The world’s first cooperative multiplayer vehicular objective-based zombie Western.

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Great mod, needs some people to host servers though.

A derivative zombie shooter that adds little to the Half Life 2 family. Far inferior to Gary's mod. It is also a shame about the author's intolerant views.

so fun


simply one word... BOOOOOOOZE

great game, its a shame there are no online servers when you click find servers, although if you didn't know, you can join a servers IP that you find on the internet or even one of a friend

This mod is awesome! But there were some bugs which are annoying. The guys who made it definitely have a sense of humour. The part with a BOOSE was very cool, I love it! Logic tasks, nice voices, nice music! It is a real 2 hour adventure to the Wild West.
Make sure you grab at least one friend to play with you, otherwise it will not be so fun. To be able to join your friend's server you need to know his direct IP (e.g. and type in console: connect

like a boss game

Great survival

I love it

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