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Announcing the release of the dectran utility version 2.0.

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For anyone that works with decompiled progs.dat in quake 1, this will make coding much easier. I developed it for working with bot code for the Chaos mod.

Refer to the download section to acquire this quake 1 utility.

In summary dectran is a collection of tuned sed scripts that remove most of proqcc.exe decompiler formatting that makes working with the code more difficult. All windows ^M end of line tags are removed. Useless X.000 and X.500 decimals are cut down to X and X.5. Many extraneous compiler comments such as "float testcase /* 0.000 */;" are removed providing "float testcase;"

The best part is a separate script that has an interactive guide allowing constants to be removed from code fragments like this:

if ( deathmatch ) {^M
intermission_exittime = (time + MOVETYPE_FLY);^M
} else {^M
intermission_exittime = (time + FL_SWIM);^M

translates to:

if (deathmatch)
intermission_exittime = (time + 5);
intermission_exittime = (time + 2);

Since flags and movetypes are never added to time for any reason, this is perfect and much nicer to look at. The script also attempts to repair constants that dont need to be changed.

This code is released under the GPL.

- Mr. Cataboligne

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