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macacos2 Feb 8 2015, 5:33pm replied:

So instead of making your own server for GMOD9 you made your own mod? Welp.. can't really diss you regarding the enthusiasm.

+1 vote   mod: Super Sandbox Mod 2
macacos2 Dec 25 2014, 6:14pm replied:

Happens to me as well.

+1 vote   mod: Afraid of Monsters DC
macacos2 Jun 17 2014, 9:13am replied:

Indeed. Why would they shoot themselves in the foot like that by purposely disabling such significant aesthetic features? Something's not right.

I feel they were given incentive by console companies to downgrade the graphics for PC but someone in-dev didn't agree to this and left these files there for us to find. The data even had the prefix "E3" to it... couldn't be a mistake.

+9 votes   news: New Watch_Dogs Mod Enables "E3 Graphics"
macacos2 Apr 4 2014, 12:49am says:

ggs to the mods that have been under development for over a year just to come across this conundrum near release:

+2 votes   game: C&C: Red Alert 3
macacos2 Apr 4 2014, 12:26am says:

All this ripped content... I don't want to be a buzzkill or anything but can't your mod be busted for doing this much porting without permission?

+3 votes   mod: Medal of Freedom
macacos2 Mar 20 2014, 11:05pm replied:

Basically. I could edit most of them to be more appropriate and address and distribute points to things more carefully if I wanted to.

Most of them are just my superficial opinion. It's ok to not like them.

-1 votes   member: macacos2
macacos2 Mar 19 2014, 10:50am replied:

His system should be getting way, way more than 30 frames, it's clearly wasting processing power this current way. It's not a matter of just being playable, optimization is a basic thing to any game ever.

+1 vote   mod: The Forgotten Ones
macacos2 Mar 19 2014, 10:22am replied:

Admittedly my "review" of L4D2 is pretty shoddy and was done long ago back when I immediately moved from L4D and felt it was lacking in comparison. I've personally come to enjoy it better with the presence of the S.Workshop (modding!).

I have a pretty strong opinion on Minecraft taken its development story and conclusion however and so it remains unchanged. People who recognize me on here are likely to have come across my various rants regarding it, though I have not written about it on a Moddb review. Criticizing it thoroughly or leaving it blank with a low score would give me pretty much the same outcome. It's been a while since I've had any word on it and I've consequently stopped paying any mind.

-1 votes   member: macacos2
macacos2 Mar 7 2014, 3:25pm says:

Pretty cool.

+1 vote   media: Moar pen drawings
macacos2 Mar 6 2014, 4:55am says:

10k worth of stuff for a map? hot damn

+8 votes   news: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Custom Map Contest - $25,000+ in prizes!
macacos2 Feb 18 2014, 7:15pm replied:

Alright played this, it's very amazing. Struck me better than AHL:S, great job! Wouldn't mind seeing a few borrowed ideas from that mod as well.

Would like also to point out that there are Servers for basically every region, Latin America included.

+1 vote   mod: Double Action: Boogaloo
macacos2 Feb 18 2014, 10:44am replied:

People already have their fair sum of free & retail Multiplayer games to grind their time away with, so Multiplayer Sourcemods have lost their playerbase considerably - which is a pity.

Singleplayer mods on the other hand provide a totally different experience than what most multiplayer games can offer, thus their crowd stays fierce.

+1 vote   mod: Double Action: Boogaloo
macacos2 Feb 18 2014, 10:40am says:

So.. have you heard of Action Half Life 2 while making this? This doesn't seem to differ much from it at first glance.. aside from some gamemodes at least.

+1 vote   mod: Double Action: Boogaloo
macacos2 Jan 31 2014, 3:41am replied:

That's a very naive thing to say. One line of code in the wrong place can effectively break a mod.

+1 vote   news: Age of Chivalry: Hegemony version 1.94 released!
macacos2 Jan 27 2014, 10:47am says:

Better late than never for something like this I guess.

+2 votes   mod: Half-Life: Subtitles MOD
macacos2 Jan 27 2014, 5:55am replied:

I'm assuming there's plenty of good reasons to have the open beta come so far down the road; I've seen some of craptasket's videos of the latest versions and it looks superb.

0 votes   mod: Jaykin' Bacon: Episode 3
macacos2 Jan 23 2014, 5:19am replied:

Coop is 99% of all times good. Even if it ends up a broken mess, having someone to testify for and to share such experiences of unbridled ******** with can be hugely entertaining.

+4 votes   poll: Mods introducing multiplayer are
macacos2 Dec 15 2013, 6:33am says:


+1 vote   member: ☣Kaernk☣
macacos2 Nov 5 2013, 3:43pm replied:

..You could have made an announcement on this page linking to the new release's page, if there was one.

+1 vote   mod: The Forgotten Ones
macacos2 Oct 30 2013, 5:10pm says:

Good luck on the Steam Release. It'll be a most played for sure.

+5 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
macacos2 Oct 30 2013, 5:08pm replied:

All taken.

+2 votes   news: Closed Beta Testing Keys - HELP FIND BUGS!
macacos2 Oct 28 2013, 7:16pm says:

You still alive, bro?

+5 votes   member: bXmMusic
macacos2 Oct 20 2013, 1:29am says:

So by what you've stated, it technically is possible to do a Co-op Fallout 3 with this. Hope to see it rise eventually as this gets more stable and more support.

How fair does this framework deal with latency? I have no idea of what I'm talking about so feel free to slap me.

+2 votes   mod: Vault-Tec Multiplayer Mod
macacos2 Oct 13 2013, 12:02am replied:

Possibly. Technically, there is nothing to it but the map with the voice files with the way it is set up as a mod.

+1 vote   mod: The Stanley Parable
macacos2 Sep 8 2013, 8:17pm replied:

You're kidding me? Smacking mummies with a giant real time swinging spirit mace is probably the most fun fighting mechanic I've experienced in a game.

+5 votes   game: Curse
macacos2 Sep 2 2013, 7:24pm replied:

Actually Garry's Mod 9 and its previous versions are free to download and play.

+5 votes   mod: Jay's Mod
macacos2 Apr 29 2013, 6:05pm replied:

Funnily enough, I can't.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
macacos2 Apr 20 2013, 8:39am says:

Thursday is going to be chilly.

+1 vote   news: The 3rd edition of the newspaper of London is out!
macacos2 Apr 19 2013, 9:44pm says:

Is it just me or do hard drives seem to have a higher chance of failure when they're owned by talented people who don't do backups?

+8 votes   mod: Imperial Reign
macacos2 Apr 19 2013, 9:40pm says:

Hang in there, man. We and the mod development can wait.

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