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News, and another development log video showing off the new mechanics implemented into Soldier Of.

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Hello! It's been a little while since my last development log video / real news update here on IndieDB, but I've been working on this, Soldier Of, and have something to share now.

So, as can be seen in the images section, I've been working on some new gameplay mechanics, as well as the graphics. The graphics and colors are less harsh and more subdued, which also brings out the colorful, animated objects more. I've gone away from the built-in Blender lighting system and have just pixelled the lighting myself, which gives a much more 'smooth' quality (in my opinion).

I've also implemented some stealth mechanics - now guards can see you, chase you, lose sight of you, patrol, and be surprised. All of these mechanics help to make the combat feel more perilous, but also more manageable, as you should be able to play according to your own style now. Getting trapped by several guards and blasting your way through, or taking it slow and steady and pacing yourself, completely avoiding conflicts - either path should be available to you to play. Rather than reading about it, you can watch it here:

I also got working on a boss, which you can see in the Images section, as well as another area, completely different from the city. If you want to be surprised, you can hold off on checking it.
Hopefully the next demo will be even more fun.

Finally, I've got a potential logo for at least this game.

Anyway, thanks a lot for reading and watching!


Incredibly excited. Can't wait for this game!

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SolarLune Author

I hope it's up to your expectations!

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Really sweet, loving the random path system for the NPCs, and smiled alot when the guy chased you and even passed the trees.

Keep it up, can't wait to see more from it soon ^^

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SolarLune Author

Sorry for replying to this so late, but thanks a lot! I need to iron out all of the kinks in the enemy chasing AI, but it's alright for now (and has gotten better since this news article).

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Some cool piece of work for sure - love that "retro" style. Always reminds me to those games that brought me to game development :) You're havin' some interesting ideas here - keep up the good work but take some time for your side projects as well ;)

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SolarLune Author

Thanks a lot. It's unfortunate, but a lot of people don't like retro style as a rule more-so than their personal preference. They think "2D / sprites = crap", which isn't true by default. Anyway, I'll continue to work on this!

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Just because most people are backing one opinion it's not right though, huh ;) In the very end the only person who needs to like your work is you - as it is your time you invested. Making pixelated or low spec games/ art/ design is an art form for itself in my opinion. Creating good stuff with such limitations is much more difficult than "those" people can imagine... So yeah, continue - at least i'm looking forward to check it out :)

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