"In the beginning the universe was created, this has made a lot of people very angry and has widely been regarded as a bad move."

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Star Wars Battlefront

Game review - 3 agree

This First/third person shooter in the star wars universe isn't limited to the campaign, you can spend hours battling in fields of your own choice, even conducting galactic campaigns that never really play out the exact same.
The AI is actually acceptable too, many games' AI is horrible, but you can actually lose to this AI. The combat system is fairly balanced aswell, to more Uber-pwn guns, just simple guns that can still be used efficiently. I have had this game for 6 years and I still play it.


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Game review - 3 agree

Why this game has 9.1 is a mystery, This is what got me hooked on RPG's I still play it even though its 5 years old, and guess what I STILL haven't beat the whole thing, every time I go out I find a new quest or dungeon, a new goal. for its time the graphics are excellent, for modern times they are okay, and still impressive. People like King of the Guild give this a 1 because they don't stop and look around, they just fast travel, click click click, fast travel. Its not about what you HAVE to do, its about what you CAN do. Even if they are right, does this game deserve a 1?

Here's a review for the 360! version by IGN,


Fallout: New Vegas

Game review - 4 agree

War. War never changes.

Although this game has its drawbacks, and many bugs, it is still an excellent piece. Even more choices, more guns, more ammo, more factions, better combat (DT instead of DR, ADS) this game is bloody brilliant.


Fallout 3

Game review - 1 agree

I absolutely love this game, it is nearly endless with so many possibilities, so many strategies, the only downside is no ADS (resolved in FO NV) and a single ending (resolved in FO NV) for me there is no other major reason to not like this game, its a masterpiece.

Keep fighting the good fight people.


Republic at War

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Simply the best Clone wars era mod ever, and will always remain holder of that title, although there are some hiccups in my opinion (like to me seeing a crab droid killed by a P1 clone squad was painful, the crab droid is stronger than that.)
but is overall, the best.


Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Game review

Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War

Early access mod review - 16 agree - 1 disagree

One of the best mods out there! Only a few minor issues concerning balance but the AI improvements and models are great!


Star Wars - Clone Wars

Mod review

World of Warcraft

Game review - 7 agree - 2 disagree

I've played WoW before , 15 USD for a month of play-time, and it isn't online time , just a month , even if you don't play it , it still clicks the clock.

On top of that, it's addicting as hell. You log on, you log of in '1 hour', but 4 hours have gone by. 'one more dungeon' you say, you end up doing 5 hours worth of quests.Many people on there are major jackoffs aswell, sometimes you get a nice bunch, but alot of the times they're selfish *****.

This game is like smoking, you try it, and you don't stop for quite awhile. Marriges have been broken up over this game. This game sucks out your life. It IS a fun game, but the addicting sideffects outway any gain.

Save yourself some money, just buy a new computer, it'll be cheaper.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Game review - 1 agree

Brilliant game that is based in the aftermath of the Jedi civil-war, its only error is the rushed deadline but other than that it was great, I only wish they'd release a third ;)

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