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Frednol May 4 2010, 4:10pm says:

$30, about £20 in real money.

It felt about right.

$20 to the devs, $5 to each charity

+2 votes   article: Introducing the Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want)
Frednol Mar 29 2010, 6:09pm says:

Well that is interesting... I liked WC3 (I actually completed the campaign, something I never bother with in RTSes), and with this new, I'll probably buy SC2

+2 votes   article: So You Want To Mod, Eh?
Frednol Mar 29 2010, 5:12am replied:

You can fill them up with air, but that won't get you anywhere, as the vacuum of space means that standard blimp propulsion will be ineffective.

+2 votes   media: UNSC Medical ship
Frednol Mar 20 2010, 6:38am says:

Both- as much as I love my boxes, online is just so damned convenient.

+3 votes   poll: I buy my games from
Frednol Mar 18 2010, 6:06am replied:

I have some information that might be of use to you, stalker!

0 votes   article: Expanding The Team and Pressing On
Frednol Nov 27 2009, 9:57am says:

Somehow, despite spending all my free time on my PC, I spend very little of it playing games. Where does all the time go?

+1 vote   poll: How many hours daily do you spend gaming?
Frednol Sep 20 2009, 8:25am replied:

yeah, I'm having the same problem.

+1 vote   mod: Korsakovia
Frednol Jul 22 2009, 4:04pm says:

Since we know the new mechwarrior game will be a crappy port to the PC, our hopes rest with you guys. And those hopes are looking pretty damn safe. Awesome.

0 votes   article: MechWarrior: Living Legends - Weekly Update XIV/XV
Frednol Jul 19 2009, 2:56pm replied:

yeah, I wasn't sure what the right thing was, so half way though putting the boxes in place I just started smashing them to see what happens.

+1 vote   article: HL2 mod release: Radiator 1-2, Handle With Care
Frednol Jul 18 2009, 8:49am says:

That was the greatest boss battle I have ever seen. I am in awe.

+1 vote   article: Research and Development released
Frednol Jul 18 2009, 6:58am says:

that's it, I'm buying oblivion just for this.

+1 vote   media: Dark forest
Frednol Jul 18 2009, 6:57am says:

Looks a lot like mount and blade here.
Of course, mount and blade + actual story would be awesome.

+4 votes   media: Screenshot
Frednol Jul 7 2009, 4:44am replied:

Hahaha, I doubt it. Wish it was though. It would be the best thing EVAR.

+3 votes   article: Eternal Silence: Balance Patch
Frednol Jun 17 2009, 8:32am says:

Actually, I think it looks a lot like the old TD stealth tank

+1 vote   media: GDI Hover Disruptor
Frednol Jun 2 2009, 5:56pm replied:

everyone knows that the size of a man's shoulder pads is equal to his prowess in battle.

+1 vote   media: Terminator Armour - BETA
Frednol May 4 2009, 2:19pm says:

Hmm, interesting idea but poor execution.

Pros: Woo! Xen!

Cons: Wait, why are there Combine grunts?
Enemy spamming
repetitive gameplay

+2 votes   mod: Transitions
Frednol Apr 1 2009, 12:52pm says:

STFU April first. This should be real. Everyone likes bananas. EVERYONE.

+2 votes   article: April Media Release: Our First Gametype
Frednol Feb 21 2009, 4:26pm replied:

yes, it is rather short. I would love for it to be longer

+1 vote   mod: PARANOIA
Frednol Feb 20 2009, 12:39pm says:

Having played this mod though a few times, I still don't understand it all. And that's great. It's different. Something new and fantastic to distract from the dank sea of samey commercial shooters.

Having played though any other game or mod several times, epic moments lose impact. But Dear Esther still send shivers down my spine.

Any other game (and to a lesser extent, mod, as I expect them to be shorter) that I completed in one play session would be considered pretty poorly, but Dear Ester feels right at the length it is now. Of course, this doesn't include the necessary second, third and perhaps fourth play though you'll need to start to understand the mod.

The narration is fantastic, the environment haunting and the soundtrack adds a little nudge (well, perhaps "massive shove", but such a heavy action in relation to a subtle and well played mod feels wrong) towards a more atmospheric experience. Fantastic work, a must play mod for any fan of intelligent, thought-provoking experiences.

0 votes   mod: Dear Esther
Frednol Feb 15 2009, 8:03am says:

I declare a want level of MUCH.


+1 vote   article: MechWarrior: Living Legends - February Update 1
Frednol Jan 7 2009, 3:59pm replied:

briefing: hiss eep growl!
objective: growl!

:P headcrab fun

+3 votes   media: Training updated
Frednol Dec 28 2008, 5:39pm says:

"Me want behemoth club... so big... so much smash"

+1 vote   media: Fallout 3 Images
Frednol Dec 19 2008, 5:01pm says:

what's the song on this video? stuck in my head.

+2 votes   media: SCP rock video
Frednol Nov 5 2008, 12:21pm says:

meh, the occasional failed foray into modding is all I manage, unless my next Morrowind mod works out OK.

+3 votes   poll: There isn't enough time in the day!
Frednol Nov 5 2008, 12:14pm replied:

morrowind mods tent to be small when the plugin system is used, there probably aren't any (or many, at least) new resources or graphics in the download

+1 vote   download: Desert Region patch
Frednol Oct 25 2008, 4:39am says:

yes, I like it a lot more than the previous version you had.

+1 vote   media: New Light Tank
Frednol Sep 29 2008, 11:40am replied:

you, on the other hand do not.
"-Graphics Admin
Firestorm Softworks ", yet your text is littered with chatspeak and other such crimes against grammar. Honestly, if I let someone with language skills like that be an admin, I'd resign whatever position I held that granted me the power to assign such tasks and ranks on people.
[/language police]

Anyway, Beautiful work guys. Can't wait to play it.

+1 vote   article: September Update
Frednol Jun 15 2008, 4:29pm says:

the book there is one I've seen before, but if you can understand it, you can understand just about anything. Confusing book, I have to say (although I did read it several years ago and can't remember any of it)

+1 vote   article: The six steps of creation
Frednol Jun 5 2008, 2:48pm says:

I just spend all day downloading and it's corrupt! not happy!

+3 votes   download: Bloodstone - Release Version
Frednol May 15 2008, 5:04am says:

I would have voted for Westwood, but since they're A) dead :( and B) it would look like a vote for EA, I went for valve. At least they seem to care

0 votes   poll: PC fanboys assemble! Which company do you root for the most?
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