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The Stanley Parable

Mod review

Great mod.


Mystery Combat Man

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Human Error

Mod review

Great mod I enjoyed it a lot. The alien grunt model however is terrible. I guess the model in general is alright but the animations, hive hand and sounds are awful.

Mod 10
Alien Grunt -1
Total 9/10


Half-Life: Invasion

Mod review may contain spoilers

I was skeptical when I first saw this mod, but once I had the subtitles set to English I loved every bit of it. The only thing I can say I didn't like was that it is incredibly hard at many points. I went through the last few levels with usually 3 or 4 health and I ran into a few minor bugs, but that doesn't matter to me the mod was so well done and fun I love it too much to complain about the difficulty. Every portion of the mod seemed to get better and really show a variety of weapons and features. The tank driving scene was really unexpected and a lot of fun most of the time. The snipers are ******** but when you shoot them its a great accomplishment. Having to rely on the lighter instead of a flashlight was probably my favorite feature of this mod. It really brought back the fear of what could be in the dark. The levels were also very well done every single one was done extremely well and I loved the ambiance of them. The part where you return to the Xen Infested part of Black Mesa was a very awesome scene to me. Also there were quite a few custom animations I noticed and they were very well done as well in my opinion. Great mod I'm glad I got to play it.


Trusty Packs

Mod review

Adan Grey Skins packs:the simspsons

Mod review


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Bro, it's Half-Life.



Mod review - 2 agree - 6 disagree

This mod has a very very small fan base if you stop and look at what you're playing.

-Custom models
-Original story
-Good mapping at times
-Many player changes, less like a HEV suit
-Sounds fun in theory
-Cool poison zombie

-Mediocre sound effects and sounds that don't even play sometimes
-Awful melee system, the crowbar has a charge up attack but the quick attack is just as powerful
-Very odd mapping screw ups, considering the maps are pretty good you wouldn't expect any odd brushes or clipping but there is clipping and odd brushes. It's like they didn't test it.
-Guns feel ****** and underpowered
-NPCs use recycled animations from stock HL2 characters, which isn't awful but kills the uniqueness to me.
-Levels are insanely hard, I spent like 2 hours on one map and found most, if not all, of the PDA things just searching how to beat the damn map.
-Not enough balance, some medkits and rocket ammo stretched across the map versus two helicopters that can take 3 rockets before death and respawning Grunts I ended up cheating due to rage.
-**** scripted sequences, just plain bad
-Bad story and characters, the story is a joke and is complete garbage while the characters do a worse job of acting it out.

I understand how this mod came along and I appreciate all the effort and work put into it but the mod just flat out is not fun to me what so ever. I'm giving you a 4 for the amount of work that your team did. Next time you make a mod think about what get people to enjoy it.

To enjoy your mod you need to:
-Enjoy insanely hard mods
-Like wasting time to search maps
-Can not feel bothered by obviously rushed maps
-Can live with awful sounds and sometimes no sounds at all
-Likes watching NPCs play out of place scripted sequences
-Enjoy hearing repetitive voices
-Is calmer then a stoned Dalai Lama
-Like the awful story and characters


Half-Life: Source Enhanced

Mod review

Alien Swarm

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