FAR Colony (FARC) is a space strategy game, either turn-based or in realtime according to the player's choice, that taking place in a hard science-fiction future.
The plot is about the setup of one of the first extrasolar colony, based on a semi or fully private initiative according to the options chosen at the start of a game, a certain number of years after that the first manned interstellar experimental flight occured.
The player will have, in a first phase, one standard year (Earth based) to settle and make his colony viable, and also to answer favorably to the goals imposed to the player's faction via the objectives of the Colonization Phase.
The final outcome after this year will be decided, according to the Colonization Viability Score that will evolve during these 365 standard days, which will open to a fully or partial independence or, in the worst case, a proof that the colony can't sustain itself and isn't viable.
The second phase will be a sandbox one in which the player is more or less free, accorded to the outcome, to develop his own faction.
Of course the dependence status isn't written in stone and can evolve to independence, by policies...or by force for example.

EXTERNAL DOWNLOADS - 7z Archive - Installer (.exe) - 7z 1052 build PATCH update


Main News Site

Main Site (downloads, hosting files for the online updater, contact)

Knowledge Base


I'm working to complete the first Phase of the game, the Colonization Phase.

The currently released version is Alpha 10 []it.#07.

The version currently in development is the Alpha 10 [0.6.15]it.#08 and is about the completion of the Colonization Phase System.

Parts of the game system that are already implemented:

- complete planetary system generation which has been developped until its beta stage. This tool isn't used in-game but as an integrated third party tool.
- colonization phase system (CPS, which manage the first part of the game)
- mission system for the space units, the colonization and interplanetary transit mission
- Colony Simulation Model (CSM) which manage each colony's data and events
- embedded help system (a bit like the civilopedia from the game Civilization IV)
- Socio-Political Matrix (SPM) that manage the policies and memes
- unified interface for macromanagement purposes
- infrastructure management system including: Conversion/Assembling/Building , a transition phase, the modes of production and the custom effects
- production system which manage the production matrix, the energy equilibrium of a colony, and the reserves consumption.
- partial planetary survey: the resource survey is implemented (biosphere and features & artifacts survey will be added in the future)

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Sorry again for the lack of news, I completely forgot to update this page each time I published a blog post.

So I will resume each point in chronological order (older to newer) with only the essential information. Not that there were tons of updates, but anyway.

  • @May 25: the entire reverse engineering of the Colonization Phase System (CPS) was done. It was necessary because the code was a bit convoluted and and mess.
    During this reverse work I found useless code, some repetitions and ... errors. Yes! Surprising isn't it?
    This date is also the starting point of the overhaul of this system.
  • @May 30: three backstories have been confirmed for the only faction of the game (for now), in which the player's faction can pledge allegiance to. Two of these three will be implemented.
    For reminder, each faction provide at least one type of expedition, and each of these one can have one or more backstories. The player can chose among them to create a sort of basic background to his colony and of course each one has its own data, provide different equipment, can has special rules and so on.
    There is only one expedition for the Magellan Unity: Autonomous Remote Colony. And the two backstories, linked to it, that will implemented are The Knowledge Hoppers and Seed of the Unity.
  • @June 01: an essential step has been implemented; the multiracial / multiethnic framework of the population.
    The rationale of this framework is to expand the population to be multiracial and, even if it was a feature planned for a future alpha 11, I needed the data structures now.
    Until this date there was only one race, the humans. This has been updated with two additional ones; the clones and the artificial intelligences (AI). There aren't alien sentient races in the game. I have a certain long term (if I reach it) to implement some in the game, but not in the way of any 4X / Space strategy game do.
    Additionally, two of these races have different ethnics groups;
    • the humans have three of them; baseline (basically us humans in 2017), genemod and posthumans
    • the AIs have also three of them; non-sentient AIs (not your current windows/linux computer ever), sentient AIs and artilects (transcended AIs to higher levels of consciousness)
  • @June 07: the implementation of the multiracial / multiethnic framework was done.
  • @June 22: the new data structure for the CPS objectives database and the in-game objectives was implemented. Now the objectives are defined part through a XML file and part hardcoded calculations proper to each of these objectives.
  • @June 28: As a side experiment I tested a quick and dirty implementation of the web pages of the knowledge base directly in the game, and it worked pretty well.
    So for the release of this iteration, the current encyclopedia interface will be replaced by the entire interface of the Knowledge Base website (you can take a look at it here), since its presentation, linking and web interface will always be better than what I will never do in the game, including research in the base, keywords and so on.
    Of course, FARC doesn't requires an internet connection to play, the Knowledge Base in the game will be completely offline.
  • @July 04: the old colonization mode are now really gone, and the expeditions and their backstories replace them now.
    I also began to populate the XML file of the factions with the new data of these expeditions.
    At this date I also announced that I will merge the development of the iteration #9 and #10.
    The rationale is that the #10 is the full completion of any current part of the game, and the #9 is about the completion of the tech trees, so the goal is about the same.
    And since there will be more than one online sub-release (the updater will be available for the release of the current iteration), I can update the whole with no precise order. Anything must be completed, at least at a basic stage.
  • @July 31: I had some health problems and also took two weeks off before that.
    The only new was that FARC became open source again, here's the why I switched it into closed-source:
    "I also finished my stupid behavior, which was to put FARC into closed source after a community of free/open source gamedev (no name called so I will not say who and which community) ejected this project. It was stupid to put it closed-source because anyway FARC stay under the GPL license and free from air, so keeping the source out of people was meaningless and a waste of time."
    So, the source of FAR Colony is again in: Github.com

  • @August 01: I just made a FYI post talking about the population (again), that this one will not be fixed from one game to another new game, but there will be variation in the numbers.
    "More, the amount of population will varies from one game to another, even if the player chose the same expedition and backtory. This variation will be ruled by a min/max range.
    The categories of population will be set by design, ie there will not be any variations from a game to another as, for example, the proportion of Clones Workers. Only the total amount of it will varie (ie 20 Clones Worker for a Total Population of 200) in regard of the variation of the total population in the chosen expedition."
    In the end, the Line of Credit (if used), the population and the basic list of common core of technologies will be set dynamically.
    In some way the equipment given to an expedition will be able to vary in volume, but not in nature, proportionally to the total population and according to a base variance.
  • @August 08: "I worked on the design side to details a bit more about the society of the Magellan Unity, especially about how this faction consider the artificial intelligences and anything that touch the biotechnologies and transhumanism.
    That was a necessary step to define the composition of the population of this faction and by incidence how it will define the ones of its expedition and related backstories."
    And this part was done at this date.

That's all, thanks for your interest.

Alpha 10 - It#08: Setting up the Main Site + Expedition and Backstories

Alpha 10 - It#08: Setting up the Main Site + Expedition and Backstories


I continue to update the main site (farcolony.com) and also the game's knowledge base (wiki.farcolony.com).

Back on IndieDB!

Back on IndieDB!


I'm back on IndieDB, I now it is a long time that I haven't updated anything here, and I'm ... sorry :)

Alpha 7: Epsilon Eridani 5 Fixed + New Surface Maps + Last Phase Until Release

Alpha 7: Epsilon Eridani 5 Fixed + New Surface Maps + Last Phase Until Release

News 2 comments

The Epsilon Eridani 5 is finally fixed. The planet is now at its correct orbit distance and have new satellites. The last main phase of the alpha 7 begin...

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Satellites Generation, Phase I

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Satellites Generation, Phase I


I stopped the calculation of the geophysical data at the tectonic activity, because I need data from eventual satellites. So I beginning to implement...

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FARC Alpha 7 [] - full Package

FARC Alpha 7 [] - full Package

Full Version

The Alpha 7 is done and officially released.

FARC Alpha 6 [] - full Package

FARC Alpha 6 [] - full Package

Full Version

The Alpha 6 is done and officially released. As usual there's two features that are postponed toward the next releases. Here are the changes: * the full...

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This is incredibly cool.
Have you by any chance played Aurora? If not, I think you'd like it just based off your design choices.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
farcodev Creator

I'm very sorry for the delay in the answer, and thanks for your impression!

Yes I played it a bit, some years ago. And it is in full dev for a complete overhaul by using C#.

That day FARC will become playable as his game... lol OK, stop dreaming and back to work Farco :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This is an AWESOME game, I didn't know how to establish a colony at first, but I figured it out!

Great Great Game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will this game be free? Because just what I see now, it could easily be a product you should pay for! Looks great, music sounds truly atmospheric, I'm interested to see where you go with this!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
farcodev Creator

Yes, since the game is open-source it is free, and will stay like this for the many years to come :)
Thanks for your support, I always appreciate them, even more since the game is not completed yet in its core.
Thanks again! :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This game seems great. But I have to admit, I didn't figure how to establish my colony... If anyone could help me about that, that would be nice :P (God I feel nooby...)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
farcodev Creator

Haha Thanks.
Well this game to be is far to has its base features complete yet, and it isn't simple especially without much indication. I hope to put a base feature complete game in 2015 (yup it's a long way yet...)
But enough of ranting: to setup your colony, switch into space unit view ('s' on keyboard) and be sure that the Movane is focused. It is normally the case when you switch into this view for the first time. After that you only have to right click on the 3d view to pop menu a menu and select colonize.
I let you to do the rest, but if you have a question again don't hesitate to fire one!
For info, F1 will display the keyboard shortcuts of the game and a crude encyclopedia that will be heavily modified in near future

Reply Good karma+2 votes
farcodev Creator

...to pop a menu...
Sorry for the typo

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I can't seem to be able to do anything with the mining site, which is stuck in transition. Also, it seems that Far Colony refuses to start up most of time, showing no error sign, and the program starting up in the task manager, but nothing visually happening..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
farcodev Creator

Someone on the dev blog reported that and it worked after a full windows reinstall...
It's not a clean thing, because normally it's the app to adapt to the user not the contrary...
Fortunately I had only 2 reports of this but I'll try, during the code audit of the main form, to see if something could do that even if I don't see where.

I'll also dig the transition time bug, someone had the same and sent me a screenshot and by the displayed information I have an idea on the problem, even if I cannot reproduce on my PC and VMs the game system is my code so debugging is easier :)

Thanks for your report and sorry for all convenience

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