Brink is an immersive first-person shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience, allowing you to develop your character whether playing alone, with your friends, or against others online. You decide the combat role you want to assume in the world of Brink as you fight to save yourself and mankind’s last refuge. Brink offers a compelling mix of dynamic battlefields, extensive customization options, and an innovative control system that will keep you coming back for more.

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After seeing all of the bad reviews on the game I rented it and was curious of where all of the flaws they stated were I feel that the game was great the one objective may require people who specialize in one class however a minute later another objective will require a whole different specialization. the A.I. was pretty good they knew how to attack and when to defend I even saw one or two try hiding in a corner waiting for someone to come and try to attack the object they are trying to defend the character customization was actually pretty good I had a pretty good idea of what i would look like however my brain was full of other ideas of how my character could look. the story is not very well fleshed out and by the time you pass the opening scene that's about as far story wise the basic premise is that the world was restricted to one gigantic boat known as the "ark." after a while a bunch of people show up and take up space they are welcomed with open arms however after some time in the ark people began to question if there were people outside on a different part of the world so they begin a resistance who seem a little bit like extreme anarchists however they live pretty terrible lives in slums with very low amount of supplies showing that they have reason for their attitude, they work so they can escape the ark the security however have the job of protecting the ark and it's people however they are very oppressive and put their own people before the newer residents however even though the game had a cut scene before each mission i would recognize the characters between the cut scenes but never actually got a feel for them as people. The controls take some getting used to however once you get used to it the controls actually seem pretty good. Overall i do not completely agree with the reviews with this game as long as you aren't looking for a deep story you will find great game play and some pretty solid controls.

the game has ok gameplay nice grapics the online is horrible it says my
connection was good but i was lagging like hell and the story mode was to
short and the lack of maps it had. i first like it but the more i played
it the more the worse it gets.

I bought it full-price (50€) back in the day.
For 20€ it would be a 5/10, I guess.

I'm not saying this game is bad... But it definately isn't good, either!

The game has its flaws. I know. Its been attacking for having "odd" grenades. But despite it, it had an excellent almost perfect customization structure built up that no FPS or custom-maker in games have created. The guns sounds are a bit less "realistic" but its about gameplay to know if its good. Gameplay is actually pretty good. Its has a good AI set so offline gameplay can be enjoyable as well as online. The game had its downfall right at the beginning. But after several patches, I think its a given an okay game. Its better than a lot of other failed FPS had to offer. Don't put down a game for possibly minor details. The one thing I think they should justify in the game is more maps. It needs more maps. And possibly a mod tool (which will likely never occur even past its released date for years). With the community, we could have built more onto this game adding more customization including maps.

The gameplay is amazing, but it really needs a 1 year of polish to the campaign and the parkour (aka Smart syatem)

I played all the story in both teams, I played the online and I didn't like it.

It has a nice desing, nice levels and things like that but It's not the best game you can find. I prefer, for example TF2 and It's F2P.



Where are other players? Bots sucks

This game sounded so great and so good, but it sucked. The idea was great, a FPS Parkour game, but it came out horrible. First off, the guns are practically all the same, just have different looks. There is great customization in the game, which is nice. The maps, are pretty cool, but are really not mean't for the games big feature, parkour. Parkour is ok in this game, you can do quite a few things, but the maps just were not created for Parkour. It takes a lot of shots to actually kill someone, and theres no headshots. The graphics are pretty good, but something about them makes it a little overwhelming, so many colors, its a good idea to take a break regularly.

Just picked up this game on a Steam sale after a free weekend. I thought I'd give it a try after reading most of the negative reviews.
So far I have put in about 5 hrs of game play, including some online play.
The game reminds me of a battlefield mod, mainly because of the different skills that the classes posses.
For example, in battlefield BC2 you can revive players after a short while. I think Brink one ups it, as it gives the player the option to either re-spawn at the spawn point, or get revived and continue fighting.
I like the gun and character customization as well.
The challenges allow you to learn different techniques and level up at the same time.
The game feels a little laggy, however that might be because of the 30fps lock that the system sets ([Work Around] for 30FPS lock in Single Player and Challenges =
As for the way the game looks, I think it looks spectacular, but I am spoiled by BF and destructible environments, which this doesn't have.
Overall, for the less that $7 that I invested on it this weekend, I'm getting my moneys worth, and believe that the challenges and multiplayer will have me coming back for more.

As for the complaining about being let down after paying full price, hey this can happen with anything, not just learn from that and only get them when the go on sales, like I do. I have over 200 games and have yet to pay full release day pricing on any of them...
If you absolutely have to have the game when it comes out, that's just the chance you take (on anything, not just games)


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i loveeeeeeeeeeeee so much

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