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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Game review - 4 agree - 19 disagree

Short one this time as I can't bother with more with this crap.

- Story (TES-Lore) totally bastardized by retcons (totally breaks existing TES universe)
- Controls on PC beyond funny (UI handling catastrphic)
- Various game mechanics ripped out and replace with dumbed down crap
- Level system in general a joke
- Good graphics
- Character building dumbed down a lot
- NPCs in general are bland and generic (animations or faces nearly non-existent)
- Quests quite generic and boring

Overall RP in the name but not really in the game. Better as Oblivion but miles away from Morrowind.

Side note: Whoever calls this "best game ever" either has brain cancer or never played actually good games. Right now this game can't be recommended especially not for the full price. If you find this later in a sales box you can try but if you like good games this is definitely not what you are looking for. Especially if you like TES then this is a fist in the face and should be buried on the depths of the ocean with a big cement block around the legs.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Game review - 4 agree - 2 disagree

It has good points like the weapons, the conversation system, traders, the hacking system and the city hubs but then again it lacks in places original game shined like the lack of choice, cranked up boss fights, lackluster story and ending as well as modern abominations like auto-healing or cover system. What goes for DX:HR it is solid game that is riddled by design mistakes and that did not fully get what the original game has been all about. It's nothing outstanding and for sure can not reach the level of the original game but it is definitely an improvement over Deus-Ex Invisible Wars and it is definitely a step back into the right direction. With the lack of SDK, no real replay value unless you skipped half of the game on purpose and parts of the game ripped apart by DLC, I can't really recommend as must play.

Let's see how the next game turns out. The course is right. They just have to get the dirt out their engines and they have a good chance to hit again the sweet spot Deus-Ex did back then. DX:HR isn't there yet. But one can learn from mistakes... hopefully.

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The Stanley Parable

Mod review - 21 agree - 3 disagree

Nice idea for an unconventional mod. The narrator stands out the most. Long time since I heard such a perfect English and such a high class intonation work. The lines written for him though are great too. In general a very nice take on connecting the narrator with the player and the world around him. Only minus point for the mapping problems. Lighting is a pain in some places and definitely needs work as it drags down an otherwise great mod.


Action Halflife 2

Mod review - 1 agrees

If you liked AHL (either HL or Quake) then you should also like AHL2. Fun mod to play. Only minus points for the notorious crashes and map bugs which for some reason got ported over from AHL. Otherwise you should not miss this if you liked the original AHL.



Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagrees

Overall this is a good mod and definitely one to recommend.

Personally I could not find much story in the prologue part (the action part) but it's coherent and well presented so that's not a problem. Level design is good and except a few places you know where to go. The level sequence is a bit wanted but that's the case in next to all FPS due to the requirement of linear gameplay so you should not be disappointed. Voice acting is good although in some places a bit low volume but I play anyways always with sub-titles enabled so this doesn't matter. Weapons look nice and the damage model works well. The scopes on various rifles are annoying but I've yet to see an FPS which does iron/scope sighting properly (if you ever had been in military service you know what I mean) so not a problem for the score. Controls though need work and that gives a minus point. Hitting objects or walls makes strafing dis-functional while walking so you get stuck often requiring you to duck-walk or jump your way back. After some time though you learn what map geometry and movements get you stuck. In the house though it's tricky to avoid getting stuck. While a nuisance it's not a show-stopper at all. For some reason the house doesn't save correctly so the progress is lost. What causes this I don't know so it won't affect the score. The house exploration part is good and interesting. Sound and music is also well done and fits the mood.

So overall this is a well done job with a minus point for control issues and some points here and there requiring more polish. It's definitely a mod you should play. Just try to get yourself enough time to play it through in one go as in my case the house didn't save (inside the game yes but not if I left the game).


Dino D-Day

Mod review

Nightmare House 2

Mod review - 4 agree - 4 disagree

It's a bit difficult to talk about the mod without any spoilers in it so let's try.

The mod comes along with the premise of a "horror" mod. When it gets down to horror there seem to be two different camps at work. One is the original (or what I consider the real) horror camp which works with tension, the unknown, the surprise, and the suspense of what happens next. You work with the not obvious and trying to play with the viewers mind in a subtle way. This creates the motions one looks for. The other camp seems to be the Doom3 camp where everything is obvious, lots of flickering lits for no reason, split second "ghosts" which only hurt the eyes than having any other effect than being annoying and walking past zombies on the ground knowing exactly they stand up when you try to open a door. This mod falls into the second camp. If you are into true horror you will be disappointed, if Doom3 is your taste then you like it.

Now to the rest of the mod besides the weak horror part. Controls in general are well if there would not be this annoying head-bob which makes you plain sick. Lucky me the straight-running sections are few and far in between so the negative effect stays to a minimum. Good is the change from slower paced over no-light sequence to the group section. The story is solid while having a bunch of flaws like the girl being rather unexplained or you leading the group as they don't know where the exit is but in the end they suddenly lead you saying "i know where the exit is". What? Didn't you just say?... Never mind. Boss fight is done nicely although it took me some time to get the last step (obvious and not obvious at the same time). There's too much ammo but most probably because of the zombie shooting sequence.

All in all a polished mod with a solid story and a decent play time. Minus points for few plot holes, failing at horror and the annoying camera. In general I had a good time playing it. 8.5 if this would be possible.


Open Game Engine

Engine review

Deus Ex

Game review

Slums 2

Mod review
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