Red Alert: A Path Beyond brings the exciting storyline and epic clashes from the classic Westwood Studios game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert to realm of first person shooters, with a twist. We've remained loyal to the style and feel of the 1996 classic, while integrating content from its expansions Counterstrike and The Aftermath with a bit of updated history to add to the mix. Built off the W3d engine Westwood Studios built for classics such as Earth & Beyond and Command & Conquer: Renegade finished up in 2001, we help bring the fight to you as you play out your role as any one of a number of infantry classes participating in team-based combat that often involves land, sea, and air combined-arms clashes that just don't happen in any other game. Oh, and did we mention it is FREE?

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APB 2.1 is effectively done, just waiting on mirrors and final testing. Here's a partial changelist so you'll know what to expect, if you haven't been participating in the open testing.

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We've been busy with a lot of things, and if you've been participating in testing you no doubt know that we've also been testing new builds for APB. I'd just like to let you know that the final set of code for 2.1 is ready, the server package was put together, server performance is even higher now, and let me just leave you with a non-exhaustive changelist of what's happened between 2.0 and 2.1 while you wait for us to get things ready to go. The release is really soon, but we need to get things to mirrors, do some final testing, and that sort of activity.

APB Gamma 2.1 Changelist
General Things
Refill: 14 second delay between refills
Vehicle Limit: 16 Ground, 8 Air
Support Pistols: Reduced naximum firing rates (Beretta and Makarov)
Support Pistols: Added slow repeat-fire
Support Pistols: Increased effective ranges to 50 meters (was 10)
Support Pistols: Rocket/RPG soldiers now have limited-ammo pistols
Support Pistols: Limited-ammo variants have doubled ammo supply (54 Allied / 72 Soviet)
Support Pistols: Now instant-hit again
Mines: Cloaking logic; visible on radar for your team, entirely invisible at long range, etc
Mines: Mine limit is now 80
Mines: Increased Minelayer ammo to 8 (was 5)
Mines: Fixed issue with mines that are blown up by the other team not being removed from the mine limit
Cloaking: Visibility distance increased (Phase, Gap, Mines)
Supply Truck: Increased health to 110 health /35 armor (was 110/0)
Demo Truck: Increased health to 110 health /35 armor (was 110/0)
AA Defenses: AntiAircraft warhead, less damage versus non-aircraft (was Shell/Explosive)
Defenses: Should properly acquire targets now (no ‘stupid flametower')
Defenses: Atomic weaponry has an extra 50% penalty against defenses
A-Bomb: Increased blast radius to 120 meters (was 100 meters)
A-Bomb: Increased damage to 1000 damage (was 785) (would not kill a CY in 2.0)
Repair Gear: Reduced Repair Tool, Golden Wrench, Mechanic radius
Engineer: Changed GoldenWrench to destroy mines
Engineer: Decreased GoldenWrench swing rate by around 50%
Engineer: Mine pinging sound slightly easier to pinpoint
Cannon: Remove stealth and correct exit zones
Purchase Terminals no longer provide cover, meaning you can be shot immediately after spawning or while buying things instead of having slight protection
Repairs: Fixed repair bay deducting too much money if its only repairing health or only repairing armor
Repairs: Repair cost lowered to 25% (was 50%)
Repairs: Repair bays won't work if they're dead (for real)
C4: There are "no C4" zones available now, to prevent C4 atop Tesla Coils etc
C4: C4 points reduced to 25 (was 50)
C4: Health reduced to 65 (was 80)
AOE: AOE weapons will properly identify what to damage/repair now.
Made bullets collide with back-faces.
Turrets: Turn rate of all turrets adjusted
Warhead: "Explosion" increased by around 30% against buildings
Warhead: "Steel" adjusted down
Fall Damage: Slightly decreased due to new Refinery Stairs and it was a bit high
Snipers: Weaponry now identical

Supply Truck: Reduced mass (cannot ram, more easily rammed)
Supply Truck: Reduced acceleration (must be ‘put in gear')
Light Tank: Reduced turn rate (cannot zigzag)
Light Tank: Reduced mass (cannot ram as easily)
Heavy Tank: Increased traction
Heavy Tank: Increased top speed
Ranger: More stable, less easy to flip
Ranger: Reduced steering speed
V2 Launcher: More stable, less easy to flip
V2 Launcher: Adjusted acceleration profile
V2 Launcher: Traction increased
Artillery: Traction increased
Ore Truck: Increased speed
Ore Truck: Increased mass (less easily rammed)
Ore Truck: Increased steering speed
Demo Truck: Mirrored Supply Truck settings, but higher mass
Doors: Reduced activation zone size (you must get closer now)
Longbow: Reduced climb rate
Hind: Reduced climb rate
Overhauled helicopter handling, not "twitchy" and you must commit to a direction more
Elevators should work better
Refineries have stairs instead of elevators anyhow

Thief: Replaced Beretta with Silenced Beretta
Added quick repeat-fire to silenced pistols (Spy and Thief)
MRJ: Reduced scramble volume by 25%
MRJ: Added fake EVA warnings
Spy: Increased Shocktrooper speed to 6 (was 5.5)
Spy: Fixed fake weapon effective ranges and hitter types
Spy: Sniper disguise replaces Flamethrower disguise
Captain: Increased M60 range to 75 meters
Captain: Swapped PKM/M60 spray error (1 / .8 degree, respectively)
Captain: Increased M60 magazine to 75 rounds
Captain: Increased M60 velocity to 390
Captain: Increased M60 damage to 10.25
Captain: Changed M60 to use Steel_NoBuilding warhead (former Hind warhead)
Rocket Soldier: Increased effective ranges to +3 meters beyond actual
Phase Tank: Increased frag damage to 35 (from 30)
Phase Tank: Can now aim up and down slightly
Phase Tank: Fires missiles in pairs, empties clip faster than before
Phase Tank: Health increased to 150/150
Thief: Can now steal vehicles
AT Mine: Increased health to 60 (was 40) plus 120 weak hitpoints
AT Mine: Decreased damage to 600 (was 700)
AT Mine: Adjusted blast radius
Longbow: Damage increased to 165 (was 145)
Medium Tank: Range reduced to 95 (was 100)
Medium Tank: Damage reduced to 82 (was 90)
Medium Tank: Engine sound reduced to 65% (was 75%)
Light Tank: Damage increased to 51 (was 48)
Artillery: Damage increased roughly 30%

MAD: Increased charge-up audio
Grenadier: Increased secondary accuracy slightly
Grenadier: Explosion radius increased to 6.5 m (was 6)
Kapitan: Increased PKM range to 75 meters
Kapitan: Swapped PKM/M60 spray error (1 / .8 degree, respectively)
Kapitan: Increased PKM magazine to 75 rounds
Kapitan: Increased PKM velocity to 390
Kapitan: Increased PKM damage to 12
Kapitan: Changed M60/PKM to use Steel_NoBuilding warhead (former Hind warhead)
Hind: Chaingun replaced with Autocannon (blast radius, damage changes)
Hind: Ammunition supply adjusted
ShockTrooper: Increased secondary damage to 15 (was 11)
ShockTrooper: Increased secondary spray to 3 (was 2 degrees)
RPG: Increased effective range to +3 meters beyond actual
AP Mine: Increased health to 60 (was 40)
AP Mine: Adjusted blast radius
AP Mine: Detection radius to 4 meters (was 6)
V2 Launcher: Increased V2 blast to 36 meters (was 30)
V2 Launcher: Uses Explosion instead of Shell
V2 Launcher: Damage increased to 850 from 700
V2 Launcher: Can aim lower by 3 degrees
RPG: Anti-air speed increased to 250 m/s (was 140)
RPG: Explosion type changed to "Rocket", from "Explosive". Deals less damage to infantry, except Volkov
Volkov: Napalm grenade explosive damage increased to 50 (was 40)
Volkov: Anti-infantry range increased to 40m (was 30m)
Volkov: Anti-infantry accuracy improved slightly
SAM: Tracking increased
Flamethrower: 2x bullet damage problem rectified
Flamethrower: Armor (15) improved to match midrange body armor resistances
Flamethrower: Suicide damage increased to 275 (was 200)
Heavy Tank: Rate of fire increased
Tesla Tank: Increased splash damage
Tesla Tank: Secondary damage increased to 100% versus mines (was 28%)
Tesla Tank: Secondary damage decreased to 10% versus Mammoths (was 60%)
Tesla Tank: Secondary damage decreased to 10% versus aircraft (was 100%)
Tesla Tank: Primary damage against buildings decreased by 20%
Radar Dome: No longer gives 3x points
Tesla Coil: Cannot be C4ed on top of the zappy tower

Tech Levels / Purchasing
Theft: Vehicles now have a proper 30 second theft protection (except vs Thieves and Spies)
Demo Trucks: Build limit 2
MRJ: Build limit 2
Captains: Price to 250 (was 200)
APC: Tech level 2 (Was 3)
Engineer: Tech level 2 (Was 3)
Artillery: Tech level 2 (Was 3)
V2 Launcher: Tech level 2 (Was 3)
Tesla Tank: Tech level 4
Mammoth Tank: Tech level 4 (Was 5)
Phase Tank: Tech level 4 (Was 5)
Fixed unit limit script to work properly
Air Factory: New building controller type, intended for helipads and will eliminate the need for the MDB_ExpVehFac scripts.
Snipers: Tech level 3

Graphics / Display
Gap Generator effects optimized
Transparent objects optimized
Fix for rainbow/WW texture shipping crates
Updated textures for Service Depot and Silo no longer look bad at a distance
Fixed impact effects on soldiers (blood splat when hit)
Radar "horizon tilt" issue finally fixed
Fix sidebar not being properly aligned to the right of the screen
Fog improvements
Fix bogus track/wheel sounds (as if a vehicle was there, but there isn't one)
Volkov: Added impact effects
New AP Mine graphics
New AT Mine graphics
Added clustered trees and new deciduous forest trees
Replaced many conventional single trees on maps with clustered arrangements
Models changed to increase performance
Lighting/normals computation fixed up to increase load speed
Fixed issue causing static shadows to draw incorrectly (i.e. the "shadows are black" issue)
Fixed issue with static shadows on stealth units
Sped up the process of figuring out that a draw call doesn't actually use a shader
Added support for billboards that don't constantly look up to you (rendering)
Various fixes relating to the refraction effect
Added a Duration setting to surface effects to be able to use aggregates
New explosion/fire/etc effects using aggregates
New bullet effects
Fixed issues with Ring and Sphere render objects not working with the new sorting renderer
Fixed issue causing the "sorting node" errors
Fixed issue with floating name tags
Fixed issues with vehicle-under-attack messages
Fixed some issues with ghost objects
Fixed issue where pings were being displayed incorrectly.
Some particle emitter changes to allow particle emitters to have shaders applied.
Fixed problems with missing War Factory glass

Code changes / preset fixes
Changes to targeting code
Fixed building and vehicle damage sounds to play more consistently
Fixed AOE repair and damage logic (affects repair tool, mechanic, golden wrench, flamethrower detonate)
Added new locking/theft logic to all vehicles
Added new vehicle theft logic to Spy
Added new vehicle theft logic to Thief (a new ability)
Removed newline \n from all weapon names
Removed newline \n from all vehicle names
Added strings to all weapons that lacked them
Renamed Technician Tool to Repair Tool
Fixed Ctrl-3 radio command
Fixed Ctrl-Alt-0 radio command
Fixed various memory leaks and crashes found in APB 2.0 /Scripts 4.0
Fixed beacons not being selectable again if interrupted while planting
Removed erroneous dependency on console.dll file
Fixed Multiplayer Practice to load properly
Weapon selection now skips empty weapons in both directions
Fully working code to kick soldiers out of vehicles (eg MAD Tank)
Shadows fade out of existence rather than go out with a bang
Fixed issues that prevented blood surface emitters from appearing
Fixed possible issues with cinematics
Changed the EVF scripts to hopefully prevent them from stealing helicopters
Clients can now recieve max health and armor changes over the network properly
Projectiles will now collide with the back of two sided meshes (no need to stack two meshes)
Fixed various crashes relating to the resource manager
Convinced map selection dialog to stop yelling
Fixed a crash relating to sorted skinned meshes and things like the stealth effect or shadows
More scripts from zunnie
Fixed issue with nuke destroying buildings it should not
Faster check for whether a beacon should destroy a building or not
Fixed issue where bluehell is visible in the stealth shader
Fixed an issue with loading/reloading shaders
Fixed an issue triggering BIATCH netcode hack messages.
Add console commands ALIMIT and ALIMITD. These are like VLIMIT and VLIMITD except they change the limit used by "Air Factories".
New tt.ini keywords AirFactoryVehicleLimit and VehicleFactoryVehicleLimit to set the vehicle limits.
Fixed a crash issue with buildings (this solves the "server crashdumps" posted by deadpikle)
Fixed issue causing the player name for spectators to be displayed by mistake
Fixed crash when repository URL is empty
Fixed console WIN command
Fixed issue where its possible to get out of a vehicle and end up somewhere you shouldn't be
Fixed an issue where joining a server results in the client not being correctly told how many bullets weapons already existing on the server have in them.
Fix a netcode issue that fixes a crash, player names not showing up for players, and possibly other issues.
Add crash count to the crashdump name (makes it easier for us to detect crash-on-crash)
Make crashdump code create both extended and normal crashdump if extended crashdumps are enabled
Prevent a problem caused if you take screenshots after a crash has occurred.
Fix a netcode issue caused if a player has too many weapons. (it was sending too much data in some cases)

Killfields: Time limit 3 minutes
Antlion: Floating grass issues should be fixed
Antlion: Time limit 5 minutes
Antlion: You cannot enter the truck
Bonsai: Blockers on some areas added
Luna: Time limit 5 minutes
North by Northwest: Overhauled, VIS issues fixed
North by Northwest: Frozen pond no longer freezes you to death
River Raid: Two ore silos per team
Under: Made caves harder for vehicles to enter
Under: Fixed discolored objects

Launcher updated
Launcher news updated

Shortened preset names for many objects to under 12 for proxy purpose
Helicopter landing nodes are under APB Building Nodes and are set on the AirFactory class.
Special feature for per-map objects.ddb files
Added "-map mapname" command line option to immediately load a map on startup
LE physics errors corrected.
Fixed tdbedit not saving items as Unicode
New command line tool makemix that will take a folder and create a mix file containing all the files in that folder (including anything in any sub-folders). This tool will output the files in the same order as the new code in the 4.0 leveledit and in the same order as DanPaul's patching tool.
Update ddbedit tool to let you view the presets in a temps ddb file.
TotalBuildingTime setting for vehicle factories (airstrips/war factories) editable in LE
Added several new strings for mapmakers
Fixed crash related to per-map shader database files
Fixed StaticAnimPhysClass not properly loading various settings
Created "Z Powerups" for Zunnie- Captain, Mechanic, Medic, Rocket, Sniper, Spy, Tanya
Created unscripted "Z Powerups" as icons
Added Guard Tower as LE placed object
Optimizations to some mesh code for terrain which are aimed at making some VIS/pathfinding operations in LE faster.
New AOE damage options


awsome, the updates will make it like a diffrent game :)

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