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10 Review

Game Review on Jun 24th, 2011

I have never played a game as gripping as the half-life series. The first half-life blew my mind, the strategy and problem solving involved was unlike any game of its time. Then the sequel "Half-Life 2". My god what perfection. Its as if the employees at Valve said: "Let there be awesome." and there was awesome. i could go into detail but sadly that would be a spoiler. So all i can say is:

Graphics: 10

Gameplay: 10

Story: 10

Acting: 9

Weapons: 10

Characters: 10

Engine: 10(physics for the win)

Final verdict: 10 out f*cking 10.

Fallout: New Vegas
8 Review

Game Review on Jun 22nd, 2011

I waited until the price dropped to twenty dollars to buy this game, thinking it would disappoint me like Fallout 3 did. I'd heard of bugs making the game a nuisance to play, and that scared me off for a while. But from the time I awoke and saw "Doc Mitchel"s wrinkled face, the game was amazing. It was like Fallout 3 in the sense that the title had "Fallout" in it and that once again your goal is to find someone. Other than that, the game was original, and set to be a hit. The conversations choices were, like always, often humorous, and fun to do. The decision making, seemed to actually make a difference in the outcome of the game. Ive played it through twice and on my third play through i am still finding things i hadn't noticed before. From start to finish Fallout: New Vegas will keep you entertained with eye-candy, action, and a great sense of humor.

Pros: New story, new weapons, more ares to explore, more things to kill, more action-per-step than Fallout 3, more creative characters, more in-depth quests.

Cons: Often buggy, Iron-sights were obviously done hurriedly for its early release(if you play you will see what i mean), no upgrade in graphics that i can see.

4 Review

Game Review on Jun 22nd, 2011 - 3 people agree 3 people don't

I fell in love with BRINK when i first saw it's humble page on steam. Far before it was on everyone's eye. When i pre-ordered it at gamestop, i had the great feeling of anticipation one gets a the night before Christmas. In my mind, the game could not fail. Then i played it. I ran, jumped and shot my way through the campaign in less than three days, i maxed our my single player upgrades in a week, and started playing online a few days later. The mechanics worked well, the visuals were to die for, but when i finished the game, it left me unsatisfied. I thought it was going to leave me awestruck, like the end of BioShock. I thought it would leave me insane with anticipation for the sequel, like Half-Life. But when i finished... i just... finished. That was it. It just ended. not even gracefully. It was action-action-action, escort-escort-escort, protect-protect-protect, over. I thought i was going to be playing a fun alternative to fallout, an action packed alternative to mirrors edge. But what i got was the ability to move like a parkour feind, but not the area to do so. The maps were almost those of corridor shooters. The game had so much potential. But it wasted it. I love the idea, and maybe the sequel will be better, but repetitive objectives(capture the enemy health depot, set up turret, blow up door, hack computer), tight maps, and meaningless campaign weigh down the otherwise great graphics and mechanics.

Garry’s Mod 10
10 Review

Game Review on Apr 11th, 2010

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Perfect Dark: Source
10 Review

Mod Review on Mar 7th, 2010

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Situation Outbreak
10 Review

Mod Review on Feb 2nd, 2010

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Age of Chivalry
10 Review

Mod Review on Jan 31st, 2010

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10 Review

Game Review on Jan 30th, 2010

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Splitscreen on L4D 2 (2 persons play on same pc)
1 Review

Mod Review on Jan 8th, 2010

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Shotgun Sunrise
10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 20th, 2009

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