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Zombie Master 2

Mod review - 5 agree - 11 disagree

First of all for those who aren't aware, this is not a real sequel to Zombie Master; nor a mod that branches off of it, such as Zombie Master Black Edition (

This is a fan-patch, on beta stages. Being ported directly from the 2004 HL2DM engine to the Source 2007 engine, the mod currently runs amazingly poorly during intense moments, a problem that wasn't really factor within the old mod until this engine change. The borrowed textures and models from different mods (NMRIH zombie textures)and even different games (The reskinned SKS weapon in the game utilizes the CS:S fingerless glove viewmodel) painfully contrast with the simple and dynamic architecture the game was built around of, making it aesthetically unpleasing.

Aesthetics aside, the fan-patch also plays poorly. New weapons were added even though they appear to be just skins and/or small tradeoffs with the stock weapons. "New" things include a rather new type of Zombie, which appears to be a healer that currently only serves as a huge glowing target and doesn't work like it is meant to. Some unknown mechanic lies within the Survivor side which appears to be some sort of battery system, though it remains a mystery.

The fan-patch also aims to fix what isn't broken, as it adds new and clunkier HUDs that ironically have less functions for the Zombie Master player to use(the guy who plays it RTS style) in comparison to the original mod; effectively making the game much harder to play out for his side. The A.I. for the Zombies got completely wrecked during the transition of engines and no longer works efficiently, having zombies stand still or spin in a circle at given times. The fast "ninja" zombie (banshee) suffered the most out of this fact.

TL;DR: This mod claims to be what it isn't, and tries to do what can't be done (which is pimping its graphics). It fails to improve, and ends up lacking. Currently unplayable, and a disappointment in beta stages.


Checkerboarded Hopes 2

Mod review

trolls made me quit. Thanks. trolls made me quit.

Mod review - 2 agree

This is a really poorly made and nonsensical texture mod.
The author tells you to buy some awkward book in order to fully understand this massive joke; Now why would anyone even slightly want to, is beyond my comprehension.

This adds barely nothing to the game (in fact, it takes away the experience), and just looks awful.


Team Fortress 2

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Great Game being ruined by its elitist, hat junkie player base.

Since it became Free-to-play, that negative status has been reduced greatly, thus making it playable.

No reason not to download this. Except that, when you do, do not buy any items from the store and avoid wearing terrible hats and accessories which are the "cancer" of this game.


Duke Nukem Forever

Game review - 2 agree - 7 disagree

This game might not have been in development for 14 years, but its hype was.

People were expecting it to not live up to its expectations of the perfect game, but they were sort of expecting that it would save the FPS genre by bringing some old school action back into the industry which is currently being dominated by the terrible thing that is modern shooters (Call Of Duty style games). Instead, all people got was some generic health regen game with Duke's charm stamped into it.

It might be nice to have Duke back after all this time, it might be funny sometimes, but it's not worth the $50, the lack of modding support for an Unreal engine game, the DLC they're gonna make you pay for, and the generally awful linear shooting sequences.

Have you heard the game has a 2 Weapon limit? At every moment the game is gonna handle you infinite ammo crates and specific guns for specific situations. There's no more "Mighty Boot" (The Kick), except for quick time events. Exploration is non-existant. The ending was out-of-context and nonsensical. There's never gonna be more than 3 ~ 4 enemies on screen, all the guns (8 in total) are recycled from older Duke Nukem Titles and dumbed down (the only decent gun is the shotgun, Nothing else is worth using). The gameplay is repetitive and the puzzles the game has try to copy Half-life 2's physic ones, it has driving sequences and unskippable ingame cutscenes which all serve as padding.

A $50 generic shooter which uses Duke Nukem as it's way to sell.
Avoid it.


Garry's Mod

Game review

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Game review - 20 agree - 3 disagree

Broken Mechanics? Check.

Unbalanced Weaponry, perks and killstreaks? Double Check.

Prepubescent poser teenagers with the incapability of using any sort of strategy or tactics other than holding the sprint button 90% of the game? Check.

Skill required to play reduced to null? Check.

Sequel of a sequel of another sequel of the sequel.
FIFTY dollar pricetag.

Get this **** out of my face before I break something.


Left 4 Dead 2

Game review - 1 agree - 4 disagree

A repetitive sequel with dull characters, cartoony graphics and bad atmosphere.

Rating is supposed to balance out those who give an underseved score.



Mod review


Mod review

****Large criticism with spoilers incoming****
I loved the first part (the one you're actually bleeding), rather thrilling, not too hard, not too easy. Then I had a hard and painful time figuring out what to do in the office "puzzle": Since there was a medpack conveniently placed in an office, I took my time and jumped out of the window a couple times in despair, ninja jumped everywhere down some balconies( and saw some mapping mistakes that obviously weren't meant to be seen) just to find a black trash bin in a dark corner of the already dark office and end up furiously swinging it around just to accidently find a key. For another unrelated room.

Then I noclipped my way out of the last "puzzle" which was also about finding a key. Why? Because since when does finding lost keys a good fun? It's definetly annoying in real life, why redo that in a game... three times in a row?

And where did that gun in the end come from? Who writes a recipee in blood for acid using a gas can, in a bathroom? Who the **** has so many goddamn Pain pills in their apartment?

Found this mod, in my honest opinion, rather dull. All that it did was make me frustrated and confused (in the bad way). 5/10, 3 for the mapping, 2 for the effort. Try and make more creative puzzles like the acid one instead of "Find a needle in a haystack" game.

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