Wars - Clone Wars Mod v3.0 or v4.0

Find Them Here!:

Desert Combat Moddb.com
Global Warfront Moddb.com
NHC Mod Moddb.com
VGO Mod Moddb.com
Clone Wars Mod Moddb.com

There you go! Here are upcoming Mods that I believe are going to be spectacular upon release, please show them support as well and hopefully we'll get to play them soon!

Games - Mods:

Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Earth Conflict Mod
Company Of Heroes: Vietnam 67' Mod
Company Of Heroes: Zombie Mod
Command And Conquer 3: Generals Universe Mod
Star Wars Empire At War F.O.C.: Yuuzhan Vong At War Mod

Find Them Here!:

Earth Conflict Mod Moddb.com
Vietnam 67' Mod Moddb.com
Zombie Mod Moddb.com
Generals Universe Mod Moddb.com
Yuuzhan Vong at War Moddb.com

I will slowly add more as I find them!

Thank you everyone for showing your support for Mods on Mod DB and have a nice day!


Report abuse NHC Mod v2.700a Release Soon

0 comments by {HEROIC}Elite on Aug 27th, 2013

Hello everyone,

The NHC Mod v2.700a will be released within the next week or two. There are many changes that will be featured in this release and I would like to share some of them with you.

In this v2.700a, you should expect to see:

- T26E4 Super Pershing
- Sherman Tulip
- Panzer I
- M3 Stuart with Quad .50 cal
- Any faction versus any faction bug fix
- The soon release of a combiner for the Ostheer version of the Eastern Front mod.
- Other vehicles
- Some other changes to costs and maps
- Multiple bug fixes along with glitches
- The Maus VIII will be nerfed slightly to keep the terms more even
- And More!


- You can check the mod out here:
- As of 08.26.13, the NHC Mod is 31 of 20006 on Mod DB
- As of 08.27.13, the NHC Mod is 9 of 20006 on Mod DB

-Thank you again everyone for the support over the years and the wait for the last few months while we are producing the NHC Mod v2.700a. We hope you can't wait for the next release of the NHC Mod v2.700a!


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