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[.BMT.] Apr 11 2013, 2:35pm says:

For the love of Doom could someone please resume making this, I'd rather play a fully fledged version of this over Diablo 3! Anyone up for finding out where the creator lives and stealing his source code? :3

+1 vote   game: Doom: Fall of Mars
[.BMT.] Dec 14 2011, 8:01pm says:

I pictured AndY like this when he submitted the first news post:

+2 votes   game: Intruder Alert!
[.BMT.] Dec 15 2010, 3:47pm replied:

Pretty much what Auxor said. Nowadays you may find mods to have completely empty server lists, but it's likely there are plenty of people waiting for a game to get going. It's a shame there isn't some sort of "Waiting to play" button you can press on a server in Steam's server list, so people know others are interested.

For now you'll have to do with asking in the chat room if anyone wants to play, or idling in a server to see if people join (which has a fairly decent success rate). The official OW Steam group may host play events too, so make sure to join that so you don't miss them!

+2 votes   mod: Overwatch
[.BMT.] Nov 21 2010, 5:05pm replied:

You should be able to right click on the game in the Steam library list and click create desktop shortcut.

+2 votes   mod: Dreamball
[.BMT.] Aug 13 2010, 10:16pm says:

A headcrab took over the mod and is now making it exactly like an existing mod, on this of all days? This highly plausible turn of events has made me revoke my support, good day sir.

+6 votes   news: Overwatch Now Under New Management; Drastic Changes Announced.
[.BMT.] Aug 13 2010, 4:32pm replied:

Well put sir!

+1 vote   news: Update, Early Access, Music and a Spooky Surprise!
[.BMT.] Aug 13 2010, 4:30pm replied:

Maybe there should be an optional hud skin download for people who like the crayons and popcorn machines :P

+2 votes   news: Update, Early Access, Music and a Spooky Surprise!
[.BMT.] Jul 26 2010, 9:10pm replied:

Currently the Overwatch can command Combine assets only, the Xen race is neutral and cannot be controlled. But as you know from the HL2 universe, the Combine manipulate the Xen race by sending down headcrab canisters, which is why the Overwatch player can send them down to wreak havoc :) It's early days tho, any of this info could change!

+1 vote   news: News, Update, Video, Live Interview, Free Stuff and more!
[.BMT.] Jul 15 2010, 7:23pm says:

yey! i just noticed this post, can't wait for further releases.

+1 vote   news: Let's Try This Again
[.BMT.] Jul 15 2010, 7:18pm says:

IndieDB is fairly awesome, it's design is slightly better too :P love the green

+2 votes   poll: IndieDB has been up for a bit now... thoughts?
[.BMT.] Jul 10 2010, 10:55pm replied:

Nah he's right this is the final version of the map :P

+1 vote   media: Overwatch In-Game Preview
[.BMT.] Jul 10 2010, 10:51pm replied:

Far from it.

+1 vote   media: Overwatch In-Game Preview
[.BMT.] Jul 6 2010, 2:58pm replied:

That has cropped up in discussions, it's an interesting feature for sure.

+1 vote   mod: Overwatch
[.BMT.] Jul 4 2010, 7:02pm replied:

It took about 4 days, look forward to what I can make once I'm warmed up ;)

+1 vote   mod: Overwatch
[.BMT.] Jul 4 2010, 12:07am replied:

May I remind everyone that not all media represents the final product! Just like concept art for a game doesn't always reflect the final look, what you see in the trailers is conceptual unless we state otherwise.

Of course there will be a good chance of media with actual gameplay footage on display being released in due time, so please be patient, we aim to impress :)

+1 vote   mod: Overwatch
[.BMT.] Jul 3 2010, 10:32pm replied:

You think we'd pull out all the big guns in the first video? :D

+1 vote   mod: Overwatch
[.BMT.] Jul 3 2010, 10:25pm replied:

There's a very high probability you'll see that in the future, just be patient ;)

+1 vote   news: Overwatch, a Half-Life 2 Modification.
[.BMT.] Jul 3 2010, 2:10pm replied:

You're not alone fella.

+1 vote   news: Overwatch, a Half-Life 2 Modification.
[.BMT.] Jul 3 2010, 1:41pm says:

Nice one lads, kudos for giving Mushroom Kingdom Fusion some much needed attention, it certainly has far more depth than Super Mario Crossover and some really random surprises.

+1 vote   feature: IndieDB Video Spotlight - June 2010
[.BMT.] Dec 21 2009, 4:53pm replied:

what, why? :( i'll PAY him to come back and make it, it's so awesome

+3 votes   game: Doom: Fall of Mars
[.BMT.] Dec 21 2009, 4:51pm says:

Definite Mod of the Year, absolutely brilliant, very high standard of level design and narrative drive. It better win :D

+2 votes   mod: Research and Development
[.BMT.] Mar 3 2009, 11:23am replied:

Type Boxxy into youtube. It's her voice replacing the zombie noises... I suppose it's funny for about 20 seconds :P

+3 votes   download: Boxxy Left 4 Dead Infected Sound Pack
[.BMT.] Mar 3 2009, 11:17am says:

aww hell yeah that was mint! I'd pay anything for this! You're on to a winner here woop woop :D

+1 vote   download: Doom: Fall of Mars - Conceptual Demo
[.BMT.] Mar 3 2009, 11:02am says:

why why why WHY?

+5 votes   download: Boxxy Left 4 Dead Infected Sound Pack
[.BMT.] Mar 3 2009, 10:53am says:

That looks awesome :D Woop Woop

+1 vote   news: Meet the resource tower
[.BMT.] Mar 3 2009, 10:31am replied:

If you're gonna try and troll projects to get them to stop please start on the Star Wars franchise first :I

+2 votes   news: So, how large will Midgar be?
[.BMT.] Mar 2 2009, 1:14pm says:

ah, using twitter, good idea :)

+2 votes   mod: Dreamball
[.BMT.] Mar 2 2009, 1:10pm says:

congrats to the PR team. i'm pretty damn glad nothing zombie-related made it to number 1. am i the only person getting bored with zombie gaming?

0 votes   feature: 2008 Mod of the Year Winners
[.BMT.] Feb 26 2009, 4:19pm says:

bah, wish i had battlefield 2. good job to that team for the win!

sidenote: is that the red alert 2 title track i hear behind the PR footage? old school! :P

to stacho: no you can't, the latest svencoop versions rely on HL1 engine updates introduced by Steam.

+1 vote   feature: Editors' Choice: Best Multiplayer Mod
[.BMT.] Feb 26 2009, 11:45am says:

If Sven never made co-op popular on a Valve engine, L4D might've never happened :P

+1 vote   feature: Editors' Choice: Best Multiplayer Mod
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