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Entoan Feb 24 2014 says:

Just got back into horror and I am glad that I tried your game out. Definitely one of the scarier horror games that I have played. Started a let's play of it if you want to check it out, just click the link below.

0 votes   game: The Cursed Forest
Entoan Dec 26 2013 says:

I can say that I will be excited for the full release of this mod. The setting looked good, puzzles were not to complicated to do but not to easy, and there were some scares that did get me. I also did not notice any bugs so that is also a plus.

I can not rate this mod just yet because it is not the full release but it is one of the best demos that I played, though it could have been a little longer XD

My part 1 will be down below and my part 2 will be released on the 28th which contains most of the scares.

Part 1

+3 votes   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
Entoan Dec 26 2013 replied:

All you have to do is put the Necrologue_demo_en folder in the Amnesia The Dark Decent folder. You do not need to pull anything out of the Necrologue_demo_en folder. So you will not be replacing
billboards, config, etc.

Then the remaining 3 files just place them in the amnesia the dark decent folder (Not in the Necrologue_demo_en folder) and launch from the bat file(Necrologue_demo_en.bat)

Hope that helps you out.

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
Entoan Dec 23 2013 says:

It's looking good :) Keep up the great work and take all the time you need because I really want this game to scare me :D

+1 vote   game: Equestrian Terrors
Entoan Nov 1 2013 says:

You shouldn't use copyrighted music in your games, if you want youtubers to play it. Alot of them will avoid this game do to that. I was going to make a let's play but I don't want to have a copyright strike or anything like that on my channel.

Just giving you aheads up on that for the next game

-1 votes   game: Project 0: The Piano
Entoan Sep 12 2013 says:

In all honesty I was really hyped up for this game since it was the sequel for Amnesia: The Dark Descent but it did not live up to the standard I had for the game.

There are a lot of things that are better then The Dark Descent, such as the graphics, setting, story, etc.... I do feel like these were good things but I feel the story was so heavy focused on you forgot about the GAMEPLAY.

I was thinking that this was going to be one of the scariest games out there but it does not come close at all. There are hardly any monsters to run from and you guys took away some of the key features of AMNESIA. Such as collecting oil and having to maintain that oil so you can keep using it. This game just lets you run unlimited lantern which made the game so much easier and less scary then what it should have been. Also the puzzles are so simple I feel like no one should have trouble with them, half of the stuff is right in front of you that it is nearly impossible to fail at any of them. Also why is darkness not a factor of fear anymore, I thought the bugs eating away at the brain was perfect but you guys also stripped that away in A Machine For Pigs. Also the AI need to be fixed, there were alot of times where I was standing 2 feet from them and they never tried to chase me.

I hardly feel like this is the sequel to the original let alone a horror game. I wanted to be terrified, I wanted to be constantly screaming, I wanted AMNESIA.... I can only hope you guys will realize your mistake and make it up with a DLC.

7/10 is actually really nice of me to give this game for a rating. I don't know about you but I am severely disappointed with this game.

If you want to watch The Ending or Part 1 the links will be below.

Part 1:


+8 votes   game: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
Entoan Sep 11 2013 says:

Please tell me you are going to make this game scary because I was actually disappointed in A Machine For Pigs...

I got the game for the CS to, so that is the plus side of things XD Just have to hope that CS will actually pull through for me

0 votes   mod: Amnesia: Lost in the Dark
Entoan Aug 31 2013 says:

So Far I have played for about an hour an a half of your mod. I really think you have some really interesting and unique scares. I actually mean unique scares which I am happy about. I am still hoping that it will become more frighting at the end though XD The story is also a plus, same with the map making because it actually makes sense lol. Anyways if you want to watch my part 1 you can click the link, I am up to part 4 but those will be uploaded later XD

+1 vote   mod: Key to Freedom
Entoan Aug 30 2013 says:

I thought the demo had really good puzzles and the atmosphere was perfect, but I really wished you had one scare in the demo. I did really enjoy it but I was semi disappointed that there wasn't anything that made me scream. I was terrified because of the atmosphere but I just needed a threat at one point to make the scream come out of me. I am looking forward to the full release though. I really want to see how scary this mod truly is. I am not saying that the mod demo was bad, I just wanted a little more that is all. If you want to check out my part 1 there will be link and part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow

-1 votes   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
Entoan Aug 6 2013 replied:

Thank You for responding :) I always appreciate when the creators respond to actual comments.

I will give it another go with my friends sometime soon :) Keep improving the game, can't wait for this horror multiplayer to run perfectly fine.

+1 vote   game: Damned
Entoan Aug 5 2013 says:

I think your game is pretty fun other then a few bugs that need to be fixed.

One of the bugs that is pretty big is when the host dies it usually messes up the game to where, the monster and humans can't see each other. I am not sure why this happens but it does. Also the game does crash occasionally I don't really know what reason it does.

Right now I rate this game and 8 but can change when the obvious bugs get fixed

I did a few videos though if you would like to watch them you are more then welcomed to :)

+2 votes   game: Damned
Entoan Jul 5 2013 replied:

I think he is talking about the description up top

"This is a completely custom story WITHOUT a story! There are only monsters and scares. I apologize for appearing bugs or strange textures! Have fun with the story!"

He might be hinting at that. I didn't notice it the first time either XD

+2 votes   mod: The Dark Troll
Entoan Jul 4 2013 replied:

Still a win in my book XD

I will probably wait a few updates to play this again. I will defiantly play this in beta. Depending on how much you add in the updates I may play it multiple times. When you make a update would you mind listing what you have done in it?

It helps me determine when it is a good time to play it again.

+1 vote   game: VANISH
Entoan Jul 4 2013 says:

I COMPLETED IT :D (Link Down Below)

It was a pretty hard game to complete in my opinion. Though I am excited that I gave it another try :)

I realized the more I played it the creepier the game got, including the sounds, especially near the end of it.

There are alot of things that I like about this game one of which is that you don't always get the same note every time. I was actually surprised by how few I got were the same. It kinda made it feel new every time I played it again. Also how the map is, not trying to spoil anything really helps the replay value. Also the monster is unique, at least I haven't seen one similar to it.

I will be looking to future updates for this game, as of right now I rate out 9/10. I am willing to change it to a 10 depending on what you add to updated versions of the game :)

my completed playthrough

+1 vote   game: VANISH
Entoan Jul 2 2013 says:

I am honestly surprised that you call it alpha XD it seems like it is so far past that lol Though I am very curious on what you guys plan to do next with the game since it is 0.1.

This is one of the best indie horror games that I have played and I will be looking forward to future updates :D

My Playthrough

+2 votes   game: VANISH
Entoan Jul 1 2013 says:

Take all the time you need. I have been tracking alot of mods and all of them were rushed and pretty crappy in my opinion. I really want to see another good mod that is worth putting on my channel :)

+1 vote   media: Rivet City "Tileset" - babysteps
Entoan Jun 29 2013 says:

I thought your game was pretty good :) thanks to dlive though I was able to find it :D

I honestly like jumpscares so I have no problem with it and I will be looking forward to games that you make in the future.

If you want to watch my let's play of it here it is

+2 votes   game: Mental
Entoan Jun 26 2013 says:

I told you guys I would beat and now here it is :D (link at the bottom)

I am glad you listened to the feedback it really made a difference. Especially with the brightness of the game. Now the thing I think you guys should work on is how slender looks

There is alot of ways that you can make slender look better in my opinion. One of which is just try to improve the graphics but that is not my real suggestion. Since this takes place in a different culture I thought that maybe changing slender's look would be an interesting take. Changing him to look similar to the manikins is my suggestion. I would keep how his body looks (tall and slender) but change his actual look to be more like the manikins in the game. The only reason why I am saying to change the look is because it takes place in a different setting/culture. Most cultures/locations have different looks in for gods, monsters, and creatures. It is just a thought though, but the slender ai at least needs a graphic makeover XD

my rate is 8/10 but it could go up in later versions

here is me getting all the pages

+4 votes   game: Segatakai
Entoan Jun 14 2013 says:

There are a few bugs in this game that I found in the game. For some reason some things disappeared when I walked into the house. It reappeared but it was gone for a moment. Also you can walk into part of the ceiling.

I did like the game though because I always enjoy when a game scares me :)
I did a playthrough of the game if you would like to watch

+2 votes   game: Pizza Delivery - Interactive Fiction
Entoan Jun 11 2013 says:

I personally like this game alot but there are a few things that I think should be adjusted.

The first thing is to adjust the brightness of the game. I honestly could not see when I was in the house without my lantern. When it was off I was running into the wall. Outside was still hard to see but I could do it barely.

Another thing I would say to do is maybe make the static not go up so quickly because again it makes it hard to see.

Anyways I did a playthrough of it so if you want to check it out here is the link :)

+3 votes   game: Segatakai
Entoan Jun 9 2013 says:

If you were having trouble with the planet puzzle then this will most likely help you :)There will be more parts in the future but since I have got personal messages asking how to solve the puzzle I thought it would be best to put in on this page :) Sorry for spamming I don't usually do it :/

+1 vote   game: BlackSoul
Entoan Jun 8 2013 says:

I am definitely excited about playing this game :) It looks well done and I am hoping it will be scaring me like crazy :) When it comes out expect a video from me :)

+4 votes   game: Segatakai
Entoan Jun 8 2013 replied:

it is not out yet... There is no release date so your going to have to wait

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
Entoan Jun 5 2013 says:

I am definitely excited about this mod :) It looks really nice and I hope that there will be some nice scares in it.

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
Entoan Jun 4 2013 says:

If you want to play the game just make sure you only have one folder with all the data in it, (NOT 2). Then pull the unity symbol out the one called little Emily to your desktop and then you can play. That is all there is to solving the problem.

I played the game but I didn't really like it, just seemed like random jumpscares that didn't really make any sense :/ Also you have some glitches on some of the things that pop out, some of them were halved, and some showed the thing that pops out but no sound. Just thought I would let you know

+2 votes   game: Little Emily
Entoan May 31 2013 says:

When you go to the forums, it seems like they are going to have that game released around august or September. I think the release date on this site is wrong but I sure wish it was right XD

+4 votes   game: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
Entoan May 30 2013 says:

I really did enjoy this game even though I am stumped on a puzzle XD I think the music/sound choice was perfect but I would add music/sound to the main menu. Puzzles are a little difficult but I don't think that is a bad thing personally because it makes the person actual think :)

I haven't finished the demo but so far I go over 20 minutes on just the demo alone, I don't know how long the demo is though. Either way just for the demo wise I am satisfied with the length.

Camera angles are fine I just suck at fighting in these type of games so just know I suck at it, it is not the games fault lol

The graphics for this type of game is really high quality, especially for an indie game.

If you are having trouble running the game make sure you click on a file called oalinst and make sure you graphics card is updated. you can click on PhysX_9.10.0513_SystemSoftware in the folder to get the graphics that are required for this game but if you update your graphics card regularly you shouldn't need it. Also S2Configuration is what allows you to change it to whatever size you want like 720p, 1080, etc. That should help out everyone who is having problems running it

If you want to see the first part of the playthrough here it is :D

+3 votes   game: BlackSoul
Entoan May 29 2013 replied:

It's fine, at least you fixed it :)You will probably see me tomorrow playing your game XD

+2 votes   game: BlackSoul
Entoan May 29 2013 says:

I see you took the demo off so it probably wasn't just me XD, will it be up later?

+2 votes   game: BlackSoul
Entoan May 29 2013 says:

There is a huge bug for me. When you go to the house next to the mansion, once I enter and head outside to get the crowbar and the wrench. Once I defeat that zombie and head back in, I lose my items for some reason and everything I picked up in my house re spawns, the ammo and the antidote. I kept retrying to keep my crowbar and wrench but everytime I went back and forth I kept losing the items. I don't know if this is just a problem for me, it shouldn't be really because my computer is actually a pretty good machine, but it keeps happening. I want to do a playthrough of your demo really bad. I just can't seem to get it to work for some reason. I will try a couple of more times and see if anything changed

+2 votes   game: BlackSoul
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