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Mod review

I keep this short since after playing this I do not feel the will to keep close to this mod more than necessary (already deinstalled by the way).

Gun-play is regular HL2 without variation except the usable manhack. Unfortunately you can not use it much compared to the overused other weapons which are also overly used for puzzle solving with bug-broken scripts.

Difficulty is hard. This would not be a problem if the fights where designed interesting but instead you have badly designed wave-attacks (somebody needs to do research about how wave-attack game mechanics are correctly designed) or arenas small as a pin-head with turrets all around the sides which are invulnerable (maybe bug but makes it night impossible).

The main critic points which remove points are tons of game breaking bugs making you do the right thing half an hour long just to watch a walkthrough to learn you killed a specific enemy with the wrong weapon and the scripts broke.

More minus points for the level design. Of course ego shooter have a tendency to funnel players through corridors but this mod here is so hard next to a train-shooter it's not funny anymore. In many maps the designed tried so hard to turn them into a winding one-way track with 1m spacing left and right the track possible it's just annoying. Pairing this with uninspired design choice and the problem is perfect. Lighting is good though and some design ideas would be good if the player would have been given some more space and not being locked up in a tin can.

And yeah... there is a story? Really? I hardly call this a story. You are a combine doing "something" and there are rebels doing "something". I think this one room towards the end is supposed to be the story but that's a bit "thin". Other mods had been shorter and showed more story than this one.

All in all the idea of playing as a combine is good and gives room for ideas but this mod failed at diving into the room and instead killed itself off with design problems and bugs. Gave it a five since in this state I can not recommend it as a good mod. With game breaking bugs fixed this would be a 6 or maybe a 7.


Half-Life: Caged

Mod review - 1 disagree

This one goes into the category of "it's alright".

Music is good and fitting if you like the sound of that time.

Mapping is somehow bland and uninspired. Feels constructed and not vivid like other maps I've seen Feels like coming out of a mapping workshop. It's solid but I could have played something better instead.

Action pacing is solid.

Puzzles are present albeit not very creative.

And what? 6 achievements? For a short mod? Stupid achievements really are invading every crane and notch nowadays.

All in all I went in with a good feeling and came out with a bad one. You know... the sort of "time wasted" one. Thumbs up for music and dev-commentary but that's about it.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Mod review - 5 agree - 14 disagree

I can't get around than feeling this is over-rated from one end to the other. This mod (or however you want to call it) has been a real mess to get working in the first place. Then once it's working it's so horribly unstable you see CTDs more often than a dead cat on the road sees black rubber.
- Talk to an NPD: random CTD!
- Change map: random CTD!
- Walk over a dead body: random CTD!
- Sneeze in the wrong time: random CTD!
Of course anybody having ever played a STALKER game knows that you need to spam the quick-save key every 10s or you loose your game to random CTDs but in this mod it's extreme. Many other mods are less crash-happy than that one.

Ignoring the stability problems for the moment the strong point of the mod is the inclusion of tons of maps. But what good are maps if nothing is in it? Jogging all the way through dark scape and the only thing I've met in these 10 minutes had been two lonely bandits not knowing what they should do there. So in general maps are empty... empty... horribly empty! I read somewhere this is supposed to be a modder source but then I think it should have been released also as such. With no story, mostly empty maps and really next to no tasks around to do there is really no reason to play this mod at all. If somebody can use it to make a "real" mod all the better but from a player perspective this is not worth the time.

- horrible stability
+ many maps
- empty maps
+ free to join any factions
- no story and no tasks to do anything but poking your nose

Recommended for players? NO
Recommended for modders? YES


Paranoia 2: Savior

Game review - 1 agree

First game crashes now important NPCs stuck on geometry preventing you to trigger important triggers so you are helplessly stuck in the beginning of the game. I'm sorry to say this but right now this is a bug-galore and unplayable.



Mod review - 21 agree - 5 disagree

Unplayable due to CTD right before the intro video while vanilla CoP and other mods for it work. For this alone I would not give a 1 but if the devers do not even respond in the first place and then not caring at all since "we don't care about CTDs caused at startup by our mod" then this deserves a 1 for bad handling. And a mod that crashes and is not playable doesn't warannt anything more than a 1. Having bugs (even way too many according to various posts all over the Internet) is not a problem for me as long as you intend to fix it sooner or later. With "we don't care" though I've got a serious huge beef. Should this startup CTD caused solely by this mod is tackled I'll re-evaluate the score. Up to then it's 1 especially for bad community/bug handling.


Metro: Last Light

Game review

Metro 2033

Game review

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Game review


Mod review

The idea of the mod is all nice and dandy but a few things are a big problem. The biggest problem is the difficulty. Enemies do ~25% damage a hit... you do next to no damage per hit and health items are next to non-existent. After a couple of maps it is impossible to continue with next to no HP left. Furthermore the mapping is kinda bland: corridors... corridors... and yet again corridors. CryOfFear shows how a good level design works. With this mod though after some way into it you just have no will to continue as it is simply not fun like CoF had been just annoying. With better balancing and more interesting mapping I would give this a better mark but they it stands right now 6 is the best I can give.


Half-Life: "Ultimate Attack"

Mod review - 1 agree - 4 disagree

Broken mod. Models to not show up or most of them don't. Unplayable like this.

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