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brechtos Sep 7 2011, 8:56am replied:

That would indeed be cool. But perhaps in a newer engine and on a larger scale:D

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
brechtos Apr 11 2011, 6:50am says:

In the video you are saying that you are using blueprints from the series for your layout. I must point out however that those blueprints that you have in your image section are incorrect.
There are a lot of blueprints on the web and most of them are just fan created maps that look like the real deal but aren't.

+1 vote   news: Update April 2011
brechtos Jan 15 2011, 6:18am replied:

Do you have the orange box?
The installer should auto install the mod. After installation restart steam and the mod should be in your game list. If you have an orange box title installed it should work straight away. Otherwise steam will have to download a bunch of orange box source engine files etc.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
brechtos Dec 20 2010, 5:45am says:

Congratz with the MOTY award:)

+1 vote   mod: Dear Esther
brechtos Nov 14 2010, 7:02am says:

Good stuff :)
Keep it up. Was about time for an unreal powered stargate mod. I just hope that this one will not die over time like so many other stargate mods.

+1 vote   media: Weapon Demonstration
brechtos Nov 6 2010, 2:35pm says:

Congratz on the good reviews and the release:)

+2 votes   news: Demo! Box! Reviews!
brechtos Oct 19 2010, 1:13pm says:

Hmm that Duvel add made me thirsty:p
Nice work Wesley!!

+1 vote   media: Styx exterior shots
brechtos Oct 19 2010, 1:11pm says:

Nice to see that you guys are still working on it:)

Made my day;)!

+1 vote   news: Dialing the Stargate
brechtos Sep 11 2010, 5:05am says:

Looking good :)

+1 vote   news: Off Limits - lobby
brechtos Aug 25 2010, 12:09pm says:

Best of luck with prelude:)
Looking forward to the trailer!

+2 votes   news: ORION - Ten Years Young
brechtos Jun 28 2010, 7:03am says:

Well what can I say...
You guys just do amazing quality work:)

+1 vote   news: Renegade X: Singleplayer, Day-Cycle, Podcast, and more!
brechtos May 11 2010, 2:09pm says:

Robert's the man!

+1 vote   media: Dear Esther Level 2 Progress
brechtos Feb 27 2010, 7:41am says:

Very nice as always.
Keep it up!

+1 vote   news: Friday Update - Lerk Reveal
brechtos Nov 2 2009, 12:55pm replied:

As majorc4 said no programmers = no update.
It breaks my hart because tls could be so so much more but due to the way things turned out,it is put on hold for the time being(people need to earn a living,people go to college/uni/etc ).
But that doesn't mean that IW puts it all in the bin and tries to forget about it.

In the mean time there are still people active in the community that have taken up mapping and creating their own custom content.

So I hope for your understanding.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
brechtos Oct 9 2009, 1:56pm says:

Congrats with the release, from what I have seen so far this looks like one solid mod.
Looking forward to give it a go once I have my pc set up so it can run ut3:)

+1 vote   news: Renegade X 0.35 Beta Released!
brechtos May 29 2009, 11:14am says:

Wise words.
Looking forward to p2

+1 vote   feature: Noesis Presents: Dystopia Interview (Part 1)
brechtos Apr 27 2009, 6:17am says:

Great work guys.
Keep at it ;)

+1 vote   news: The Stargate Mod lights and sound
brechtos Jan 27 2009, 6:57am says:

downloading right now

+1 vote   mod: First Strike
brechtos Jan 19 2009, 12:08pm replied:

never mind, was caused by a program running in the background on my system ^^

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
brechtos Jan 19 2009, 8:20am replied:

the intensity is indeed rather kickass insane with 30 players:)

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
brechtos Jan 19 2009, 8:16am replied:

not to sure about that foeaxe, the framedrops are very very random at times.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
brechtos Jan 11 2009, 11:35am replied:

the orange box uses particles for fire instead of the ep1 sprite based fire.
So basicly you need to add the corresponding particle fire system.

+1 vote   news: Finally Some News and an EXCITING EVENT STUDIO GAMEON
brechtos Dec 22 2008, 10:47am says:

You guys got some amazing artists.
Keep it up and don't give up on the project no matter what.

+1 vote   news: Stargate Sg-27 December Update: Xmas Trailer!
brechtos Dec 15 2008, 12:18pm says:

Did I c fighting on a fast moving train? O.o

+3 votes   news: NeoTokyo: Source - Official Trailer & December Media
brechtos Dec 7 2008, 10:55am says:

Nice to c that the mod is still coming and with style!!!!
Didn't expect this after that very long time of silence.

Looking forward to it ;)

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO┬░
brechtos Sep 11 2008, 2:09pm says:

Indeed the mod has had some really big setbacks in it's dev time.
People leaving and not allowing their conent to be used, people making content that did not have the quality that was expected and different other things with people that just did not do their job or just left out of nowhere.
So all of this left a mess that had to be fixed (and thus explains the long wait).
Atm we have made sure that non of the above can and will ever happen again and are now focussing on delevering something that (hopefully:) ) makes you feel like you are part of show.

+1 vote   news: Stargate: The Last Stand :: Countdown Trailer 1
brechtos Jul 5 2008, 5:52am says:

That trailer looks really nice.
Looking forward to seeing this thing evolve.
Good luck!;)

+1 vote   news: Stargate SG-27 First Public Announcment !
brechtos Jul 4 2008, 1:13pm replied:

In what way??

+2 votes   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
brechtos Jun 7 2008, 8:57am says:

Great mod , great fun and the flight element has the quality of a retail product.

As for the knowing if you hit something, isn't there a small blib sound?

+1 vote   news: Eternal Silence 3.0 Client Released!
brechtos Jun 3 2008, 2:41am says:

From the looks of it this mod will be able to deliver some pritty awsome yipikaye moments.Just hope there will be an active community that doesn't die after a few months.

+1 vote   feature: Eternal Silence Beta 3.0 Preview
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