Mapper, general coder/scripter & artist for the idTech 4 engine. Currently developing a single player campaign which you can watch in the mods section as S.T.A.R.1088...

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2014 Mod of the Year Awards

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ID Tech 4 Modders

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VGames Nov 22 2015 says:

Hey man have u had any time to check out how you got the parm changes made by the setGuiParm functions called in the weapon scripts to carry over to the hud file in the guis folder? I have tried to figure this out a million different ways. Doing it through a weapons specific gui file is one thing but nobody knows how you were able to do this in the global hud file in the guis folder.

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ForrestMarkX Jul 29 2014 says:

I wanted to ask, with your S.T.A.R. 1088 with the new animations for the Doom3 weapons. Any chance ROE would get the same treatment? It works in ROE as is, except for a few things (When sprinting your camera goes to ground, weapon selection order is messed up slightly)

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CED2011 Creator
CED2011 Jul 30 2014 replied:

The assets pack was was not meant for ROE, as it handles things a bit differently. It was built and released exclusively for Doom 3, and it's currently no longer being worked on, I'm sorry about that. However I can offer support if you really need it. Given the fact animations are handled the same way, they should work with no problems. But when it comes to internal stuff (Hud, scripts etc) then we're in trouble. The camera to the ground thing may be related to the raw player's bobbing mechanism I added. You can try deleting the function located in the player script file. Weapon selection, then again is because it was not meant for ROE (it has new weapons you know).

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ForrestMarkX Jul 31 2014 replied:

I wanted to know as I wanted to see if I could get Absolute HD to work in ROE but sadly it feels wierd with the new weapons not having the adjustments as the Doom 3 ones and the bugs aswells

The hud thing I can fix easily but I'm unsure of what you changed in the player script so I could take a look at it and see if I could solve the problem

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ForrestMarkX Aug 1 2014 replied:

Okay so it seems I have gotten everything working fine but there is one problem and that's animations most of the ROE weapons (Grabber, SSG, and Artifact) lack a run animation, also when going into sights some of them are wierd like the SSG it appears to be tilted oddly so can't really aim it straight using g_gunx-y-z

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CED2011 Creator
CED2011 Aug 6 2014 replied:

Good news, it seems the creator of the Absolute HD mod released a ROE version that includes my features (The 1.5 version for vanilla Doom 3 rocks, have you tried it? It also has my weapon anims and some other stuff by me.) Hopefully now everything is working and packed up for the expansion. The lack of new weapon anims for ROE is pretty self explanatory, I haven't made them. If I recall correctly, someone posted they would work on the ROE animations, hopefully I'm not wrong and that'll some day happen. I did no work whatsoever to the SSG so that may be something from your end, are you using a new md5 mesh for it?

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ForrestMarkX Aug 6 2014 replied:

That addon was actually made by me, and I did include your latest anims but sadly the Grabber, SSG, and the Artifact lack a run animation so it looks gimpy when running with them as the weapon just loops the idle animation and makes it seem like you're not running at all but sliding on the floor. The problem with the SSG being tilted is the default animations has it that way, I guess so it looks correctly at it's origins

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Stoudemire15 Jun 29 2013 says:

I have something to ask. Is your project S.T.A.R 1088 going to be independent title as well ? Because, I heard none of the member didn't respond. I hope you can give me an answer to that. Thank you and good luck.


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CED2011 Creator
CED2011 Mar 23 2014 replied:

Hi Stounde, yes, about nine months since this comment, but since it takes quite a lot more to develop a project of these scales, I'm afraid I can still answer to your comment. Not to mention my apologies for the huge delay.
S.T.A.R. 1088 runs as a Doom 3 mod but that's for the time being. In the future I will consider untying it from said game for it to run as a standalone game.
Until then, see you around!

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