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feltorn Feb 17 2013, 9:45am says:

this is......"intelligent" horror?

riiight... broken maps and bad scares abound everyone!

0 votes   download: Sacred Line 1.1b Definitive (Windows64Bit)
feltorn Dec 2 2012, 4:39am replied:

I own and have unlocked (played) Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

My default layout is a keyboard, my default config for all these games is Space = Jump.

I've tried all the available fixes put forwards, and whilst the first computer and book were able to be exited (with a bit too much effort for my liking) everything beyond that effectively froze my game in place.

If you want more info I can send you a DxDiag file and some other stuff.

+2 votes   mod: BLACK SNOW
feltorn Dec 1 2012, 11:56am says:

The "computer glitch" makes this mod literally unplayable for me. The "+jump" command worked in the first two instances, but stopped working immidiatly after that. The ent_fire itemcam command doesn't work at all and deleting config.cfg did absa-*******-lutly nothing.

So that's it. That's me out of friggen options. I really want to enjoy this game but I literally cannot play it because every time I open a book or computer or whatever I'm effectively frozen.

Fix it, please. I'd think a bug that quite literally renders your game unplayable would be priority one.

+4 votes   mod: BLACK SNOW
feltorn May 18 2012, 1:16am says:

I like how Keujin are supposed to be Chinese, but are always depicted doing Japanese stuff.

+1 vote   media: KueJin – Ninja – Dual Wielding Ninjato
feltorn Apr 23 2012, 7:47am says:

Yay! not everybody is the same goddamn guy in a purple jacket.

+3 votes   media: Tong Gang Members
feltorn Apr 13 2012, 4:48am says:

Where's the screenshot? This is just a photo of New Zealand.

+1 vote   media: Gap of Rohan
feltorn Apr 3 2012, 7:34am says:

Where are the dedicated server files for the latest version!?

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
feltorn Mar 17 2012, 11:36pm says:

Anybody else replay the intro more than once?

Also, BXNMusic has the most adorably delightful lisp.

+2 votes   media: Inquietude - Update 3-16-2012
feltorn Mar 5 2012, 2:33am says:

Are those new animations I see? or have you just got some old ones working in a way that doesn't look crap?

+2 votes   media: The Mummies First Arrival
feltorn Feb 7 2012, 9:18pm says:


+2 votes   media: New Map - Sabbat Hideout
feltorn Jan 18 2012, 12:33am says:

if the "HD" texture you're talking about is the wall, then I'm sorry to say that doesn't look HD at all.

0 votes   media: HD texture
feltorn Dec 10 2011, 5:23am replied:

Solving practical problems*

+4 votes   media: OF2 - GAUSS-2 Promo
feltorn Dec 10 2011, 5:19am replied:

I think he's reffering to the generally shoddy map design and lighting system of VTM:B. I heard it was impossible to modify VTM:B's existing geomitry maps, is that true? And is there nothing that can be done about the godaweful lighting and shaders?

You guys have some brilliant character models made, but set against the poor quality enviroments, they just look out of place.

+2 votes   media: Artemis - Harbinger of Skulls
feltorn Nov 9 2011, 4:54pm says:

URL for the page appears to be broken for me.

+1 vote   article: The Rise of Antitribu - A New Begining
feltorn Oct 30 2011, 6:34am says:

Posted on the forums, me and a freind would love to help out. Hope we can be of use.

+2 votes   article: From the ground up: Coven 1.0b Released
feltorn Oct 28 2011, 5:07am says:

And here I was thinking this was dead.

For the eighth time.

+2 votes   article: Stay tuned...
feltorn Oct 18 2011, 7:44am says:

That is either a mop or a skull on a stick.

It's gonna be my main weapon, either way.

+3 votes   media: Keypad
feltorn Aug 21 2011, 12:38am says:

Jeez it's almost like something doesn't want you guys to make Inquietude.

Well balls to that, Murphy's Law can go such a fat one.

+2 votes   article: Murphy's Law Strikes Again!
feltorn Aug 4 2011, 5:52am says:


A mod that recognises the prowess of the humble cactus as an anti-undead weapon.

+4 votes   media: Introducing the "Cactus"
feltorn Jul 28 2011, 11:55am says:

Lighting seems a little strange, but aside from that, looks quite decent.

+1 vote   media: P4R4L1T1C
feltorn Jul 27 2011, 3:23pm replied:

You're seriously going to rip on a game that isn't released yet which has pretty much no info on it available?

Well done.

+9 votes   media: Alpha version gameplay 2
feltorn May 3 2011, 11:43pm says:

Wow, I never thought I'd see this again, but I'm very happy that I have.

+2 votes   article: AHL 2.2 Coming
feltorn Apr 13 2011, 12:25pm says:

I'm liking!

+1 vote   media: [NPC] Sabbat Gangmembers
feltorn Mar 3 2011, 1:54am says:


Best name ever.

+1 vote   mod: The Account: Human Resources
feltorn Feb 8 2011, 3:28am says:

I activated the train, so it tells me to go and use the airlock in the access tunnel. The access tunnel only has two "TRACK LOCKED" doors, still closed, in it... what gives?

+1 vote   mod: Dissolution
feltorn Jan 25 2011, 9:19am says:

Needs to be longer and have a suit to be slendy, along with no face.

You could just skin this one with flesh tones and make him into The Rake (look it up)

+2 votes   media: High-Poly Test of Slenderman
feltorn Jan 2 2011, 10:16pm says:

Heres hoping this delivers what it says it will

+2 votes   mod: Inquietude
feltorn Dec 7 2010, 11:46pm says:

Hey, maybe when I download it this time THERE WILL BE SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAYING!

+5 votes   article: Progress on new maps
feltorn Dec 6 2010, 11:56pm replied:

I think flares should have maybe a "you can only have x amount of flares deployed at one time" so you need to be scarce and wait for the others to burn out before you can light more, or a cooldown time on flares, so that after using up certain quota you need to wait for them to recharge or something.

Infinite flares seems like a neccesity, but it should still have some restrictions. If Amnesia: The Dark Descent has taught us anything, its that having to decide between light and dark areas in a horror game adds to the atmosphere and terror like nothing else can.

+1 vote   article: The Rising MOD - Beta Gameplay Part 2 of 3
feltorn Dec 2 2010, 6:05am says:

Make molotovs that you light with a cigar.

Do it.

+1 vote   media: Solomon Smokes 2
feltorn Nov 28 2010, 8:06am says:

Great feature! but dude your voice is so damn quiet...

+2 votes   media: Combat/Relaxed Reloads
feltorn Nov 18 2010, 11:07am says:

I'm absolutly in love with ol_styx... It's just amazing, best city area I've ever seen in a source mod.

+1 vote   media: Off Limits - level presentation video
feltorn Aug 2 2009, 2:14am says:

look too much like a zombie, vampires should look human, but with claws, fangs, pale skin and red eyes. Defined by thier movement and stuff, not really by their look.

+1 vote   media: Vampire 1 Concept Art
feltorn Jul 23 2009, 7:45pm says:


Hope this doesn't die! I'm a massive discworld fan! this mod has the potential to me amazing!

+1 vote   mod: Ankh-Morpork for Oblivion
feltorn Mar 29 2009, 7:19pm says:

Whats this?
A realistic city???

In My Half-Life 2???


+1 vote   media: pic of city almost finished
feltorn Mar 17 2009, 8:53pm says:

"Salice Lammar Victoria"

I see what you did thare!

Seras Victoria from Hellsing and Kliners pet headcrab? oh my, this may become quite interesting...

+1 vote   mod: Vice=GriP
feltorn Feb 14 2009, 8:52pm says:

Uh, guys, I just noticed. This hasn't actually been mirrored yet (lol)

We'll have a mirrored version with you soon.

+1 vote   media: Hands render
feltorn Sep 21 2008, 7:44pm replied:

that doesnt matter, if you can make a decent model, even a simple one, and UV map it, your in.

+1 vote   mod: Contrakt
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