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Derb Jul 31 2011, 10:40pm replied:

Im just gonna go out and say it. Moppop, your a prick.

+3 votes     article: No mod support for Battlefield 3
Derb Jul 19 2011, 11:23pm replied:

melee weapons are the only weapons you get ex. hammer, pickaxe.

+1 vote     game: Penumbra: Overture
Derb Jul 9 2011, 8:51pm replied:

Killing Floor for the win!

+2 votes     article: Trying to avoid enemies...?
Derb Jul 9 2011, 8:45pm says:

Alright, so i see what you guys are going for with that, me being an avid player and great fan of the penumbra series, realize that hiding from an enemy is easier than killing it in a horror game! But the blades idea is something that i dont think fits very well, because unless that particular monster is made of blades or something, why would it have such an ability? and if players want to hide from ememies other than killing them, why not give them that option? it is, in fact, a tactic! I think that instead of punishing the player for hiding, you should reward the player for killing an enemy face to face, ex. extra drops, adrenaline type boost making the player run faster. things like that. But of course i will play this mod no matter what! and its looking good guys!

+4 votes     article: Trying to avoid enemies...?
Derb Jun 30 2011, 3:11pm says:

Looks good man! im liken the weapons!

+4 votes     mod: Soulless
Derb Jun 30 2011, 3:10pm replied:

I like how dafatcat was making a joke and then everyone goes off on the history of Britain versus Australia when im just looking forward to the release of an awesome looking mod.

+2 votes     mod: Soulless
Derb Mar 13 2011, 11:53pm says:

Will the eels and other undersea creatures hurt you if touched? or serve as a health regen for sharks or something? the game looks very fluid as is! i like it!

+1 vote     article: There's blood in the water!
Derb Feb 12 2011, 11:28pm says:

what i see is the storyline of RE:4 with "Rambo" off of box heads.

Dude. You guys are either really stupid or really genius. Tracking!!!!!!

BTW, art looks great! i cant wait!

+1 vote     game: BioTerror
Derb Feb 2 2011, 11:38pm replied:

Thats like saying that every truck is a ford rip-off, or every burger is a Mc Donnalds rip off. Just because it is the same genre doesnt mean its the same game. Dont be so narrow minded.

+2 votes     mod: The Fifties
Derb Jan 25 2011, 10:14pm says:

haha! looks good! One myth that you cant possibly leave out is Dracula! that is by far the most famous myth of all time!

+1 vote     mod: Project: Myth
Derb Jan 25 2011, 10:09pm replied:

The hidden is nothing like this? sometimes people are stuuuupid. I wonder if anyone who posts these negative comments has a life?

+2 votes     article: Exodus is now dead, but...
Derb Jan 15 2011, 10:30pm says:

I love it! the neon cross makes me want dance to some disco! haha! it would be awesome if in the final product the church music in the church was disco style! haha! anyways i love it!

+2 votes     article: Warm Gun - Showcase: Dear Lord
Derb Jan 15 2011, 2:39pm says:

I think that it looks cartoon just because of lighting in the shot,the bright colors mixed with bright lighting could make it look that way, iether way it looks awesome!

+1 vote     media: WG-Phoenix
Derb Jan 9 2011, 10:06pm says:

Do you think you will ad a single player mode?

+1 vote     mod: Situation Outbreak Two
Derb Dec 31 2010, 7:39pm says:

hey its the least i can do! The game looks great!

+3 votes     member: EmotionalRobot
Derb Dec 29 2010, 1:13am says:

I loved it! there are a few bugs everyone else pointed out so wont repeat them but it was realy fun! good job! I loved the santa hats XD!

+1 vote     download: Nazi zombies portable alpha v1 pc
Derb Dec 27 2010, 5:09pm replied:

Well, normal people would give constructive criticism not destructive criticism. I agree that it has some problems that need fixing but saying "This mod sucks" "Retarded with a "d" not a "t"" "This mod sucks" "Why dont you give up on this?" "This mod sucks" "This mod sucks" I have a problem with that. It does not address any problem and it makes the developer feel like crap. So yes. People who flame like that do have personal issues. I have flamed. Ive posted rude comments but one thing i dont do is keep posting the same thing over and over agian on the same mod.

+2 votes     mod: Exodus
Derb Dec 27 2010, 5:04pm replied:

haha! yeah but jsut because the synopsis is badly writen doesnt mean people have to be rude to the developer...

+3 votes     mod: Exodus
Derb Dec 25 2010, 5:32pm replied:

I second that. Croco your like me. we appreciate anothers hard work.

+1 vote     article: Exodus: Change
Derb Dec 25 2010, 3:51pm says:

Stop flaming guys. Realy. Do any of you have lives? No offense but if all you can do is sit around posting rude disrespectful comments on the same mod over and over again then obviously you have some unresolved personal issues of your own. Yeah we all miss your girlfriend but she dumped you for a reason. Maybe because your so rude. This team has been working hard on the mod. Sure there are some spelling errors, and i agree that the synopsis is badly written but who cares? This team is making a game for you guys, developing it for free. Posting it for free. And allowing you to play it for free. For that i thank them. Good job guys keep working and dont pay attention to any flaming losers.

+3 votes     mod: Exodus
Derb Dec 24 2010, 6:43pm says:

On feet, portal foot pads, awesome guys great work.

+1 vote     media: Female Assassin
Derb Dec 24 2010, 11:29am replied:

Except better. This is indie you know? that means finite resources and people and budget. Which means that this game was made by the best. Great job guys. (Finite= ending Infinite=never ending.)

+1 vote     game: Warm Gun
Derb Dec 22 2010, 7:57pm replied:

Built in moddeling?

+2 votes     engine: 3D Rad
Derb Dec 22 2010, 6:42pm says:

Id buy this for 100 bucks man. Looks great. Looks better than my girlfriend. (Dont tell her i said that!)

+6 votes     game: Warm Gun
Derb Dec 12 2010, 4:18pm says:

I told you! she came on to me!

+1 vote     media: Rough Art
Derb Dec 12 2010, 1:46am says:

Is your engine easy to use? Like, could one person easily make a small scale game after fiddling about in it for a few weeks to learn the interface?

+2 votes     member: RecbHunk
Derb Dec 11 2010, 7:47pm says:

Hye, im new to unity! any people who could help me can friend me if youd like!

+2 votes     group: Unity devs
Derb Dec 11 2010, 6:55pm replied:

I made them black and white on purpose...

+1 vote     mod: All Alone: Dream World
Derb Dec 11 2010, 6:53pm replied:

The one texture sidways is a joke, and doesnt take away from the game. The lighting has been added in the finished product that i havent posted yet. Like i siad before. If iwas flaming him i would have just siad "Your a douche. F*** you."

+1 vote     media: Big House
Derb Dec 11 2010, 2:14pm says:

This image was made in GIMP.Parts of it were real images, the graph in the background is an image i scanned into it. The rest was drawn in GIMP, i tried to make it look hand drawn... idk. If its dumb let me know!

+1 vote     media: Mother-In-Law
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