As Artyom, burdened by guilt but driven by hope, you hold the key to our survival – the last light in our darkest hour...

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Delivering all the same quality elements from Metro 2033 yet providing little improvement will keep the game from reaching its full potential.

It suffers the same weaknesses and constitutes a gaming experience that is almost identical to the former release Metro 2033.

While offering a seemingly longer storyline and value for the money the lack of improvement in overall depth and game mechanics will prevent the game from scoring a 10/10.

One of the best horror-themed games. The only thing I complain about is that it is still linear gameplay...but apart from that: revolutionary visuals, very much improved weapon handling and weapon customization.

An absolutely beautiful example of what a PC game can look like. The textures and all those basics are good, however the lighting is just beautiful and the environmental effects add a great deal to the world. This may easily well be the best looking game I have ever played.

You have to manually charge the battery that powers your light every now & then, replace the filter on your mask, along with a whole bunch of other little things that make the game just that much more immersive. But none of these little things ever feel like they are in the way, if anything they add an element of immersion I wish other developers would bother to put in their games.

The guns feel great and more enjoyable than any other game in recent memory. Each has about 3-4 customization options from stocks and scopes to different barrel tips among other weapon specific components.

The human AI can be a bit janky at times but mutants are intelligent and you'll spend plenty of time fighting them. Also I come across maybe 2-3 bugs through the whole game, one of them forced a checkpoint restart. Though checkpoints are hardly more than 10 minutes apart so it's not an issue at all, as there are barely any bugs in the first place.

The world is very linear but often allows for some exploration after about two to three hours into the game. If they were to make a Fallout-esq open world game in this world that wasn't so story driven it could easily be game of the decade worthy.

The story is alright, the world is interesting, and occasionally you'll encounter the game's horror element which does indeed go beyond creepy mutants crawling about. Though in the end, I have pretty much no issue with the game at all aside from it holding your hand too long at the start.

All in all, its certainly worth the $45 I paid and I encourage you to play ranger mode even if you're new.

Smoother, more refined than Metro 2033. Noticeable enhancements with AI, gameplay, graphics, and optimization. Even more ambient dialogue, a new journal system to keep you up to date, and good writing make this game stand out. The pace is noticeably faster than the original.

really nice

the dark ambience still the same but more terrifying and those sounds damn!

i had an experience, one great moment of terror in one of the tunnels, where everything was surrounded by ghost and i only was there cause a nice rifle call me heh... it was a really awesome experience :D

oh and the engine, it seems like you did a great optimization :) but i would like to perform it a little more so i can run it to my visual preference but anyway it's a really recomendable game 9/10

Metro Last Light Is One OF The Greatest Games I've Every Played In History. Thank You

This game is eye candy looks amazing on my oculus rift making it very submersive it will scary with the lights off and its dark outside wished thq was still around to see it come into a great game

The best ************* action horror game

I really like this game! Best atmoshpere I ever felt

This game was amazing, the developers are true geniuses. Not only was this game a technical masterpiece but It has great atmosphere and a amazing story (which is rarely found together). I greatly enjoyed playing this game and hope more people will enjoy it as well.

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