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dalekKharn Jun 9 2015, 4:22pm says:

Wow, really brings a tear to the eye, in a good way. One thing i loved about stargate was the design of the 304, just a beautiful design, but sad we will probably never see it grace the tv screen again. :(

+2 votes   media: Daedalus final version
dalekKharn May 28 2015, 11:52am says:

That is one nice model and some bloody awesome texture work as well

+2 votes   media: New Miranda Model
dalekKharn May 23 2015, 5:26am says:

I am having a ball with with 1.2 release but i have noticed a odd thing with the AI, for some of the larger matches i have been playing i had setup some AI allies, and set them to the same team. I have noticed some extremely odd behavour on the AI, all it will do is build its first capital ship and then do nothing else, won't colonize any worlds, it just sits there. I have tested this on 5 maps and each time my AI ally just will not do anything for the whole game. Has anyone else noticed this?

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
dalekKharn May 18 2015, 4:41pm says:

Having an awesome match, me the feds against all the other races, cept the borg. Really like the new excelsior model.

Do you guys have any tips for dealing with culture spamming. The ai in every match just totally culture spams me, i research the full culture tech and build as many as i can but i keep losing planets to it. I invaded an asteroid world and found 16 cardassian culture hubs! How do i counter this cardassian media assualt, while always coming under constant assault from pirates

0 votes   news: Star Trek Armada 3: 1.2 released!
dalekKharn May 5 2015, 2:53am says:

For your first piece of work, its very good indeed, really good work. Suggestion wise the front part of the ship you might want to do something with the lights as it looks like a repeated texture. Perhaps take a couple of rows of the lights and flip them, or change the position of some of the windows just to mix it up a little. Other than that its awesome. just needs a spec and bump map or does it have those already?

+3 votes   media: Goauld Colony WIP Textures
dalekKharn Apr 11 2015, 4:00am says:

looks awesome, you guys are really pumping out new content fast which is awesome. def has a mass effect feel.

+2 votes   media: Mining Station In-Game
dalekKharn Mar 5 2015, 1:44am says:

Oh nice very swish :) its really coming together now

+2 votes   media: UI Upgrades
dalekKharn Feb 23 2015, 4:02pm says:

Who did the soundtrack as it is awesome and will you be releasing the soundtrack as a separate download? I am throughly enjoying the new release. With the fighters for the council is it possible to have geth fighters for paragon council as well as human ones or can the engine only support one class of fighter per faction?

+2 votes   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
dalekKharn Feb 22 2015, 5:40am says:

Well I have played a few hours on this and I love it. Played as the pure blood. Ships are beautiful and love the voice work, esp the announcer. One thing I really would love to hear one of the ships say is "sir isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space" speech that would be so cool to hear of a council ship.

+1 vote   download: Dawn of the Reapers: V .3 Onslaught
dalekKharn Feb 21 2015, 3:01pm says:

WHHHHOOOOOOOOOH YEAH!!! Downloading and then gonna have a all night on this awesome with a huge bowl of onion rings :)

+2 votes   download: Dawn of the Reapers: V .3 Onslaught
dalekKharn Feb 20 2015, 2:41am says:

Does the council paragon get the mighty geth dreadnought, or is that for the reapers? Can't wait to see that beast as well

+2 votes   media: Geth Cruiser In-game
dalekKharn Jan 9 2015, 11:19am says:

Ooooh cool, does that mean we will see the ENT era bird of prey?

+2 votes   media: Klingons....
dalekKharn Dec 17 2014, 10:57am says:

I have just had my first game of this fantastic mod, loved the intro and to hear cap shacks voice so cool. couple of things i love and noticed, the neutral trade ports are awesome and are you guys doctor who fans as in my huge map i have come across 2 planets named Galifrey and Skaro. I also noticed the AI really cheats! was playing against a hard Dominion AI and i noticed every time i blew up a culture center a new the ai would build 4 more instantly and i mean instantly, same with capital ships. Is the AI mean't to have a instant build cheat on hard mode? no complaining just something i have noticed. Other than that i totally love this mod and all the hardwork you guys have put in. Hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year :)

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
dalekKharn Dec 15 2014, 3:43am says:

Downloading, can't wait to play and ever so slightly tempted to phone in sick to work hehehehe..

+1 vote   download: STA3: A Call To Arms Installer version
dalekKharn Dec 14 2014, 9:24am says:

Thats one beautiful ship, dunno why but it for some reason reminds me of the excelsior class. Gonna be the best xmas pressie ever :)

+6 votes   media: Shakedown
dalekKharn Dec 13 2014, 4:48pm says:

Oooh hello there sexy lady. That is one nice ship, cant wait to take out for a spin with some bug ships :-)

+7 votes   media: Fresh from the docks
dalekKharn Dec 12 2014, 7:35pm says:

Get well soon max from Scotland. And hope you guys win the top 100 mods :)

+1 vote   news: Star Trek Armada 3: Four Days!
dalekKharn Dec 2 2014, 5:50pm replied:

Dominion fleet spotted, raising shields, powering up weapon's, target's locked on. Standing by...

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
dalekKharn Dec 2 2014, 2:29am says:

You have my vote, now course heading captain?

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
dalekKharn Nov 17 2014, 1:00pm says:

Ouch that will certainly mark the paint work on that Nebula!

+2 votes   media: Fleet Action
dalekKharn Nov 2 2014, 3:02am replied:

Its from Ace Venture :)

-1 votes   media: On Station
dalekKharn Nov 1 2014, 5:49pm says:

HOLY TESTICLE TUESDAY! !!!, is that really an ingame shot. Seriously awesome work

+9 votes   media: On Station
dalekKharn Oct 24 2014, 5:37pm says:

perhaps today is a good day to die!

Just need a shot of the Enterprise in there now

+4 votes   media: Engagement at Grid A-15
dalekKharn Oct 9 2014, 1:56am says:

But the moment has been prepared for........

+2 votes   media: ...and so it begins
dalekKharn Oct 8 2014, 10:58am replied:

Victory is life!!!!!

+1 vote   media: ...and so it begins
dalekKharn Oct 8 2014, 7:57am says:

From December 15th the invasion of the alpha quadrant will begin with legions up legions of jem hadar troops and ships and the galaxy will tremble at the sound of my name, well that is until I meet the borg then im screwed if its on Hard AI!

+1 vote   media: ...and so it begins
dalekKharn Oct 7 2014, 3:34pm says:

Whoop whoop doing my happy dance, right need to get hold of a tardis and pop to december :)

+4 votes   media: ...and so it begins
dalekKharn Oct 4 2014, 3:25am says:

Looks and sounds awesome, As for the dogfigthing for capships, in Atlantis the Daed did pull of some moves while in combat with the wraith and Reps, so as idea for the smaller human ships such as frigates and cruisers the figther mechanic could be in place, just slow the speed of the ships down. and for the Capital class ships leave it of.

This is one of my favourtie mods, as i am a huge SG1 and ATL fan, although i do ignore SGU, that never happened. Can't wait to play this.

Have you asked Star Trek Armada 3 team for help with the fighter movement attacks? as they have it on their capital ships and pretty much bug free but their frigates and caps do move at a much slower speed. They always say that they are will to help other mod teams with technical issues.

+1 vote   news: Stargate Invasion Human Changelog
dalekKharn Sep 29 2014, 4:18pm says:

Wasnt the narada a result of romulan research into borg technology?

+2 votes   media: The Federation is gone!!
dalekKharn Sep 22 2014, 1:31pm says:

Aw yeah! that is so awesome! Cant wait to see an assimilated Bird of Prey!! When you assimilate a ship will it retain its voice, or will it be replaced with the borg voices?

Cant wait to see what the Assimilated Dominion ships will look like. I have always wondered how the Dominion would fair against the borg.

+2 votes   media: The borg are without honor!
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