OpenArena is a community-produced deathmatch FPS based on GPL idTech3 technology. There are many game types supported including Free For All, Capture The Flag, Domination, Overload, Harvester, and more. There are 17 unique player models to choose from and 12 weapons.

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Two new models
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vnt87 May 1 2007 says:

I knew that wasn't just some April 1st hoaxes. Long live the boobies. :P

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DiePflanze May 1 2007 says:

@ MrSmiley
That with the hlaf naked girl was explained before.
Don't worry.
Looks grate.

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SkitZaY May 1 2007 says:


z0mg wuts animation look like fap fap. XD
Nice models, especially the dude, looks awesome.

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INtense! Staff
INtense! May 1 2007 says:

in the thumbnail version I thought they were holding hands haha!

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MrSmiley92 May 1 2007 says:

Hey, i like tits just as much as the next straight guy, but don't you think this is getting stupid? I mean cmon... WHy would some hot chick be shooting around in hazardous environments, wearing nothing but longere'? Does her super-hotness protect her or something? No, no, tell your ***** boys in the back to give her some clothes, and maybe she won't be going "I keep dying" every time she spawns.

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TommyCookingShermans Oct 14 2009 replied:


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TakedaKeni May 1 2007 says:

Relax there Smiley...least she'll make a huge target for snipers.

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Thestjester May 1 2007 says:

I don't like this approach much, but thats natural. Some people will, others wont.
Keep going with it, sadly because of this "Anime" switch, i'm beginning to lose interest (Obviously you can tell I dislike anime).
No worries though, with the change i'm sure others will become interested.

all in all, nice work I suppose. Just keep at it!

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Monochrome_ May 1 2007 says:

Anim00 sexyness = overrated

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kingsqeerel May 1 2007 says:

Yeah.... the girl? That's... that's just ridiculous. Seriously. Also her modelling work doesn't match the good quality of the guy. Her shoulders are much more jagged in appearance. Try to balance out the model detail in them by giving the girl a smoother appearance. She's just a little choppy. The guy looks great though, with his armor even giving off a small glowing effect (looks like a tiny phong shade) to really make him look nice. Again, the girl's armor (what she *does* actually have) lacks this detail. Also, the lighting gets a little weird on her shoulders, arms, breasts, and calves. And the jewels that cover her nipples don't quite give off the vibrant red shade from the drawing. The jewels would look really great if they were given a shading feature to make them stand out in the light (something like the purple/pink lights in the background). The girl also looked better with the gloves from the drawing. I think that's everything... Well, see ya! Oh! And both model's hands are weird when holding the guns. That's the end. I promise.

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Makkon May 1 2007 says:

Sorry, but oversexed, disproportionate, practically naked anime chicks aren't sexy. How about, rather than insulting my intelligence, you make a tasteful female character. You may have very well turned off half of your potential audience.

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SepheronX May 1 2007 says:

wow, so you did work hard on the boobies of that girl. GJ!

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Zeras May 1 2007 says:

very nice! I just downloaded the game, very smooth!

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Doommarine23 May 1 2007 says:

I'm sick of seeing huge boobed girls wearing barely anything at all. Does that really protect them? Also why is it that the guy looks high? Just why? What the hell is going on here?

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dar_ May 1 2007 says:

Don't you people know the first law of female armor in video games? The less armor there is, the more protection it actually awards! Having exposed areas around body armor is equivalent to a male wearing a kevlar vest. What we have here is full tactical SWAT-type gear in male terms.

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JoffL May 1 2007 says:

"I'm sick of seeing huge boobed girls wearing barely anything at all." I'm not xD

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Johnny_Phalapagis May 1 2007 says:


but seriously ITS A ******* GAME! You know whats better then shooting people in a video game? Shooting naked sexy people so you can eyeball there dead corpse.

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Johnny_Phalapagis May 1 2007 says:

Makkon you are one of the funniest ***** i ever did see. Your like one of those uptight dads who gets upset when he goes to the beach with his kids and theres lots of people in bikinis. You gotta loosen up this is a game made purely for fun and if somehow you get offended by this thats obviously got more to do with you then the game.

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Darkcraft May 2 2007 says:


When I posted

Quote:I am just sitting here waiting for the team to turn around and say "No really, it isn't a joke. We truly believe anime style looks better then that realistic crap."

Then I'll be laughing MWUHAHAHHAA

on April Fools newspost, I didn't expect it to come true. oh well







+1 vote     reply to comment
Michael_TSM May 2 2007 says:

*cough* soft porn *cough*, really this is a downhill turn for open arena...

The style is really nothing more then soft porn...there is absolutely no logical reason why she is almost completely naked...other then blatant sex appeal...
Guns and bare skin don't really go together, its just ridiculous.

Its also dodgy that people seem to superimpose their sexual fantasies onto their games, and as a result treat women as nothing more then objects of lust...

I don't know about you but I find intelligent women with a least a decent sense of modesty far more attractive, and as characters in games, far more interesting then something like this.

When designing a female character for a game you should look at characters like Cate Archer (from No One Lives Forever 2) and Jade (from Beyond Good & Evil) NOT characters like Lara Croft or any of Dead or Alive characters.

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leilei Author
leilei May 2 2007 says:

yea tell that to paul steed. have you seen q3's characters?

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alofe May 2 2007 says:

if you dont like it, dont play it :s

+1 vote     reply to comment
leilei Author
leilei May 2 2007 says:

Popularity isn't a goal anyway, I don't care even if 0 people play it. XD

0 votes   reply to comment
Aeneas2020 May 2 2007 says:

thats a little odd surely you want people to play your mod?

0 votes     reply to comment
MrSmiley92 May 2 2007 says:

I'm queer? Lol! Many of you must really think anime is sexy? lol. There cartoons for god sake. Why don't we just turn OpenArena into HentaiArena for Losers you Jack Off to Anime Porn. That's a more fitting title. I'd be more happy if u guys went back to the normal-person look. I HATE anime, especially when there's ***** japanese Hentair artists making it.

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leilei Author
leilei May 28 2008 replied:

you got something against japanese hentai artists? i mean they do it a lot better than all that american 'hentai' crap that's plaguing the internet

+2 votes   reply to comment
Eegah May 2 2007 says:

What silly indignance. She obviously can't find combat gear that isn't ill-fitting with such a rack, so she simply rolled a Vegas showgirl for something somewhat intimidating. Duh. :P

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheDebonairNomad May 2 2007 says:

Gonna be alot of one handed playing.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bluehawk May 2 2007 says:

She's got a thicker mid-section than he does... I kinda like that.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Darkcraft May 4 2007 says:

I don't mind these new char models. They look ok, and a couple of attractive women in-game isn't a bad thing (though it is a bad thing when everyone on the server are using the most scantily clad women they can, so I wouldn't want to see this game overrun by sexy char models)

+2 votes     reply to comment
frosty-theaussie Jun 24 2007 says:

Quote:yea tell that to paul steed. have you seen q3's characters?

agreed. the only difference between this and vanilla q3 is that instead of being scantily-clad and buxom, they're buxom and not clad in anything. big tittied characters running around in hazardous environments or whatever that chap mentioned earlier is nothing new to q3.

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HunGub Jun 1 2008 says:

lol the girl cant almost be killed by sniper guys :D

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May 1st, 2007
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