Can work with Blender and Gimp at Hight level.

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Anderty Sep 13 2011, 6:21pm says:

Oh, great, and again one of my ideas realize someone else...
May be I must write them and ppublish? That'll will remove a lot of hard living to others, I hope. Cuz I can't see, why inFamous wasn't made by me, when I thought about exact game a lot of years before even game developement has started... -.-'

+1 vote   game: Deriva
Anderty Dec 18 2009, 2:46pm says:

So much explosions... my eyes blinded for a while.

+2 votes   media: 4th Dimension 2.1 Trailer
Anderty Nov 1 2009, 12:07pm says:


+1 vote   media: Esenthel Engine - Flying Character
Anderty Nov 1 2009, 11:52am says:

WOW! Onliest engine, where i saw really cool cloth physics was Scimitar. But this might beat everything. That's AWESOME!

+2 votes   media: Physical Clothing
Anderty Nov 1 2009, 8:12am says:

And where is Prince of Persia? (2008 year one).

+2 votes   engine: Anvil
Anderty Sep 20 2009, 10:37am says:

that's all are great, but i think, there is one small reason, why i even won't play it... third view. I know it's "non-realistic" or "non-balanced"... but i learn one small thing from all games, which have third view- it's endless ACTION. You see yourself and all action, what goes around you, and that's just awesome. So, i will keep on myself- make third view (shoulder will be enough) and you will make game mod of my dreams.

Anyway- great mod, i love it anyway.

+1 vote   mod: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm
Anderty Sep 14 2008, 4:44am says:


+2 votes   media: Radio America
Anderty Sep 6 2008, 4:53am says:

hmm............OMFG, that's realy huge ships. I was lighltly shoced, when saw that capital ship. One advice, if you can, change for that monster not 1 capital ship slot, but some 3 or 5...

+2 votes   mod: Homeworld 3 The Sands Of Time
Anderty Aug 30 2008, 2:05am says:

Tipical propoganda :)))...

+1 vote   media: We Need You!
Anderty Aug 30 2008, 2:01am says:

I can't imagine words, with whoom i can apperiance this mod. But you must know, that's AWESOME!

+2 votes   mod: Homeworld 2 Complex
Anderty Aug 26 2008, 3:37pm says:

Loks like you will create full 3D? (without characters) If that, than it will be wery interesting, saw ragnarok beatifull places from other camera racurses :)...

+1 vote   news: CerberusRO Kafra Sprites
Anderty Aug 22 2008, 1:53pm says:

Javna ska4inyj s originalnogoi igrushki "Zavtra Voina", ili "Zavtra vaoina: faktor k".

+1 vote   media: German Heavy Cruiser Concept
Anderty Aug 22 2008, 1:42pm says:

Daaa, Maksim polu4ilsja na slavu, vot toka kaljosa u vseh orudij nu sovsem ne v temu. Po kruglee, zdelajtje, shtoli? A to smeh razberajet, gljadja na etih vosmeugolnikov.

+1 vote   news: Update #4
Anderty Aug 18 2008, 5:41am says:

WHOA, great...

+1 vote   media: German Heavy Cruiser Concept
Anderty Aug 18 2008, 5:34am says:

third battle was awesome. in black skies (space) these effects lok very nice. and that battalias haos... great.

+1 vote   mod: SolarFlair
Anderty Aug 12 2008, 12:27pm says:

I think Dark Raver say true. Realy, that will lok freaky, if you do sharingan with normal map and geometry and other "Light" things. If you wan't make "Life" sharingan, make it with animated texture, thats help...

+1 vote   news: A new beginning
Anderty Aug 7 2008, 12:48pm says:

1. tly- try to make model more scratched, like trash... because belts no need, if model loks like great rifle. I mean, give to belts reason, something, what they do, attach to komponents and like that...
2. tly- Insert Tactical Laser into riflo, otherwise itsh loks tricky, i don't know why, but when i lok on that, i think about like that "why laser not attachet to rifle, wh to trunk.
Sory about language, i'm not American or British, also, i'm near Russia, where russian language is dominated. AND- these are only advices, you can miss them, i'm not trying @&&$&*#@ your work, i only sa, what i think.

+1 vote   media: Tikhons Rifle - Concept Art
Anderty Aug 7 2008, 12:23pm says:

Ha, funy, but i think, you work with Total War series moding too, because this model realy look alike unit, witch is in mooding tutorial for Medieval 2: Total War.

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
Anderty Jul 31 2008, 6:29am says:

THIS MOD IS ALIVE!!! HA, ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

+1 vote   download: VC Weapons Pack [Final]
Anderty Jul 30 2008, 5:52am says:

Funy, because it's HL2 and Company of Heroes mix. I see it in any thing, realy, that's mix.

0 votes   mod: Lambda Wars
Anderty Feb 13 2008, 2:31pm says:

Hm... ha ha, i was build m16 with grenade launcher in poligons like this too long time ago... great. I think you need build special ability for infantry use grenade launchers (like throw grenade) for special weapons, like m16 with gl. It's my idea...

+1 vote   media: M16A4
Anderty Feb 13 2008, 2:27pm says:

I'm counting on you, please release it faaster, i can;t wait anymore. Or i will build my ovn mod :)))

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
Anderty Jan 27 2008, 10:29am says:

Jaala mouto mon guha... that's grate mod. :)

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
Anderty Jan 27 2008, 10:27am says:

I think that will be observation (in old, that was been plane observe).

+3 votes   media: UAV
Anderty Jan 27 2008, 10:25am says:

That's what i ALWAYS wanted see in CoH. I can't wait, plesae faster relase.

0 votes   media: HMMWV
Anderty Jan 27 2008, 10:18am says: minus-picture is too real. They need be with frame. Also, you can build pictures more great for "Commander Selection", if you use picture efects (i mean photoshop or any else), somthing like gradient or else. But whatever that's realy grate.
Good luck.

+1 vote   media: American Doctrines WIP
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