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grandadmiraldavid Oct 9 2015 says:

Brings back memories of the TIE Fighter games.

+4 votes   media: The Real Assault Shuttles
grandadmiraldavid Aug 13 2015 says:

Definitely a Star Galleon off the Allegiance's Starboard side.

+3 votes   media: I Hope you like Engines
grandadmiraldavid Mar 30 2015 replied:

You can build Bellators in Star Wars: Interregnum as well. Another SW mod that's making some of the less well-known ships available. (I'm not comparing the two mods though. They both take entirely different approaches for putting SW in Sins, and I thoroughly enjoy both of them.)

+2 votes   media: Pentastar Titan: Bellator
grandadmiraldavid Mar 23 2015 says:

Just when I thought I couldn't get any more pumped up about the next release, you throw out a bombshell like this! Now I'm REALLY excited about playing as the Rebels!

+3 votes   media: Stand By Ion Control... Fire!
grandadmiraldavid Jan 19 2015 says:

I can't wait to see him! (BTW, I was thinking of all the units so far when I said that, not just Bel Iblis; just about every ability you put in the game has great lore-based reasoning behind it, from the dreadnought's "spare parts" to Isard's "Krytos Plague.")

+2 votes   media: The Last Senator
grandadmiraldavid Jan 18 2015 says:

Nice! I love how you actually put some thought into your unit's abilities. Bel Iblis's abilities fit his lore so well!

+3 votes   media: The Last Senator
grandadmiraldavid Nov 11 2014 replied:

Should I guess on the forum, or pm?

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: Interregnum
grandadmiraldavid Nov 11 2014 says:

Just out of curiosity, did anyone ever guess the correct time period of history the mod reflects?

+3 votes   mod: Star Wars: Interregnum
grandadmiraldavid Oct 22 2014 says:

My thoughts are as follows: so what if the mod takes a long time - even a few years? First off, you are doing this on your own: no pay and no rewards other than the feedback from the community. No one ever has the right to complain about mods taking to long to release because the mods are made in the modder's private time, using their own resources. My observations on this mod's release time have been that you are obviously working on it, as shown by the frequent updates you give us; the reason that Ascendancy is taking so "long" is that you're dedicated to a quality end result, and are making sure everything is perfect before the release. From what you've shown us, I am quite confident that the end result will be more than worth the wait. So keep up the good work, and ignore the "release now" trolls!

+1 vote   media: Assuaging the Fears
grandadmiraldavid Oct 13 2014 says:

I love the Interregnum lore! The activities of each player constantly balancing each other, and each leader is remaining true to their characteristics in the SW canon too! That is so Isard to play the Vader against the NR in order to save her own skin. I like how Piett gets a chance to be a competent leader here as well.

+2 votes   news: A Timeline of Star Wars: Interregnum, Part 5 - Stalemate
grandadmiraldavid Sep 8 2014 says:

I was thrilled when I saw this in game. By far my favorite random encounter, and the first thing I look for on random maps now. Great work!

+3 votes   media: A hidden feature in the latest release...
grandadmiraldavid Sep 1 2014 says:

The anticipation builds...

+4 votes   media: One Last Hero
grandadmiraldavid Aug 31 2014 replied:

I am doing my happy dance now. And I will continue to do this until the release. OR until I fall asleep, whichever comes first...

+3 votes   media: Night Hammer Cloaking Demonstration
grandadmiraldavid Aug 22 2014 says:

*giggles hysterically while clapping hands gleefully*

This is by far my favorite mod, not only because of your genius ideas in the realm of gameplay, but because of the way you incorporate the EU lore into it so seamlessly. Keep up the great work Goa and crew!

+4 votes   media: In the Dark of the Night
grandadmiraldavid Aug 9 2014 replied:

Indeed! This is better canon than anything Disney will come up with...

+4 votes   news: A Timeline of Star Wars: Interregnum, Part 4 - New Alliances
grandadmiraldavid Jun 25 2014 says:

Cue the Imperial March...

+2 votes   media: Pretty In Pink
grandadmiraldavid Jun 21 2014 says:

I've played 3 matches just sine downloading the mod this morning, and I only have one thing to say: I LOVE THIS MOD! E4X was already one of my favorites to play, but adding SW into it made it so much better! And the lore explaining the arrival of the Sins nations is really well thought out. I must say, the explanation of the Empire's research tree and ship abilities is also incredibly well done. I look forward to the final release with baited breath... though I'm sure it will be some time. I suppose fighting off the Triple Alliance as the Imperials will keep me occupied until then. Well done GOA! Well done!

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars: Interregnum
grandadmiraldavid Apr 18 2014 says:

I hear angel music... (or maybe it's Virgil's theme)
You have just made my week!

+2 votes   news: Dawn of the Reapers: Onslaught (Pre-Alpha Release)
grandadmiraldavid Feb 23 2014 says:

*Eagerly hops from foot to foot in excitement*

+2 votes   media: Allegiance to the Empire
grandadmiraldavid Feb 16 2014 says:

I love this mod simply for the amount of thought put into the mechanics and for the complexity of the lore you've created. I am SO looking forward to playing a game with ALL the factions in their respective alliances... of course it'll probably minidump within an hour, but it'll be the best hour of Sins ever!

+2 votes   news: The Morale System
grandadmiraldavid Feb 10 2014 says:

This is by far my most anticipated mod EVER from ANY game! Keep up the great work!

+3 votes   media: The NovaGun
grandadmiraldavid Jan 21 2014 replied:

A Moff is a civilian. The Moffs and Grand Moffs are the level of government directly beneath the emperor. By the NJO, the Grand Moffs council is the ruling civilian government, but they technically seem to answer to Grand Admiral Pelleaon.

+3 votes   feature: The Empire's Rank System
grandadmiraldavid Jan 15 2014 says:

I think I'm in love...

+1 vote   media: Imperial Approach
grandadmiraldavid Jan 1 2014 replied:

I know what you're talking about. The rudders. Though the ships thrusters are also mounted on them as well.

+2 votes   media: RLS legacy v0.5
grandadmiraldavid Dec 31 2013 says:

Coming along nicely!

+2 votes   media: RLS legacy v0.5
grandadmiraldavid Dec 21 2013 says:

Ooooh! I can't wait! I love what I'm seeing from this mod!

+3 votes   media: Kuat Drive Yards, Coming to a Sector Near You
grandadmiraldavid Dec 17 2013 says:

All right! Been looking forward to the Nephilim titan! Keep up the great work!

+2 votes   media: Nephilim 2014
grandadmiraldavid Dec 10 2013 says:

Looking forward to it!

+2 votes   media: Incoming !
grandadmiraldavid Nov 17 2013 says:

LOVE IT! It brings back memories of ME2... *wipe a tear from my eye

+5 votes   media: Cerberus UI (Almost Finished)
grandadmiraldavid Jul 8 2013 says:

Looking great!

+1 vote   media: Royal Navy Weapon Barge
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