I'm a writer and an English/history major. If your mod needs either of those two then I might be slightly more useful to you.

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filetofbaby Sep 27 2009, 8:44pm replied:

It's actually pronounced like the Ger in Gertrude, and not like the Ger in German. I live near it and that's how we pronounce it anyway. Maybe we're just trying to sound unique, who knows.

+1 vote   media: BG_Germantown: Native Americans and Minutemen fig
filetofbaby Jul 22 2009, 12:02am says:


+1 vote   media: Gimli
filetofbaby Jun 20 2009, 12:04am says:

This is how games are supposed to be. Awesome piled on top of awesome by continued updates.

+2 votes   article: Age of Chivalry CR2 Update Due in June!
filetofbaby Apr 27 2009, 10:03am says:


+1 vote   article: Third Age Total War 2.1 Released
filetofbaby Apr 12 2009, 10:17pm replied:

Not these days.

Uni student looking for job, reporting in!

+1 vote   poll: I am...
filetofbaby Mar 25 2009, 5:21pm replied:

None of you have obviously used Windows XP 64bit Professional SP3. It's the best OS in existence, with the exception of some incompatibility issues with software that only works on a 32 bit system, but for video games and/or IT work it's amazing.

-4 votes   media: Decadence has gone gold!
filetofbaby Mar 25 2009, 5:17pm replied:

Not necessarily, you might be thinking of Games for Windows which went under but retained it's 1up.com website. Or was it EGM that turned into GFW and we're still thinking of the same mag? I forget what they were called before.

+1 vote   article: FileFront closes its doors
filetofbaby Mar 13 2009, 2:55pm says:

This would probably be far better than an internship at the local newspaper. I'm in!

+1 vote   article: Want to join the ModDB crew?
filetofbaby Mar 1 2009, 11:32am replied:

Go check out the Taleworld forums, they have numerous translated articles on the subject of the upcoming expansion.

+4 votes   article: 2008 Indie Game of the Year Winners
filetofbaby Feb 7 2009, 1:20pm says:

Is this since I started playing games, or currently? I assumed it was since I started, and answered Massive. It has to be at least 250+ since Wolfenstein 3D and that Duke Nukem side-scroller for DOS. Oh yeah and Crusader: No Regret.

+1 vote   poll: My PC game (does not include non-commercial games or mods) collection is...
filetofbaby Jan 21 2009, 10:45pm says:

I think a WWI mod is the only one that can get away with having brutal, bloody stalemates in their maps, and actually be realistic and fun. I hope it ends up as such!

+2 votes   article: Jan 2009 news update and media release
filetofbaby Jan 10 2009, 7:46pm says:

Mother f*ckin' snakes on a mod!

+5 votes   media: Fistful of Frags beta 2.5 additions
filetofbaby Dec 31 2008, 4:14pm says:

And out of left field comes a Battlegrounds 2 release! Downloading now.

+2 votes   article: Battle Grounds 2 - 1.2.1b
filetofbaby Nov 29 2008, 8:05pm says:

Where's the "Read while I install" option?

+1 vote   poll: Gamers reading manuals
filetofbaby Nov 14 2008, 11:31am says:

Man, I just played this for three hours, and I'd play it another three if I didn't have to go to work! You guys made a great game, I've been a fan since Oppression (I'm a big steampunk fan). Thanks for the discount and I hope to fight on the front lines for a long time to come.

+4 votes   article: War is Here - Warlord Releases
filetofbaby Oct 15 2008, 7:24am says:

I'm going to buy UT3 just to play this mod!

+3 votes   article: The Haunted: RELEASED!
filetofbaby Oct 11 2008, 10:39pm replied:

I don't develop games either, but I am a writer. Oddly enough I don't read books at all. I can assure you your plight isn't limited to the digital world.

+2 votes   poll: Do you enjoy developing games more than playing them?
filetofbaby Oct 6 2008, 5:00pm replied:

Nothing is more popular than a free game (or a $5 game if you don't have a source game).

Maybe With this newfound popularity the Insurgency team can offer a retail version of their game with next-gen engines sometime in the future al la Counter-Strike style.

+1 vote   article: Insurgency - Status Update
filetofbaby Oct 2 2008, 10:59pm says:

Personally I can't wait till they add a Poncho and Cigar upgrade.

+4 votes   article: Fistful of Frags 2.0 announced.
filetofbaby Sep 24 2008, 9:44am says:

I'm completely excited for this, I can see there being some pretty cinematic moments.

+2 votes   media: Iron Grip: Warlord In-Game Footage
filetofbaby Sep 17 2008, 9:07am says:

The sniper rifle should be called "Looking Glass Rifle". Far more steampunk. ;)

+1 vote   article: An Epic Amount of New Screenshots!
filetofbaby Aug 23 2008, 12:12pm says:

I played Oppression religiously when that came out, this looks 100x better!

+1 vote   game: Iron Grip: Warlord
filetofbaby Aug 5 2008, 12:58pm says:

Wow, look at all those damn liars! I bet you at least 50% that opted for option 2 fall easily into option 3.

+2 votes   poll: How important are visuals to you?
filetofbaby Aug 4 2008, 2:13am says:

The high-res is amazing. I think what most people are expecting is a Wolfenstein remake, which is also what I'd like to see. Who knows though, let's see who else votes on this.

ALTHOUGH if you can get sprites to work on Source than I think it would be bad-***-awesome to be fighting sprite combine in a pseudo-2d environment based on that classic C:\wolf3D.

+1 vote   article: Blog + HL2 or WWII? (I need your input)
filetofbaby Jul 31 2008, 1:32pm replied:

It won't run through DOS, it'll run in the source engine, he's making it from the ground up with just imported textures and possibly sprites.

+1 vote   mod: Wolfenstein: Source
filetofbaby Jul 31 2008, 12:34pm replied:

I hope that it's balanced properly so that this method isn't too easy, otherwise it'll be fish-in-a-barrel-on-Omaha-beach.

+1 vote   article: Parachutes Are Next!
filetofbaby Jul 19 2008, 8:27pm says:

Looking forward to redeploying, it's been a long leave.

+2 votes   article: Beta Version 1.1 Released!
filetofbaby Jul 11 2008, 7:07pm says:

This game looks really good, and it seems to compliment the large-scale battles that the tabletop original provided.

+1 vote   mod: Only War 2
filetofbaby Jul 6 2008, 5:33pm says:

This reminds me of those browser-based Sci-Fi games where you start up galactic civilization and inevitably get destroyed by someone who's been playing the game for more years than you can contemplate.

+1 vote   game: Suns Of Orion
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