Resurgence deploys you in shoes of a young resistance member, who have escaped from Nova Prospekt thanks to one free man, and is willing to find his old friends in order to reunite and fight together for the future of the human race. Arrive at City 37 to help regain the throne from the falling empire of Combine and bring back the world we all knew at one point.
Mixing the best of oldschool and newschool, Resurgence brings a breath of fresh air into the Half-Life universe with brand new storyline, new set of original characters, a whole new arsenal of weapons and it's own vision of future guerilla warfare.


» Heavy emphasis on the story
» Brand new set of independant characters
» New arsenal of over 30 weapons
» Equipment customization
» New and unique locations
» Side missions
» Enhanced visuals
» Original Soundtrack


Mouse, keyboard, monitor and semi-decent computer. And Steam. That's all.


Q: When will this game be released?
A: When it's done

Q: Will there be beta/demo versions?
A: This is undecided as of now, but the community will be the first to know when it happens

Q: Is it going to be available in language of my choice?
A: Currently we are planning to support only English, but it might change in the future

Q: Why does it look like Half-Life 2?
A: The game is set in Half-Life universe, so it is obviously using assets from HL2

Q: How much is it going to cost?
A: The game is going to be 100% free


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The journey related to the development of Resurgence has been long and it had many ups and downs. Today we invite you to take a trip a few years down the memory line, explore some of its history, and possibly take a peek into the future of the project. Let's begin!

The very beginning of the adventure with Resurgence begins actually back around 2011. Coming fresh from two attempts at creating a multiplayer mod (which actually didn't go horribly wrong, but lacked specific direction and conviction from my part), a bunch of young wanna-be developers started working on their first singleplayer project. The title of the mod was The Last Bastion and it was set in the desert Ravenholm-alike island overrun by zombies after the main protagonist - Jack Carter - has been left to die in there by a villainous commander of the Combine Forces. In a nutshell, it was Dead Island meets Half-Life 2, and it died out the following year. However, as you could probably notice already, it was a seed for what would eventually become a cast of characters in the early versions of Resurgence.

Very soon after the fall of The Last Bastion, a new project arose. This time the idea was to create a singleplayer experience set in a proper HL2 universe, but with major tweaks to the gameplay via mixing up the oldschool and newschool aspects of it. Since it was loosely based on one of our previous mods - The Unknown: Source - we named it The Unknown: Resurgence but it didn't take long to abbreviate the title to the one you know today. The first iteration of it shaped up around late 2012, and this is when we first showcased it to the public.

The development didn't accelerate, however, till 2013. As you can imagine, being still relatively fresh to the world of modding beyond mappacks, the game used a lot of third-party made assets such as custom made characters from GMod (with permissions of course). Despite the weasely tactics, we managed to move forward and bring you the second trailer in 2014. Most of the content showcased in there was still under the label of the prototype, but it was already considered a working iteration of the game - to some degree, at least. The 2014 update was the first one which gained a larger attention from the audience, and it opened a lot of doors to us. The biggest take away was a wave of new people joining the project, and while most of them are gone by now, it was truly an adventure no matter of how much time we spent with each other. The inner workings were still very primitive, which was more than likely the reason of the second fallout of the Resurgence, but I think it's safe to say a lot of us learned a valuable lesson from the experience. That's what it was all about in the end - hitting the wall in order to learn what we can do and how a team should be working.

The following year of 2015 was perhaps the most important one so far. This is when we began shaping up the game from the start, with a bit better quality in mind. Most of the coding was done, we've got our first proper weapons in the game, first levels became mostly playable etc. It also certainly became clearer what we want to achieve, and as the time passed I was also able to improve the storyline quite a lot. In fact, the general premise and overall story arc of the Resurgence never really changed, but the more I've dived into the writing, the more I was able to refine and rehash some of the plot points to create a more interconnected storyline with an interesting cast of characters. It was probably the most ambitious iteration of the game, and as you may already know from our previous post, it eventually grew a bit too big. We did manage to post Reintroduction update in the same year, but it didn't take too long before we began rethinking our strategy in more serious manner.

Which brings us to the current iteration of the game. In 2016 we were dedicated to developing a standalone demo, called Resurgence: The Union, which we will get to in a second, but the development of the main Resurgence game restarted not too long before the New Year's Eve. It really feels like we came a long way and grown up in lots of ways and across many boards, and I am very happy to say that we finally took the lessons we've learned over the years and applied them to take more professional approach to our work. Since Resurgence's storyline was so big and ambitious, I decided to write an entirely new one. It still takes place in and around City 37, it still involves a lot of meaty action, but it does have a new protagonist, a new set of characters and takes place in a slightly different timeline. The original storyline of the Resurgence, however, is still part of our little sub-universe and we are definitively looking forward to telling you that story in a different format. We will be able to reveal more about that when the time is right. Now, while we are not quite ready for a proper media update just yet, we sure as hell are not going to show you only the old screenshots from the past. Some of the locations and layouts from the 2015 version were reused but reimagined to be in line with our new artstyle. Below, you can take a peek into two locations which showcase the jump in the quality of our work involving two locations you may recognize from our Hammerhead Gameplay Trailer.

And finally, we arrive in New Mexico. Resurgence: The Union took most of the previous year in terms of development, and it was an interesting time for us as a team. It can be considered sort of the transition from our old ways to the new and refined approach to work. Anyway, more about The Union. It is an interesting project, as began the development of it back in late 2015 right after the Reintroduction Update. The idea behind it was that we knew that developing Resurgence would take years, and we didn't want to make you wait for decades before you could dive into our little world. Also, I can reveal that we had a Black Mesa flashback chapter planned for the old Resurgence pretty much from the start of our adventure, so developing The Union was like killing two birds with one stone as we would develop the assets required to build the flashback chapter, and deliver you something to get a taste of Resurgence without getting the main storyline spoiled in a way. It quickly became obvious that we would restart the Resurgence from the beginning, and The Union evolved into more of a standalone expansion pack rather than a demo. We managed to sweep some new team members along the way and remaster the artstyle we've developed during the early days. What we showed you back in January 2016 was built mostly with the HL2 assets, but we spent a good chunk of the year on producing our own assets for the project, ranging from our own textures and props to the weapons. Again, below you can check out the difference between what you saw in early 2016 and how it looks like today.

This concludes our little update. As always, we are happy to welcome more people into our team, as it is pretty small and compressed at the moment. If you are interested in joining the project, then you can check out our jobs page. If you are undecided or want to know a little bit more about the final iteration of Resurgence, you can contact us via email in order to receive an access to a brief presentation of the game.

Thanks for hanging out with us today, we are looking forward to bringing a proper grand sized update on the game to you somewhere in 2018. If you've got any questions or concerns, we encourage you to share them and we'll be happy to respond. Take care and see you around!

Ashes to Ashes, Phoenix from the Ashes

Ashes to Ashes, Phoenix from the Ashes

News 6 comments

After nearly two years, we break the silence to give you a brief update on the project.

Resurgence Reintroduction

Resurgence Reintroduction

News 7 comments

Resurgence comes back to the world of the living with Reintroduction event

Greenlight Update

Greenlight Update

News 8 comments

We want to thank everybody who has supported the mod so far, and invite you to continue your support using Steam Greenlight.

New phase

New phase

News 4 comments

After a year of silence we're coming back to show you what we've did in the past months!

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Ohhhhhhh CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS AWESOME 3Rs Rise Retake Resurge nice name man the RESURGENCE! Gonna track this for Life!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

maps are all a bit "sterile" but the dynamic is quite immersive and life-like with all these voices. it is going to be a really good mod...keep up the good work :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
JackPhoenix Creator

Chapters we have showcased so far are set very early in the story, so there is not a lot of damage done to the city... yet ;) Thanks for the feedback tho, as we are constantly improving!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So. Quite impressive. This game look well so far. I'm very interested. I have some questions :
1.When the mod will be ready to download? (a date please)
2.Will there be any translations, as french, spanish or whatever ?
3.Will there be a multiplayer?

Just - in the gameplay video, at 2:00 you can see Breen's head with "Resist" written down. Is Breen the admin of City 37 too ? Because this is quite illogical. If not the game is wicked sick, ultragood and all the things after.
Waiting for it !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
JackPhoenix Creator

Thanks for being interesed in this game! (it's not technically a mod anymore since it was Greenlit in Dec 2014)

1. I couldn't tell you or anyone else, and I won't. And I don't mean to be rude - we simply don't know. Quality is most important. The game is still in very early stage of development, so you shouldn't expect it anytime soon (certainly not 2015-2017)

2. As it states on the official website, no. But it might change in the future.

3. No.

4. Breen's title is Global Administrator of Earth, he is technically in charge of every city. But he does not appear in Resurgence (he couldn't anyway since it takes place shortly after the events of HL2EP2). I cannot say anything else as it would be a spoiler, you will find the answer in the game once you play it tho ;)

Reply Good karma+4 votes

"» Equipment customization"

So you can Customize your Weapons on the go like in Crysis? Or is this something different?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
JackPhoenix Creator

If it would be on the go then we would mention it. No, you customize loadout by accessing weapon crates located on the map (if you can spot them of course)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Oh my god..... seems amazing....

also... the name remembers insurgency to me... what does that means? :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

oh nvm it's on hl2 universe...



Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Will there be more exotic/alien weapons?

To me it was kind of a shame how the weapons in Half-life 2 were kind of boring and generic, valve should have added more alien weapons after all they wouldn't spoil anything since the aliens already invaded, but instead we started again with pistols and SMG's.

Also one thing I didn't quite like about Half-Life 2 was the lack of enemy variety gameplay/visual wise. Will you do something about that?

Just a few questions I felt like asking since I see that you have already made a lot of content in the game and I just wanted to know if some of that content addresses some of those things.

And even if it doesn't the game still looks bloody awesome, I can't wait to see how things will develop. Anyways Best of Luck!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
JackPhoenix Creator

I'm really sad to tell that aliens like Xen creatures or Combine Synths are not part of this game. That's why it's called Resurgence and not Half-Life 2: Resurgence. I'd say Res evolved into it's own little universe inside of the Half-Life universe, but just because they are set in the same world it doesn't mean that those games are going to be the same.

The reason why we decided to exclude Alien involvement is related to the storyline which is a major factor in the Resurgence, it just felt like they were not necessary to it and caused more confusion than fun.

But I gotta say, there are a lot of new weapons and while most of them are based on real life firearms, some of them are completely fictional. There will some interesting ones for sure, I'm think you could spot a few guns in the gameplay and trailer already.

About enemy variety: because like I said, there are no Zombies, Antlions, Headcrabs or Striders, we are recompensating it with a whole bunch of new soldier types. We are not ready to talk about it yet, but when the time will come, I'm sure you will be teased ;)

I'm not going to lie - if you are a major hardcore Half-Life fan, then you might be disappointed but if you're looking for something related to Half-Life, yet executed in a much different way then I hope you will like the game and the story.

Have a nice day!

Reply Good karma+4 votes

There is no harm in being different. I will still play the game and I am glad you explained why they won't be included.

There are a few things I'm a bit worried about. You said that there will be over 30 weapons, will they all be unique or only small changes and mostly model wise?

I don't want to compare it to half life 2 since you already said it's a lot different but having both the smg and AR in that game was a bit pointless, the only reason to have the smg after you got the AR was for the grenade which was much cooler on the AR.

As for the soldiers I hope they won't be just reskins.

Anyways I can't wait for more news.

PS: Sorry if it sounds like I'm nitpicking or anything like that. I'm just very interested in the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
JackPhoenix Creator

We will be doing our best to give each weapon it's own flavour through different damage model, mag size, firerate and viewkick.

Overall, I think it will mostly depend on your playstyle and chapter you're playing. You can always chill in Resistance Base to try out the weapons you've unlocked on the firing range to see which one you find most comfortable and fitting your playstyle.

I assure you that we are going to put A LOT of effort to make sure that weapons are balanced, so there won't be a clear winner which is going to be reliable in every scenario.

About soldiers, no they are not just reskins... You'll see ;)

There is nothing wrong with being curious, I'm glad I had a chance to explain the lack of physical appearance of aliens because it might be a big factor for a lot of people. At the same time, I don't want to reveal too much just yet.

Thanks for taking your time to share your concerns

Reply Good karma+3 votes

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