The Dead Space Games

Dead Space: Extration Plot (Prequel to Dead Space)
The story begins with a small crew of miners, among them a man named Sam Caldwell, who are helping extract the Red Marker from Aegis VII. The crew begins to suffer hallucinations, including Sam, who kills many others in a severe state of dementia which causes him to believe they are attacking him. Before he can escape, a P-Secsquad arrives and kills him.Some time later, Detective Nathan McNeill, who is working on the case file of the rampage, meets an old friend,Gabriel Weller, now serving on the USG Ishimura. As planet crack begins, the power goes out and the colony descends into chaos as they are attacked by Necromorphs, monstrous reanimated creatures made from the bodies of the dead. They also discover Lexine Murdoch, Sam's girlfriend (as seen in a short prologue), and agree to take her to safety. The group races to find a shuttle and eventually find one in the Megavents, thanks to a man named Warren Eckhardt, an executive from the mining company.

Dead Space Plot
Dead Space is set in 2507. Earth had been through an extinction-level event, caused by rapacious and unsustainable use of resources. The remaining humans realized that the only way to get new resources was from the stars: with Earth's resources used up, the only way to gain the resources to survive would be to search new planets for resources. That's where the Concordance Extraction Corporation comes in. At a time of near-desperation, CEC invented the ship that would eventually save all of humanity: The USG Ishimura.

Dead Space: Ignation Plot (Prequel to Dead Space 2)
The game opens with Franco Delille, a technician working aboard The Sprawl, repairing his personal terminal before his work shift begins. Franco's boss, Weaver, orders him to head to the CEC facility in order to repair a malfunctioned door. CPD Officer Sarah Andarsyn, Franco's assistant and love interest, agrees to come with him, as she warns that things on The Sprawl have been tense lately, for unknown reasons.Arriving at the CEC facility and assessing the damage, both the CEC supervisor and Franco agree that theFranco concerned with the security breaches door appears to have been sabotaged, instead of merely breaking normally. After fixing the door, the duo repairs a computer problem for the CEC supervisor's friend. Both Franco and Sarah find with some concern that the computer systems appeared to have been corrupted with a virus; sabotaged like the door. Franco's boss then messages him, announcing that they need to repair a solar panel outside The Sprawl - meaning a space walk is required, which Franco despises.

Dead Space 2 Plot
The game begins in a hospital on the Sprawl, a densely populated metropolis built on a shard of Titan, one of Saturn's moons. Isaac Clarke has no memory of the last three years, having just been released by Franco, the protagonist of Dead Space: Ignition. However, before he can remove the straitjacket, Franco is killed and transformed into a necromorph, leaving Isaac to escape on his own. He is later contacted by a woman namedDaina, who guides him to her location. He is also contacted by another patient, Nolan Stross, claiming he and Isaac can destroy the Marker.

Dead Space 3 Plot
Since the events of Dead Space, EarthGov captured Isaac Clarke and harvested his mind for Marker blueprints to revive the program in which Markers are used to provide resource and power for the human race. The Marker placed on Titan Station, the same area Isaac was held, resulted in an outbreak of Necromorphs. Isaac then escaped with Ellie Langford after he destroyed the Marker which resulted in Titan Station's demise.Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford separate after the events on the Titan Station Sprawl. Isaac remains on another space station while Ellie searches on as both look for ways to end the Markers built by the Government. Isaac is then recruited by Captain Edward Norton and Sergeant John Carver, two men Ellie met on the planet Uxor, who claim Ellie found a planet known Tau Volantis where nearly 200 years ago a government base was located here, eradicated by a Necromorph infestation, and frozen over, until someone, somehow managed to stop the infestation and the Marker in its tracks. The group then hopes to find answers here about Unitology and the key to stopping the Markers.

The Dead Space Videos

Dead Space: Aftermath
Dead Space: Aftermath is a full-length animation feature released on January 24, 2011. Comprised of both 3D and 2D animation (the latter in a similar style to Dead Space: Downfall) the film explains the truth behind the events that happen directly after the events of the first game. The setting of Aftermath is aboard the ship USG O'Bannon which is sent to investigate the loss of contact with the USG Ishimura. Unknown to them, fragments of the Red Marker still remain behind and help to create a brand new situation of terror.

Dead Space: Downfal
lDead Space: Downfall is the animated prequel film to Dead Space. It was developed by Film Roman and was released on October 31st for Blu-Ray and DVD. It shows the events leading up to the beginning of the Dead Space game and how theNecromorph infection spread to the USG Ishimura from the mining colony on Aegis 7.

Welcome,this group is created for everyone that likes the game animation movies and comics of Dead Space, if you are one of the biggest Dead Space Fan then Join now or later when you got the time to join because the group is open to everyone. The purpose of the group is to getter every Dead Space fan so it would be much easier to play matchmaking with other people instead of waiting in line to find an game, the other purpose of the group is to upload pictures or videos when you find something funny in the game like glitches or necromorps in strange hanging positions. So join and invite your friends.

Every new member would get Advanced Engineer RIG next to there join date, this would change to other rigs when the time's come by.

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Dead Space 2: Severed DLC lopping off limbs on March 1

Dead Space 2: Severed DLC lopping off limbs on March 1

4 years ago News 19 comments

We know that, following a week of intense psychotherapy, the shaken nerves and disturbed dreams you developed after playing through Dead Space 2 have...

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RavenTheKiller Mar 25 2014 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
♠Atroxyph Aug 3 2013 says:

I wonder if Dead Space 2 is scarier than the first one... I only played and finished the first one so yeah...

+1 vote     reply to comment
CzechDeath Mar 11 2013 says:

how old is that trailer to ds2 ? =D its nothing like the game =D

+1 vote     reply to comment
MrTimm Creator
MrTimm Mar 20 2013 replied:

if your talking about the trailer here on the mod page ? its the dlc trailer.

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ilkerbahar Feb 17 2013 says: +1 vote     reply to comment
xxT65xx Dec 11 2012 says:

Dead Space 3 is being released in february. What's everyone's thoughts on co-op?

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MrTimm Creator
MrTimm Jan 11 2013 replied:

better then multiplayer

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6thLegion May 4 2012 says:

Any ideas on what convergence really means?

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TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 7 2012 replied:

The most likely thing is that the Markers are sort of like Halo rings in Halo. The difference is the Markers are smaller scale, and attempt to psychologically bend people to fulfill their purpose of eliminating all possible necromorphs.

That or they were intended as something else entirely by the aliens that made them and humanity's reverse engineering of Markers pretty much just made monster generators.

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Opinionator Sep 30 2011 says:

Dead Space best 3rd person action horror since RE4.

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Captain_Hell_Knight Oct 24 2011 replied:


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