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Concept Artists

Concept Artists

330 members Arts & Literature

This group was created for the purpose of gathering concept artists who love working with mods and those who look forward to joining one.

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SinKing Aug 1 2008 says:

So what's up with you, are you doing anything?

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five_damned_dollarz Jan 24 2008 says:

You accepted me as a friend ^_^ I feel special hehe

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ChopperDave Jan 17 2008 says:

I asked you to be my friend and you never accepted. That hurts man, that hurts :(. I need a friend......

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five_damned_dollarz Dec 4 2007 says:

Hey, when you gonna start work on Abandoned again, or whatever it's called again, assuming it hasn't been abandoned AGAIN... I got UT3 now though it runs runs decently on low settings, but if I'm lucky and get enough money over Christmas I'll be picking up a new video card so I can amp the settings up a bit ;)

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five_damned_dollarz Nov 20 2007 says:

Hey mate! What's up? How's life? :)

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the_mercenary_x Nov 7 2007 says:

Damn, I haven't gotten on here in...7 months, it seems.

Heh, we can see where my priorities lie :P

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five_damned_dollarz Nov 6 2007 says:

Heya, did ya get my PM? Just wondering, 'cause I haven't heard back from you :(

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bluesummer Aug 22 2007 says:

Thanks again really kind of you man. So Im not sure I understand, you did not write the comment, or who is martin? Anyways Im honest when I say thanks, constructive criticism or suggestions is a good thing and we share the intrest in making improvements when improvements can be done, we want this to become as good as we possibly can make it =)

I would like to see this as a chance for upcoming artist to create a kind of showcase of what they can do, and I hope everyone in the team share my opinion. If everyone does it will be time well spent and everyone will get credit for the work they put down to make finish this project successfully. A great mod can surely create some big attention to your work and its fun to see a vision become reality. I will remember your offer, Im sure we will encounter some hard times in the future when mtivation is low but we will try to maintain. :)

Gotta go to sleep now, work tomorrow. Thanks for the kind posts it makes me happy to know we have your support.

/ Rob

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bluesummer Aug 21 2007 says:

Thanks for the comment on our mod profile and for the constructive criticism on the models. I forgot to mention that some of those models are W.I.P. Im happy you like what we do, Im really looking forward to see where we can take this. :)

/ Rob

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SinKing Aug 5 2007 says:

Yo man!

You are never offline for long, when I come here to check. Yet, I can't reach you on MSN - are you sure you have it on most of the time?
I hope you read the script and found something interesting in it you'd like to concept right away (like the hoverbike, skytrain and station or skycity), yet we also need to get some work done for the first scene. I'm currently drawing some ideas I have about how skycity looks and how it is situtated on top of the existing city below.
I'm thinking about an animated storyboard, too and this method seems easy enough: Edutech.ch
I wonder if you have any good idea on how to proceed.
Also I contacted two more artists, which I find very interesting. Nr 1 is Koshime, who is - wihtout doubt - the best artist I know of when it comes to concepts. He was willing to help before, but had too much to do with Infinity and his medical exams, but maybe now he'll help out...
The other is D-Facto, who I admire mostly for his fresh take on drawing Mechs, which don't look like gundam-copies and have some very neat features.
It's not said though any of those two will join the team, but if Koshime came, I'd jump up, jump up and jump around.
I know I wrote I want only one day per week devoted to the project, but at the start it seems clear the concept people have to provide something the mappers and modelers can work off. So the first thing to be produced now, is the storyboard for the first scene (at the base of Skycity).
Let's talk about it later. I'd like to know if you're ready to do something, even though I know I'm nagging a little at the moment. It's just cause I need information - call me anytime!


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