The major issue, as I see it, with the Halo modding community is our propensity for over-protective hoarding of Intellectual Property owned not by ourselves, but by a mega-corporation that would sue the pants off of any one of us in a hot minute just for fun. We spend days creating a likeness of a UNSC frigate or a Covenant energy sword and then refuse our fellow modders access to it for their own work as though it were an original idea.

I love Halo. I love the Halo modding community. But I think we have a very serious problem right now. In the part of the community I live in, Halo RTS mods, mod teams develop models of Microsoft-owned IP and then hold onto them tightly and won't share them with anyone else as if they actually own the models. I can't imagine it's very different in other corners of our vast community.

I think it's time we become a more open community. I think it's time we realize we're hoarding and trying to protect resources that aren't really ours and that the community wants and needs. I don't understand why mod teams treat each other like competition rather than like family. That's what the Halo Resources Initiative is all about. This is a place where we can come together and share our homemade Halo-themed assets like a real community of people enthused about the Halo universe.

Initially, this group will be private and modders will have to apply for access, but soon it will be made open to the public for all the world to see, share, and use what our great artists have made in the Halo universe!

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