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Seven mods refreshing Quake 4 gaming experience were published on Desura.

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All suported mods

Seven mods for Quake 4 on the service now. Almost all of them are modifications that change only Q4 base gameplay and/or improve graphics, the only exception being Quake 4: HardQore.


Q4Run is a modification for Quake4. Primarily it's based on trickjumping and combining tricks. The first idea behind this mod was to implement timers which makes it possible to finish a specific "run" map in a certain time and then improve it afterwards. Every run will be documented in a demo named after name of player and map and time. If you want you can share those demos with other players so they can watch your skill or can help you to improve it. Comparing to others' times you can try to beat them or be proud of yourself because of better records.

Plasma Climbing Pad Player


This is a mere texture mod that changes much of Quake IV's green marine theme (characters, weapons, items) to blue. It's an extension of mod author's earlier "Dark-Bloody Strogg Kane" texture mod and as such includes all of that earlier "mod" content.

Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

Quake 4: Evolved

This mod is a complete graphics overhaul for Quake 4's aging engine, featuring bloom, paralax mapping, specular mapping, self shadows, enhanced shaders and reflections, enhanced detail terrain and bumpmaps.

Ingame Graphics Ingame Graphics
Ingame Graphics Ingame Graphics


Sikkmod is a visual enhancement mod for Quake 4 designed to update the game to a more modern level.

Random Random
Random Random

GameType Revolution

GTR is a versatile Quake 4 modification that aims to make the game more enjoyable, and its development will never be limited with a ruleset such as "VQ4" (Basic Quake 4).

GPM Defrag 2 GPM Defrag 2


GTX is a graphic mod developed for Doom3 and Quake4 that enhance the game experience with new graphic effects never seen before in the game.

GTX Q4 1.0 GTX Q4 1.0
GTX Q4 1.0 GTX Q4 1.0

Quake 4: HardQore

The Quake 4: HardQore modification brings classic, fast paced, thumb blistering side scrolling action to the next generation. Forget thinking, plots, ammo, or boring puzzles, this is 110% non stop in your face run n' gun slaughter. Strap on advanced weaponry and take on the Strogg invasion. If your a fan of classic action games such as Contra & Metal Slug; then HardQore is what you have been waiting for. The fast paced action of Quake just became more intense.

- classic 2d run 'n' gun action in a full 3d environment
- arm yourself with Quake4 weapons modified and enhanced for 2d game play
- use melee weapons such as the chainsaw gauntlet to tare the enemy to pieces
- controls optimized for 2d game play using either the keyboard or joystick
- no reloading, unlimited ammo, or thinking, just run & shoot
- use the environment against the enemy and destroy anything possible
- new player models, including a female character

Phobos opens a can Iron Blood
Ingame shot Mech Walker

* * *
All available mods:
Quake 4: HardQoreGTX Q4Run
Quake 4: EvolvedLDAQ4 GameType Revolution

Mods install to the main game directory. You can also set your own mod launch commands on Desura, User Launch Options tutorial is here.


instead of putting the GTX mod and quake 4 evolved, why not put quake 4 sikkmod?

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feillyne AuthorSubscriber

They all should be here. How could Q4 Sikkmod be missed? Added:

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Awesome :D, just need to get quake now xD. Can't wait till ID releases full source-code to quake 4 :D

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Another added mod-support update? The Desura staff must be working like crazy.

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INtense! Staff

Actually you can thank feillyne: he is our mod expert and is doing an amazing job working through mod collections game-by-game

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feillyne AuthorSubscriber

Thanks for appreciation. Though a mod "expert" seems to be a little exaggeration. ;-)

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q4max 0.82?

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Q4Run is my favorite! :)

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This is all looking like some seriously challenging fun !

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