The Metal appreciation society is quite simply put a group where all us metalheads can share our love of different bands. This group is for recommendations, reviews and comments on all things metal! Also if you are in a band and want to introduce your band by adding a track on here then go ahead. PLEASE NO MUSIC THAT IS UNDER COPYRIGHT - I'm just a guy who loves metal and wants to share it with others I don't want to get sued!

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Feedback Requests

Feedback Requests

Obelisk Arena 4 comments

This is an online questionnaire for those waiting for the upcoming Arena Based Shooter called Obelisk Arena, this is for research purposes and to help...

SLOT finally releasing an album in the US!

SLOT finally releasing an album in the US!

News 19 comments

I've been waiting a LONG time for this! Russian metal group Slot has announced they will be releasing an English-language album in the United States...

Heavy/Power Metal

Heavy/Power Metal

News 1 comment

Some days ago this album randomly happened to be in my hands. Listening to it I noticed, that it is one of the most bright and emotional metal albums...

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CureOptimism A mixture of Ghost and Watain turns out to be pretty sweet. Relatively new band, check 'em out!

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Online

This is the most heavy metal thing i saw

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Cool stuff from France!

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Here are some of my favorite album covers.
Boris - Flood
Kvelertak - Kvelertak
Arch Enemy - Black Earth
Stratovarius - Destiny (2016)
Dark Tranquillity - Character

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Online

Hail !

I brought exactly the album covers you mentioned here like i promised
I hope they are to all of you's liking

I might even try to listen to some songs of theirs if i can find

\M/ /|||\

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Online

Hail !

Glad to see you are still around Pulga , nobody else talks here

Don't mind me asking but where is Necrolifer ? Why is he missing for one month by now ? I don't feel his absence personally because we are more enemies than neutrals or friends but is a sad fact when someone leaves us
I wish he gets back

Am going to search those on the Tube sometime

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Honestly I don't keep up with what the members of the group do, and I don't care. This was never a really active group to begin with, maybe when I joined it back in 2012 there was more people around, and since the creation of the group in 2008 a lot of people have stopped posting.

You also have to think that many of the people here are also modders or content creators and when they finished their projects they left or they simply stopped by while they were working on something else, but probably now they are not.

I just like posting here because in the area where I live you can barely find people who like Metal, specially the more heavy or underground stuff. I have barely 2 to 3 friends who are really into it. So here I can discuss about it and share good music, because most of my friends don't even want to hear about it.

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Online

I understand what you mean but Necrolifer was the second person sharing things here and the first person is you and there were no others sharing anything here except you two
Impossible to not notice him
You are surely good friends and i assume you are talking and keeping contact

There are two more Metal listeners on the site that i know about , hmmm make that 3 but they don't drop by here for some reason , they are the Archduke , Mr.Cure and fiuuuhhh a nice guy from Finland

That is why we should care to not lose the only people we have left if after they finish something they move on
From what i know Necrolifer was not having any mods nor anything of the sort on the site , as such this is not the reason he left

I would be open to try heavy and underground stuff
Despite that i am not a member of this genre i am open to Metal

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Besides what we shared, I did not talk with Necrolifer in private messages or anything. I'm not the kind of guy who makes friends online to be honest.

As for the ones who don't come by, it could be because they don't know of the group, or maybe they are just not into it.

If you would like an underground band you could check this one out, a melodic death metal one from Russia with some modern synth sounds.

Or maybe you could check Misfits, not really a metal band but a punk one, they're not underground but I've been listening to them lately and want to share some. They have two singers Glenn Danzig with like an "Evil Elvis voice", and Michael Graves who is also pretty good.

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Online

How about all the other members of this group ?
You are many here . Why not active ?

Is everybody listening Metal or just likes to be part of a group no matter what's that ..
Maybe in the past things were more active here but i caught not those times

I am making all sorts of friends online but friendship doesn't go too far , with some i am having fights sometimes and friendship ceases

I think a Metal listening person would search in the bar for ' metal ' and find it as soon as they arrive on the site or soon thereafter

I do have to admit though that Metal listening peoples are not social , more on the anti social side even , at least with the outer world but surely full social within the Metal world
You like sticking to yourselves , you formed an identity , you are recognized from sight and is all that matters afterall

Thanks a bunch for them , ah yes ! now i remembered the fourth person listening stuff like this : Illicit_Misfit , maybe you know him , he is into the really dark and depressing stuff

Thanks for sharing with me

Until someone Metal returns and takes it from there i can keep this place alive (:
Maybe TheCloche_Fixer can drop by too

Anyway the group needs new images , maybe i can find some good stuff to bring , at least 2 to 4 of them , i will search for Metal album covers

By the way any news about Obelisk Arena ?
I answered their questionnaire right here in the article more than one year ago , i liked the idea and am curious about it

\M/ Rock on !

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